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Ronin Opening Scene

The opening scene in the film ‘Ronin’ largely consists of establishing who the characters are and the location of where the film is set. The gongs and the clashing of swords in the opening titles of the film links back to the samurais in Asia. This being significant as samurais were the warriors of premodern Japan and later made up the highest ranking social class. They were trained to use weapons such as Bows and arrows, spears, guns and their main weapon which was the samurai sword. A Samurai warrior becomes a ‘Ronin’, after the death of his master, this perhaps being a motive to kill out of anger in De Niros case after we presume he has lost his master. The gongs are significant in showing the Ronin warriors being called to prayer. This is contrasting as we associate prayer with being spiritually cleansed and loyal to your God by not committing sins. However how De Niro is acting in the opening scene appears to be going against all of these rules as he does not appear to be doing something which will be positive in any way to serving his God. This straight away makes the viewer believe that De Niro may be the antagonist. The colour of the writing in the opening scene when there is more black than white shows their dark life and the dark nature of the acts they have carried out. The red on black colour shows how their alliance may have changed as the colour red symbolises blood yet also pain and hurt, the black symbolising death. The church in the opening shot links to this and is contrasting to their unholy nature, immediately making the viewer suspicious of what they are to discover and the negative nature of it. De Niro, however, is wearing light coloured clothes, confusing the audience as they try to establish whether he will play the antagonist or protagonist role. This also contrasts the dark setting of the underworld in Paris and shows how De Niro, in fact, may be the protagonist as he is bringing light to a dark situation.

The opening camera shot is an establishing shot, helping us as the viewer to see the contrast between the two sides of the city. This shows how De Niro may be wandering into darkness as he no longer has a master to guide him on the right path. This is significant to the audience as it makes them feel sympathetic to De Niro. The contrast of the light filled Church tower to the dark back streets of Paris where De Niro also makes the audience suspicious and also feel sympathetic towards De Niro, as we associate these parts of cities almost like a slum where money is scarce and living conditions are tough. There is then a cut to another establishing shot but this time of Robert De Niro’s character, this could show how we are taking over the role of De Niro’s master as we are watching over him, following this there is then a cut to a mid-shot of De Niro, this shows that Robert De Niro’s character may have more power than he is initially letting on to, it also makes the audience question whether or not De Niro is actually the protagonist as it is unlike a thriller to show the protagonist almost straight away and the mid shot makes De Niro appear no more significant than anyone else in society. It also makes the audience feel as if they have an equal amount of power as De Niro. The following cut to an over the shoulder shot of De Niro shows the audience what De Niro is seeing, and directing their focus at the van which pulls up outside the pub helping us to establish what role he may be playing in the film. It also shows De Niro looking down the steps, signifying that De Niro is about to descent into hell or commit a dark crime such as murder. The name of the film linking closely and foreshadowing that murders of some description are to take place in the following scenes of the film. The camera then cuts back to a close-up of De Niro: this time the light behind him casting a shadow over his face. This shows how De Niro has turned evil and left the light of society and normality behind him, making the viewer suspicious of him and making them feel that he is up to some sort of mischief or may be planning something to inflict harm upon others. The colour black is also commonly associated with power and mystery, exactly how De Niro is portrayed in the opening scenes. However, in this shot, De Niro is not in the center but slightly off to the edge of the frame and is not the main focus. This shows how he is out of kilter with the rest of society and that there may also be a main focus such as someone more powerful than himself. The Mise en scene of the graffiti around De Niro is what in current society is commonly associated with vandalism and criminals again making us suspicious of De Niro and making us think he may be associated with criminal acts and may infer what is to follow in the following scenes and that De Niro may be the protagonist. The graffiti’s significance links to the opening titles of the film, here it looks like the titles have been painted and the rustic look makes it appear like graffiti.

After this, there is a motivated cut to the girl followed by a tracking shot from De Niro’s point of view of the girl entering the pub. This appears very sinister and becomes possible that the girl could either be the target or the protagonist, confusing the audience as the audience initially thought De Niro was to be the protagonist, however, the attention has now been diverted from De Niro to the girl. The motivated cut also shows that De Niro’s character is to be associated with the girl or that the two are connected in some way. There is also the same sound in this scene as there was in the opening scene when we saw De Niro, forming a sound bridge and linking the two characters together, this making the audiences idea that the two are linked almost certain. The clashing of the swords and the humming noise then come back, this is significant as it climaxed when De Niro saw the girl and by the noise re appearing, it shows that De Niro could be looking for someone or something else. It may also show how the girl may be the protagonist. The noise showing the trepidation the girl is inflicting upon De Niro. The humming then continues throughout, showing how De Niro may be fearful of the girl. Humming is also associated with ‘Tinnitus’, a ringing noise in your ear. This could represent a gunshot close by and the loud gunshot has caused De Niro’s ears to ring, this may also be foreshadowing the future. It also links back to the humming in the start of the film, Which came before the clash of the swords, showing how e Niro may be about to do something to cause harm or of significance.

