Ollie’s AS Work : Main Task : TASK

1st Edit Reflection

After completing my first edit both good and bad points have become very apparent. Some of the shots, for example, the establishing shots and the close-up shots of ambulances and police cars are very effective, it also links to the shot which shows the general public walking by. This helps make the film seem truer to life as people are unaware of attacks that are imminent. However, in my production, I plan do re-shoot some of the scenes and include more close-ups, especially of the antagonist without actually revealing his face. This will keep the audience curious as to for example what he looks like. This will also allow me to make my film have more of a fear factor of the unknown.

Following in from this I also need to improve on some of the audio aspects. Such as at the start there is a strange audio filter on the news reporters voice, making it sound almost robotic, this obviously does not fit in with my film, so will need to be changed. I also have yet to include a constant sound track adding a rushed feel to the film, giving It the typical thriller vibe. Finally, I also need to refine some of the sound effects I have already included, such as the sound of the lift going up, is not exactly in time with when the door opens and the actor exits the lift.

Parts to improve on

. Retake certain shots, capture more close ups.

. Add a soundtrack to run throughout the film.

. Align any sound effects exactly with the film (e.g. lift scene)

. Make any of the cuts more precise

Comments On My first Edit

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 12.44.08.png

This shows the comments that I received from my classmates, giving me pointers on how I can improve and also shots that and ideas that worked well withing my first edit.

Revised Shooting Scripts






To Do List

  • Film train scene to add the ending to the film.
  • Re-shoot the scene when Tom and Jake say they have eyes on the target, have them bursting through the door.
  • Stabilize shots such as the scene with the Ambulance in it.
  • Continuity issue, 180-degree rule when doing ve the shot of lewis and Jake from in front

 Revised Story Boards 













Echo – 3rd Edit


After completing my third edit I have made significant changes to the sound and also added a much wider variety of shots and camera angles. This means that my film now makes sense, and the audience now has a clear understanding of the story line. However, the plot and what is coming in the next scenes keeps the audience guessing as ‘Tom’, (dark hair) who played the role of one of the policemen begins to act suspiciously when approaching the train station. Furthermore, I have cut down on the news reporter at the start to speed up the pace of the film and also to avoid the audience becoming bored. Over the top of this, I have also added sirens and flashing police lights so the audience is not just faced with a black screen, as although it may be effective it is boring. Further through the film, I have changed the soundtrack to give the film more urgency and also speed it up. This helps to give the audience the ‘thriller experience’ and also allows the film to flow nicely.

To Do List 

  • Remove the crumbling rock sound effect at the end of the film
  • Increase the volume of the dialogue when the police officer is speaking
  • Remove the title which labels ‘The Station’
  • Stabilize any shaky shots

Final Edit 


Before submitting my fourth edit I took into account comments and feedback from fellow classmates. This allowed me to target my film more at the audience I was wanting the film to appeal to. This meant that they would likely enjoy the film much more and would recommend it to others if it included content that they specifically asked to be included. Some of the changes included adding a black and white filter to all of the shots which show the antagonist of the film. This then made it much easier for the audience to establish which characters were playing which role and who was the antagonist or protagonist. Also, i included different soundtracks to build up anticipation for when the chase scene really gets underway. This is noticeable as the pace of the editing also increases, giving the film a sense or urgency. As well as these changes, I proceeded to make much more subtle changes, such as stabilizing some shots, or really refining some of the cuts so that the film flowed much more efficiently and made more sense to the audience. Furthermore, I cropped some of the clips so that I could adjust the framing of them, for example, the ambulance scene it allowed me to show the rush and importance of the scene by moving is into the center frame and making the subject appear larger on the screen. When I filmed my project on the separate days the weather was very sunny, this did not fit with the nature of the film or the characteristics of a typical media. Following on from this I then used the colourboard to colur grade all of the clips so that they were on the greyscale, this gave the film more of a dark feel which repersented the storyline of the film significantly well.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.26.58.png

After reading comments such as the one above I removed certain sounds such as the noise of the rocks falling at the end. Initially I deliberately put this sound effect here to show the rock crumbling from the underground tube station after the explosion, however, the audience just found the sound effect utterly confusing. Also, i quietened the music when the first agent speaks at the top of the multi-storey carpark as the audience were not able to hear exactly what he was saying.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.39.08.png

The comments above are from my first edit, this shows how many changes I have made and how much my film has improved. I have cut shots such as the antagonist jumping around the cone, as t made the audience feel awkward, I also added greyscale which was a suggestion from a fellow classmate which has helped my film to improve a lot and given it a darker feel to help show the severity of the act  by the antagonist in the film. However, some of the comments show how the cuts between the chaos and the everyday life of the world work really well and also help build up anticipation as it makes the audience believe that they are the targets, it also helps make the storyline more obvious and allows thw audience to gain a better understanding of what is going on.

