Shay’s AS Work : Preliminary Task

Planning of Continuity Task (actors, props and locations)


  • Two actors needed
  • One to be drug buyer (1st actor)
  • One to be drug dealer (2nd actor)


  • School bags and coats (create a more school like environment)
  • Ring binder to hide the drugs in
  • Laptop to light up the face of the drug dealer
  • Phone for drug buyer to hold
  • Table and chairs


  • School corridor
  • Class room



Student walks in and sits at the table and stares at the Man who is typing

Drug Dealer looks up in suspense then continues typing

Student: Do you have it?

Drug Dealer: Have what?

Student stares glaringly as if to say “you know what?”

Drug Dealer realising she wants drugs: Where’s the money (as he puts the drugs on the table)

Student: I can get it to you soon

Drug Dealer: No money, No drugs (fed up and puts the drugs back) I’ve got my media to go back to


Drug Dealer: I SAID, NO MONEY, NO DRUGS! NOW GET OUT (slams computer shut)

Student: FINE! (leaves)



Here are some screenshots of my editing.




The green in my storyboarding is the changes we made to the initial storyboarding and replacements we’ve made.

Shooting Script




What I feel I did well in this project individually was I feel I improved my editing skills significantly as I came to grips with Final cut pro x 10.3. I learned some new techniques and I feel like my sound editing on this was significantly better as there was no dialogue and little to no real sound effects in my last piece. I also believe I’ve significantly improved my filming quality, my hand was not as shaky, my movement as more smooth and there was no unwanted bumpy cut scenes. I also believe I have improved the effects I used by not overdoing it this time with blood effects and guns etc. I think this was something I needed to learn quickly as over complicating the project can do more harm than good and I think learning this before making my thriller was important. I think Joe and I worked well together as he had already come to grips with the paperwork aspect of the process which left me to do more of the practical side in this piece. as he did the paperwork I learned what to do to make my planning better in my next piece and how I can improve.  I also think we worked well together creatively as we bounced ideas off each other and noticed each other’s mistakes which made for a better end product. What I would do differently next time is to try and better manage my time so we film as early as possible so that we have more time to reshoot any errors and we have more time to edit. I believe what didn’t work so well with working in a partnership was that our times needed to be coordinated which is difficult and leaves us at a disadvantage if we aren’t on the same wavelength. I think I have learned a lot from the experience of working in a group but in the long run, I think working solo would be more beneficial to both of us.

Burford School Media Arts