As the girl walks into the pub De Niro moves into the light, this shows how De Niro certainly has connections with the girl and has been waiting for her. Now that he is in the light shows that he may not be planning to harm the girl in any way and the girl may even, in fact, be bringing light to the situation hence why De Niro is no longer in the shadows, making De Niro appear less sinister. The girl also takes off her black coat as she enters the bar making her seem less of a threat and appear innocent. This confuses the audience as they believe that the girl, in fact, may have been the protagonist , however, the audience no longer knows who the protagonist and the antagonists are.  The long black coat also like she is hiding something mysterious or threatening underneath, making us and the other character’s question what her intentions might be. However, the girl taking off her coat could show how she wants to blend in with the rest of the people in the pub and not draw attention to herself. It could also be seen as if she has nothing to hide and is innocent. This places the girl as the victim as it appears she is being surrounded and trapped by the other men in the pub and De Niro as he is looking for ways to access the pub.

The railings in front of De Niro symbolize that there is something physical stopping him from getting to the girl, this makes the audience think that De Niro needs to speak with the girl or give something to her. The camera then cuts from De Niro looking through the railings at the girl to inside the bar, this shows how De Niro is obstructed from reaching his destination. As the girl in the bar is now the center of attention, this shows that the girl is likely to be key in the film, because of the strange way she is acting and moving like she feels watched or trapped. The audience also gets the idea that it is more than just De Niro and the girl involved in whatever is going on, as the other men in the bar seem suspicious. This makes the audience anticipate that something is about to happen on a larger scale, such a as a shooting.

There is then a louder more diegetic sound coming from the bar as there is the sound of drums, signifying importance and gun shots and as they all assemble in the bar the drums shows significance like they are all being called to prayer, linking back to the title of the film ‘Ronin’. as the person in the beanie hat walks into the bar dressed in dark clothing. This makes the viewer believe that De Niro, the person in the beanie hat and the girl may all be associated as they are all wearing the same colour clothes, the colour black making the viewer believe that all of the people involved may be might be a gang or an organization of a dark nature. As the girl enters the bar there is a cut to a point of view angle of the girl, this could show her possibly trying to look for De Niro as she also dodges the man smoking. This gives the idea that he is to be avoided. Maybe he has a reputation, or he is more powerful in some way which we as the viewer are not aware of yet. It then cuts back to the person in the beanie hat, this is showing how the person in the beanie hat too may be watching over the girl, making the audience believe she may, in fact, be the target. This series of matched cuts shows that the girl is likely to be involved in whatever is going on or what is about to happen. She may also just be the target of the men, such as the person smoking as she physically tries to avoid him. The audience instantly then sees the men as a threat to the girl, and that she may owe something or have something of importance to them as she literally walks around him.  A sound bridge is formed between the girl and the smoking man, showing that they are associated in some way making the viewer suspicious, as there is again swords clashing, which is symbolic of a Ronin and also occurred when De Niro saw the girl entering the pub. The ‘No Smoking’ sign above the man in the corner smoking shows his rebelliousness and that he may in fact actually be the antagonist as he is clearly not abiding by the law, it also shows his carelessness of others and that acts involving the law and penalties do not bother him whatsoever, this is portrayed in his very relaxed body language. The smoking man appears in the background of all the bar scenes and appears in one cut with the light above his head. This is trying to show the audience the importance of the man. It is also ironic as we suspect the man smoking is a powerful yet destructive man yet the light is like a halo which angels have, this makes the audience feel uncomfortable as it could be showing he is not even controlled or at all scared of God and is mocking the peace of the angles as he is the complete opposite. and the fact that he is in all the scenes, shows the importance or significance of the man and how the others in the bar may be working for him as he is always watching them. This also links to the unrestricted view of the girl showing how she is always being watched and that there is nothing stopping anyone getting to her other than De Niro, again making the audience believe that he has something to do with her and may be trying to cause harm to her. She also appears particularly vulnerable as she is a female in a bar full of men. The camera then cuts this shows how the men are closing in on the girl and trapping her inside the pub. The light in the window of the bar goes out. This is significant as is symbolises the end, death or that something significant is about to happen and cuts to De Niro walking back into the darkness, linking back to the start of the film when De Niro is in the shadows, showing ow he has gone back to his old dark ways and how he is about to do something which makes the audience curious and makes De Niro appear more mysterious, as this is what we associate the colour black with. The cut shows how De Niro is about to do something of significance as it shows him walking back into the darkness. It could also show his frustration that he can’t get to the girl and he is about to act upon his anger and frustration in a negative manner.