Final Revised Storyboards 


Final Comments And Feedback

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.57.45.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.57.56.png

Above are the comments from my fellow classmates, these are giving me both positive and constructive feedback of how I could tweak my final edit.I removed certain titles which labelled the area of the shot as some of the previous feedback said the shots were boring, however, the comments said the labels were unnecessary, so I instead shortened the clip length. Finally, i toned down some of the music so that the dialogue could be heard more clearly and also made the shot which fades into the station slightly shorter so that it does not diminish the tension or force the film to loose its sense or urgency and pace.

Finally I also uploaded my film to facebook, this allowed a wider audience to see my film and give me any last minute feedback, this came in very handy when someone noticed that there was just a black screen running after the titles of the film had appeared making the film appear to be over two minutes long. Alongside this I also received many positive comments about my film and everyone thought it was very well edited and produced.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 12.07.19.png

13 thoughts on “Ollie’s AS Work : Main Task : TASK”

  1. The cut from the audio at the begging to the close up of the hand pressing the button is very sudden and acquired. The annotations on the CCTV camera in (0:40) and (0:43) are the same. Overall the sound is relatively good and it is a good second edit.

  2. Ollie, this second edit is a good growth on the first, 0:25 is shaky and tilted, 0:32 and 0:33 are both great shots, very well timed and filmed, 0:37 needs to be cropped because ending is shaky, 0:47 needs to be stabilised, 0:52 is shaky again, 1:02 continuity, we see jake outside as they open the door and as we go to the front of to and lewis (think 180* rule as well) the door is closed and far behind them and jake has run away, maybe try and get him as he walks through with a hand to his ear saying his line? the effects used at 1:05 were unnecessary and confusing (sorry) and it ends quite abruptly but overall great concept and some great new shots added.

  3. The shot at 51 seconds is slightly out with me opening the door and walking through it.
    The sound works very well, but at 1 minute when the two men run through the door and see me, they then stop while talking making it slightly unrealistic.
    Need to work out how to end it although i understand you still want to film a train scene.

  4. Ollie, the news readers and the dramatic music work really well at the beginning- but still think they are slightly too long? Love how the music and news readers cut off when the picture comes up. The pan of the ambulance at 1.14 is shaky and needs stabilising, and the ending is very sudden?

  5. This is really intense and cool, makes me want to watch as I’m intrigued by the situation. However the black screen at the beginning is way to long maybe and some shots in the of jake walking with the sound over them otherwise it starts off a bit boring.

  6. Comment on 4th edit:
    The CCTV filter works well.
    The title saying “The Station” seems unnecessary especially with the shot of the sign (maybe you could put that before the other shot).
    The order of the titles makes it seem as if Tom and Lewis are the targets.

  7. The 4th edit is much better, firstly maybe reconsider title fonts, instead of ‘the station’ put oxford station and there are some shaky shots but otherwise a very good 4th edit. ending sequence is also a bit long but still good effect

  8. Really great use of sound- very loud and dramatic/ tension building.
    The dialogue needs to be louder as the sound overtakes it.
    Good title font and effective fast paced editing.
    Well done!!!

  9. The bus is good for showing the area but almost takes away the suspense while the run is happening
    Great use of lighting and transitions
    Ambulance? nothing shown to have happened yet but good use for sound.
    1:13- blurred for slightly too long?
    Tom is smiling at the station
    The ending is just black for 20 seconds
    Very good, especially the use of sounds and effects, as well as the different types of shots used.

  10. I liked the use of better, faster cuts. the sound is much better timed and the effects are much more (lack of a better word) effective.
    all in all I liked the improvements from the third edit, the quicker cuts and shorter scenes build tension and its all good.

  11. Editing is really good, nicely timed cuts and the sound effects are really good well timed and create a good soundscape. However for me theres too much blackness at the beginning and end.

  12. The music is very low and dramatic, adding to the tension. The handheld camera shots make us feel more involved in it and the fast paced editing increases the speed of the action.

  13. Sound was always going to be a huge part of this doing well and your choices of sounds really work. The shot variety you have is good and it is really good to watch. Your editing seems really good, especially linking different shots together.

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