De Niro appears slightly of to the side of the frame, again showing how he may be out of kilter with the rest of society or that there may be something or someone more powerful than him close by. The camera then cuts to de Niro in a center frame in the back alley, this could show how De Niro is about to do something to make him more powerful, such as using a weapon like a gun. This also foreshadows what is to come in the following scenes of the film. De Niro is now the center of attention, again showing that what he is about to do is of great significance to the rest of the film. As the sinister sound of water dripping like blood in the background and the clashing of swords reverberates continuously. This makes the audience believe what De Niro is about to do is going to echo throughout the film due to the scale of the act and the destruction it is likely to cause we assume as the audience to those in the pub. De Niro then moves back into the shadows again, this could show how De Niro may be insecure in himself and wants more power to make him feel like he has more significance. This links back to how De Niro is out of kilter with the rest of society and why he was hiding in the shadows. This confuses us as the viewer as we have just seen him in the light making us undeceive to whether or not he has negative or positive intentions and whether or not he is to be the antagonist or the protagonist. Us as the audience notice that De Niro’s pocket is still in the shadows and the darkness. This makes us as the viewer think it contains something of harm or something that he must hide. The gun is then in the center frame when De Niro is hiding it and the gun goes from light to dark showing that what he is doing or is going to do with the gun is not going to be of a good nature and is most likely to cause harm, which we assume is to be towards the girl. The editing technique uses lighting to help shows how the gun is to be used in a way in which it will cause harm to others, as it goes into the black shadows symbolizing death. There is one hit of a drum when de Niro pulls out the gun this may be signifying a gunshot and foreshadowing the future, this makes the audience believe there is death to follow in the upcoming scenes as De Niro is armed with a gun and is trying to get to the girl. This then confuses the audience as they start to think that De Niro may be the antagonist again. There is then a cut back inside the pub showing how the gun is likely to be used to hurt the girl and solidifying the audience’s idea that De Niro is trying to get to the girl. Following this there is a cut to a point of view shot of him looking into the window of the bar, this makes the audience believe that someone in the pub is De Niro’s target this becomes the audiences role to try and piece together who it will be and try and find the motive for it. The audience belives that De Niro is going to use the gun to kill someone in there, this forms a sound bridge with the single hit of the drum, this shows how De Niro may have spotted his target and could also show how he is being called into the pub like for prayer as the others were, again linking them all together .This may also make the audience believe he is only going to kill one person as there is only one hit of the drum signifying only one bullet is to be shot. Finally, there is a cut to the girl pulling out the gun in the bar when the gun is in centre frame and is the main focus, The audience believes that De Niro and the girl are going to shot at the others in the pub or the man which the girl dodged, or that De Niro and the girl are trying to kill one another. The girl does not appear as innocent anymore as she has a gun, this could also show how she feels unsafe or threatened and is trying to protect herself. At this point, we believe that there is to be a shootout. This leaves the audience in edge and anticipating the shootout very soon. The lady begins to speak French when De Niro walks in and asks where the toilets are, De Niro continues to speak in English to the lady behind the bar. The lady then begins to speak to De Niro in an Irish accent. This makes us and the audience believe that the lady was hiding something and assures us that the two are more than likely associated as there is a small chance that someone with an Irish accent will be working behind a bar in Paris. The Irish accent also links back to the IRA terror group and again gives the Impression that that De Niro and the people in the bar are all part of a gang or a terror organization of some description. This makes the audience view all of the people in a bad way and think of them negatively, we also as a modern audience view all of the characters as a possible threat with no limits, as this is how terrorists are today.  We also believe that maybe the people in the bar are on a mission and did not know who they were working with.

A mirrored reflection is also used to portray and foreshadow what De Niro is going to turn into when he looks in the window of the pub, which is a reflection resembling as ghost showing how he may be killed in the following scenes. Mirrors are typically used to show an altered version of the person looking into it. It shows what they are to become or what other people see them as. This method of filming is often used in horror films, showing how acts of terror and horror are to follow later in the film. There is also an oboe making a constant noise which is linking the outside to the inside as the sound both occurs in the pub and outside. This could show that something outside of the pub is silently creeping up on them and in fact making all of the people in the pub targets which they are all unaware of. Again this shows how they are all connected. This is significant because the notes an oboe play are usually in the treble and soprano range. These low notes could be a reflection of all of their low morals and intentions and could be foreshadowing the future further, showing how they are to commits acts of crime which are frowned upon and looked upon in a dark way.

Jaws Write Up

In the opening scene of ‘Jaws,’ the audience is introduced to a sound motif signifying the shark’s personality, causing the audience to be alarmed as they focus on the dominant noise in this scene. Also as the noise is very ominous down to the idea that the sound is only played when the shark is nearby, this causes the audience to feel anxious or on edge whenever they hear this noise as it is telling that the shark is about to attack someone. This forms a sound bridge in the opening scene as it is also very iconographic to the Jaws film. The crescendo that is formed when there is the POV shot of the shark swimming through the reeds right in the very beginning of the film, could resemble the shark beginning its attack on its victim as it reaches its climax, it also lets the audience see what the shark is seeing and it may also make the audience feel stressed as they can see what is going to the victims but they are completely powerless and have no control over what is to happen. As the names of those involved in the making of the film appear on the screen it becomes very apparent that there is more of the colour black than the colour white in which the names are written in. This forms a powerful contrast, as the colour white is associated with peace, purity and innocence; however, the dominant colour black is mostly associated with death, mystery and evil. This foreshadows what is to come in the film and makes the audience feel a sense of anxiety of what is to come. The POV shot of what we presume to be the shark when the title of the film ‘Jaws’ appears on the screen shows the shark lurking in a very calm manner between the weeds right at the bottom of the ocean. This shows the low morals of the shark and the weed is significant to showing the thoughts the shark has when it violently kills its victim. The abyss of the ocean is largely resembling hell, by the shark coming up from here to claim its victim could show how the shark is appearing from hell to prey upon innocent people and drag them down into the depths of hell with him. This could link to the bible and the story of temptation. For example, when the young girl is tempted to go for a swim when she knows that she shouldn’t, she is punished by the shark and suffers a harsh consequence, much like the bible story.

As the orchestral instrument resembling the traditional ‘Jaws’ theme song reaches its climax there is a jump cut from the shot in the shark’s point of view to the teenagers sat on the beach, this shows how there relaxed state on the beach is coming to an end and the shark waiting for them. The teenagers are smoking, drinking and playing music, this shows their carefree nature and how they are completely unaware of the danger nearby them. The audience also forms the idea that these teenagers are to be the victims or the target as teenagers are commonly targeted in a modern cinema as victims, however here they ae acting in an antisocial manner living up to their reputation, this makes the audience . The surveying shot here builds a strong sense of tension as the shot resembles the shark circling its prey and searching through the crowd of teenagers for a weaker victim.

The fire is also significant and ironic in this scene as the teenager poke it because This shows how the teenager may have previously and persist to provoke the shark by going into the sea. The fire is significant as it is associated with life which is about to end or the girl. The fire is also symbolic of danger which the teenagers are completely disregarding by going into the ocean. The way that they are all sat around the fire could also foreshadow what is to come later in the film, such as the teenagers circling the shark in an attempt to kill it.

Following on from the surveying shot, there is a cut to an establishing shot looking over all of the teenagers. This shows how the shark is watching his prey and picking out victims. The shot is also situated higher than the beach showing how the shark is dominant and has more power over all of the teenagers, it could also in a religious context be showing how the shark as a devilish figure is looking down on those who are innocent as it believes they are in fact in the wrong and not the shark itself. The waves are also closely rolling to the right of the teenagers. This could show how the shark is creeping up, on them and how death may be near. This also makes the audience apprehensive as a modern society commonly views the sort of relaxation on the beech that the teenagers are doing with a holiday or a form of relaxation. However, this is heavily contrasted by the black of the ocean rolling closer towards the teenagers showing how darkness is creeping up on them. This leaves the audience confused and guessing what is going to happen next. The audience is also undeceive, as to what the predator is, as the opening shot in the ocean becomes apparent that it is a form of sea creature, most likely a shark. However, the shot of the shark over watching his prey on the beach may make the audience believe that the predator is in fact land based or a human. This shows the power of the shark and that it does not matter if you live on the land the shark will still find a way and be able to get to you and cause harm to you.

Throughout the opening of the film, the lighting is constantly low. The chiaroscuro effect that is used here makes the light and dark areas become even more apparent, which gives the audience an idea of the genre of the film and what is to come. The calmness of the teenagers around the fire also strengthens the idea of their youthfulness and the unawareness of the potential hazard. The fire especially helps put this point across to the audience, as all of the teenagers but one who later becomes the victim is sat around the fire yet they are not aware of the hazard of the fire as they are intoxicated. It also shows how the shark is taking advantage of this as he has already picked one victim, who is the girl sat away from the crowd and is now in search for another like the shark is physically picking out his victims. The camera movement mimicking the movement of the shark.

Following on from this scene the is a cutaway shot to the boy catching eyes with the out casted girl who we believe to be the first victim, this confuses the audience of the genre of the film as they now may perceive it to be a love story . The camera then pans across the teenager until the boy comes into the frame. Here it appears that the camera is going to carry on past him however it stops panning just before the boy is about to go off the frame. This shows how the shark has made his decision and chosen the boy as another victim. Again this relates in a religious context of the hellish nature of the shark and how the devil is asserting his power upon the teenagers and controlling the way they think, just like as the girl knows she is not supposed to be going in the ocean but does so anyway. This resembles the mentality of the shark as a satanic figure and like the shark now has full control over what the teenagers do.

There is a series of matched cuts between the boy and the girl. There is smoke from the fire blowing in front of the girl’s face, showing how she is not thinking straight and her mind is fogged up. It could also show how the shark has fooled her into going into the see as she cannot see clearly what is happening and what she is getting herself into. This may also show her mysterious murky nature which is ironic as she is to be the victim. This makes the audience question shy she is portrayed like this and what the director’s message might be to the audience.

After this series of matched cuts, the audience is taken back to the view of the shark overlooking all of the teenagers, this could show how the shark has now chosen its prey, at this point, the audience becomes tense as they are making assumptions of what is about to happen. The sound here is also significant as it is a joyous spirit from a harmonica which slowly fades as the teenagers get further away from the group. As the two teenagers then turn around and begin to run towards the ocean, we as the audience are situated in front of them like we are the shark leading them into the sea. Following this, the two teenagers reach the top of the sand dunes. Here they become dark silhouettes showing how it is too late for them to go back to the group of teenagers and they are now fully committed to the shark. It also shows how the sharks dark mysterious devilish nature has taken full control over the two teenagers. This causes tea audience to begin to

feel uncomfortable as they being to consider that something bad involving something in the water is to happen.

The wooden barricade across the beach is significant as it appears to be trying to stop people from entering the ocean. However, again we see the teenager’s careless nature and how we commonly associate teenagers with breaking rules. Just before there is a cut away to the boy, drunken, as he falls down the sand dune, this makes the audience shocked how someone of that age is that badly drunk and makes the audience feel on edge as they are willing for him not to go into the sea as he is drunk. This cut is greatly important as here we get a glimpse of the sun. This is so significant as the sunset is showing the end of the girl’s life. Here as there is a cut to the girl going into the sea the audience know that something bad is inevitable to happen. Again there is a cut back to the boy where the sun is now behind the cloud as the girl is swimming out to sea. This is showing how the further into the sea she get the closer she is coming to the end of her life and the clouds significance is of the shark’s dark nature overcoming the girl.

At the point of the attack and just prior to the attack montage editing helps show the audience that something bad is about to happen as the pace of the music increases as do the shots. As the shark nudges the girl there is a sudden climax and an abrupt noise, created by violins and brass instruments, before the girl in dragged under for the first time. Because the audience never sees what is carrying out the attack it puts them even more on edge although obvious that it is a shark. As the violent attack continues the girl begins to gasp for air as she if tossed from side to side. This shows the audience the power of the shark and makes them fearful of it. The deathly screams are also the main sound focus in this scene. The bloodcurdling screams cause the audience to feel sympathetic to the teenaged girl, although she is doing something which she should not have been doing in the first place. The dominant sound in this scene, the dominant sound is the wake of the water and also an increasing pace of violins. It becomes increasingly noticeable as the attack goes on that the camera angle is getting lower and lower until it begins to be submerged into the ocean. This is showing how the girl is being dragged underwater to her death and also how we are now at the same level as the shark, almost like we are the girl but over watching the whole attack. Possibly one of the most significant cuts in the whole of the opening scene is when the girl is being viciously killed there is a cutaway to the male teenager laying drunken on the beach . This is of such significance to the audience as such a horrifying ordeal is taking place just out to sea from the boy, yet he is lying on the beach as the sun goes down, in which a modern society would associate with relaxation. This is also very eerie as the contrasting of the blood-curdling screams with the gentle wash of the waves as the roll up the beach and begins to engulf the male teenager’s body. This could be foreshadowing and trying to hint at the audience the boy is to be the next victim of the shark. The boy could also be showing how it is not just the teenagers who are to be preyed upon by the shark but the whole of the ‘Amity’ beach community are clueless as to what is happening and what is lurking out to sea and the harsh consequences of their naivety.

Finally, the girl grabs hold of the buoy in the ocean, this shows how she is holding on for life and she feels terrified. This affects the audience as it makes them feel sympathetic towards the girl as she is young and innocent. Here however the shark does not show any mercy and continues top violently attack the girl. This gives the shark a devilish persona making the audience more fearful. Just as the girl is about to go under she begins to shout for God and begs not to die. However, the shark continues and kills the girl. This in a religious context shows how the girl has been consumed by the devil, and how what happens next is out of control of God, showing the audience how powerful the shark is.

Following on from this there is a cutaway to the boy on the beach, as the water washes up his body, this could show how he is being cleansed in a religious context from the devil, it may also be showing how he is to be the sharks next target and is getting closer to death, linking back earlier in the scene when the panning shot of the teenagers around the fire showing the shark picking out his prey.

The very final cut is a cutaway of where the girl has just been killed, however, there is no sign of the attack and the water is still. This makes the audience feel anticipation for the oncoming scenes and also shows the mysteriousness of the shark. This also makes the audience fearful and curious to what is carrying out the attacks as you never see what it is.

Gone Girl Essay


Right from the very beginning of the film, the audience is introduced to a sound in which would commonly be associated with a sci-fi film, this could be being used to show the ‘girl’ being abducted, or the producer could be trying to show that whatever has taken her may not necessarily be human. The title of the film ‘Gone Girl’ closely links to this as the producer may be trying to hint at the audience that ‘Gone Girl’ may have been abducted either by a supernatural force or a human figure.

Right after the titles showing the film and production companies, the screen fades to black straight away, this could be foreshadowing a death to come in the film, as the colour black is mostly linked to death and evilness. We also associate the colour black with power and evil, foreshadowing the rest of the film. Right from the beginning alongside the supernatural music. As the actors are introduced on the titles the dominant black background over the white writing foreshadows what is later to come in the film such as the girl being abducted or killed. Whilst the screen still black David Fincher begins to speak, this affects the audience as they are not suspecting him to start talking and his voice is clearly what the film is wanting the audience to focus on, this could be showing the power of David or the importance of his role in the film. As he begins to speak there is a fade into the next scene showing what the audience presume to be David Flinchers wife, this makes the audience think that David is talking to her. It may also be trying to show the audience how David is imagining her; this could show David’s mental state and how he might be losing his mind.

Furthermore, one of the most significant points here is it appears that David Fincher is, in fact, talking to the audience directly. This captures the audience’s attention instantly as they feel as if they are being targeted and as though they are involved in what is occurring in the opening of the film. David’s monotone dialogue portrays him as lifeless and, contrasting what the audience may have initially suspected when they though he might have been talking to his wife’s ghost. The opening titles which flashed on the screen for around two seconds could also be to show the heartbeat of David and the constant speed again showing the lifelessness of him, or that if his wife is still alive, that she had one something to make him no longer love her. When David says I ‘think’ of my wife, this could make the audience think that in fact, his wife may have died. The audience may also think, because of the way David talked to her that he may have killed her, however, David says about cracking her skull, making the audience think that she might be alive still as if she was dead why would David want to try and cause pain to her. This could show how she is no longer around and makes the audience feel sympathetic towards David, despite the way he talked about her.

The start of the opening scene features the key cast, between these shots there is a longer pause showing the female protagonist, this shows the audience that the girl may be one of the main characters in the film or hold a key role as the longer pause is trying to direct the audience’s attention to her. It may also be trying to show how she is in need of help as the longer pause engages and captures the audience’s attention

In the first opening shot Rosamund’s character is shown in a close-up shot, this helps to show the audiences the significance of her. It may also be trying to show how she is a target of either her husband or someone/a group which we have not yet been introduced too. The camera also uses a shallow depth of field here which focuses the audience’s attention on the girl and gives her a more innocent look. Making the audience assume she is innocent or has been killed and is trying to show her purity.

The girl is also looking into the audience for a prolonged period of time in this scene. This makes the audience feel as if the girl is asking for their help or that they are in fact playing the role of David and the girl is asking for forgiveness for something she may have done. This could possibly be foreshadowing the future.  The lighting here is also quite dark, This shows how when she vanishes that something secretive and of the unknown may have taken her as this is what the colour black is commonly associated with. The small amount of light coming from the window behind the girl may also be showing how the man, in fact, is the antagonist and the girl is trying to escape into a normal world as the man has some sort of psychiatric dark hold over the girl. This makes the audience feel a sense of worry form the girl as the man has control and power of her and she is unable tom escape.

Following on from this scene there is a prolonged fade to a completely black screen,        this could be showing how his wife has been killed, the black screen signifying the end of her life. The run down a derelict look of the boat and the graffiti on the walls to the edge of the frame, show how whatever may have happened to his wife has left him feeling: lonely, rundown and empty inside. The open landscape here could also be showing the audience that he is to encounter friends however in this case his wife who is likely to lie to him and also someone who is getting married soon, these are all some of the main connotations of open land. This is a huge coincidence and it is on the day of their 5th wedding anniversary that his wife goes missing. This could also link to how David is saying how he’d like to cause harm to her by ‘cracking her skull’, because she may have lied to him infuriating him.

The following scenes to come flash between different shots of a derelict town. This again is showing how David is feeling lost and helpless, or could be showing ow someone either David or his wife has died and his life or what happened before the death is flashing inform of his eyes, which is supposedly what happens before death. The still camera angle also gives the audience the sense that they are helping David look for his wife as it is like the audience is a CCTV camera because of the fast pace of the matched cuts, resembling a security officer looking over watching and looking for any signs of movement.

Not only that but the camera shots and cuts link back to the title of the film and the idea of us searching for a girl who has gone missing. On the other hand, the fast pace of the shots as it flicks between the different shots of the town, shows how there may be many clues in piecing together where the girl is however we are likely to miss them m making the audience feel a sense of frustration as they may want to help the man. However, at this point, viewers may still not want to help the man as of what he said to the girl earlier. Furthermore, a tilt shot revealing the clock and the time shows how David is running out of time in the search for his wife. Furthermore, because the clock is in the centre frame it draws the audience’s attention to it showing the importance that David finds his wife before time runs out.  The bright colours of the shops down the road could also be used to show how there is still life in the town and how the girl may still be close by.

Following on from this there is a jump cut to who the audience assumes is David’s character. He sighs, showing the audience how he is tired and becoming increasingly frustrated as he cannot find his wife, and does not even know what has happened to her at this current moment in the film. In this shot, David is in centre frame and the background is out of focus. This could be trying to show the audience that whatever has happened, happened inside the house. Furthermore, the fact that David is in the centre frame could be to show that he is either the victim or has done something to his wife and the very beginning of the opening scene was a flashback before all of it happened.

David moves his head still showing how he is in search for his wife. The dark and gray clothes that David is wearing shows his current mood and state of mind. The lighting in this scene, causing the shadows to appear in David’s eyes may be showing how the search for his wife is like trying to find her in the dark due to the difficulty of the search. It may also be trying to portray him as the protagonist as we can also associate shadows with evil spirits. This links back to the music in the opening title and also how David’s character was speaking about cracking her skull and spooling her brains.  The light throughout the whole of the opening scene is very dull with a hint of blue and green. This is highly contrasting to the current situation in the film as the colour green is commonly associated with safety. This makes the audience believe that the girl is not safe as these colours have been used to show the suspicious nature towards David’s character.

Finally, as David begins to walk back towards the house the wide-angle tracking shot is like he is being watched by someone, linking to him looking both left and right, showing his awareness and edginess. This could make the audience think that whoever abducted his wife is now looking to do the same to David’s character. The wide angle long shot could also show how he is out of kilter with the rest of society and feels distant from normality.


Finally, before David’s character begins to walk towards his house he turns around and stares at the house. This is showing the audience that he is admiring what he has and making the most of it before it is to all be taken away from him, this can also be shown in the shots of the derelict town, foreshadowing what his life may be coming to and his livelihood, for example, his house. When David’s character is walking down the steps as he approaches his house, it is showing him descending into hell ad darkness, which is highly ironic as a house is associated with safety and warmth, the complete opposite of hell. This shot could also be showing how whatever happened to his wife may have occurred inside the house, making it clear to the audience why it is down a slope and giving the house a hellish persona. This shows why David may have been stood outside showing his reluctance to go inside. The sound here is very monotone with a few high-pitched notes. This fades as David begins to walk back into his home. This music could be resembling a funeral as in appears very solemn and as it fades when David approaches the house it could also be to show that no one yet no one knows of the girls were about or is aware of her death. This is ironic as she would not yet of had a funeral. The birds tweeting, I the background is also ironic as this is symbolic to a new day and new life and the rising of the day in the morning, when in fact, it may be the end for either David or his wife, but the audience is not yet aware.

Enemy Of The State Essay

In the film ‘Enemy Of The State’, right at the beginning when the producers and actors are being introduced in the opening titles, the very clear contrast of the black background and the smaller white writing, could be foreshadowing what is to come in the future, such as death, as the colour black is associated with death and evilness, as the black colour is very dominant over the white small writing it could be trying to show the insignificance of the innocent man and how the power of evil is far stronger than that of peace. The font of the titles is also significant as it appears to be written in a Greek style. This is significant as certain parts of the Greek alphabet mean ‘Justice Is Our foundation’. This could be trying to tell the audience that the man which we assume is initially innocent has in fact done something bad or caused harm to someone or something and the other men which the audience assumes to be government agents have been ordered to carry out justice on the man. It could also be showing that the group of men are to receive a form of justification for their actions as the older man may be innocent, the audience is not aware of this in the opening scenes of the film, as not enough information has been given away to them for them to build up a clear enough idea


Furthermore, when the film is starting and the film companies are being shown on screen, orchestral music is to be heard playing in the background. This could be showing a funeral or a death in the film and foreshadowing what may be to come later in the film. This also links to what the man is wearing who is dressed in all black with the red scarf, as that is the sort of outfit worn at a funeral. The red scarf is significance as the colour ‘red’, I closely associated with power and violence and also passionate love and danger. The red scarf could be a warning to the older man that the man is powerful and dangerous and that he should attempt to leave, as the colour red has strong connotations of danger and power, but also love which in this case is ironic, as it appears to be the opposite emotion being portrayed. The man does appear to walk of the frame a few times in the opening scene which could link to this point. The colour red could also be showing that the man who is holding the conversation with the older man has a love for killing and power, this makes the audience feel less authoritative and leaves them fearful of what is to come, as the man in the red scarf’s merciless style of killing has also be shown when the car is rolled into the lake leaving the old man’s dog behind.


The dog’s barking in the opening scene could also be a warning to the older man that it is unsafe where they are. This confuses the audience, as although it appears to be of great annoyance to the man just trying to walk his dog that the man in the red scarf wants to talk, there appears to be no immediate threat and the audience assumes that the two men know each other. Following on from this it does seem to be rather peculiar, that the man in the red scarf appears to be hiding in the back of the car behind the window, This makes the audience think that maybe the men are spying on the old man, or whatever they are doing has been arranged very precisely, much like a military special operations mission. This also links to the way the location and the time are typed on the screen because the time and location are very precise and the sound when it is being typed, is like the morse code beeping when being received in a control station. This could also be showing how the old man is in need of help or that the mission is secret as it is difficult to read morse code and most people can’t. The men dressed in black also have ear pieces in, this bleeping could also be showing how they are receiving orders of what to ask the man or what to do to him, which could be foreshadowing the future. Following on from this, there is also a tracking shot of the dog when the man opens the door to let the dog out where the camera is clearly focusing on the movement of the dog and then as the ball is thrown there is a very fast cut to the man in the back of the car, this shows the significance of the dog and makes the audience believe that the dog may, in fact, have more of a significant role in the film which they are not yet aware of.


The men dressed in black are also wearing black gloves, showing that they do not want to leave a trace of what they are doing, making the audience believe that what the men are doing is not of a good nature and likely illegal, this makes the audience curious and fearful of what is to come. The black colour of the gloves is significant as it shows that what the men dressed in black touch is consumed by death. This could also be foreshadowing future events to occur in the coming scenes of the film.


The colours in the very first scene of the film appear very green and blue. This is significant as the colour green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. This is ironic as the man may be feeling unsafe as he is being watched by three men dressed in black. A darker shade of green can also be associated with money. This could make the audience believe that the motive of the men dressed in black is based on money. The colour blue is both confusing and significant to the audience in this scene. This is because of the colour blue shows, loyalty, trust and also heaven. This could also be foreshadowing the death of the older man and how is to go to heaven. This may make the audience either see the man as innocent as he is to go to heaven, again showing the innocence of him. It is more obviously associated with coldness. This could be a reflection of the three men and their morals, or it could be foreshadowing the death of the old man as you are cold when you are dead.


Following on from this, the men dressed in the black address the man with the dog by calling him ‘Chairman’, showing the audience that the men are connected or know each other in some way. This shows the audience that the men are connected in some way. The old man also says about how he would not like to talk to him now as it is his free time.

When the two men begin to talk to each other there is a lower camera angle. This makes the audience feel powerless, much like how the old man now is as he is surrounded by three men.  The power of the man in the red scarf is shown to the audience as even when there is a close-up of the older man talking to the man in the red scarf is still in the shot he is still in shot, this could show how he is always watching the old man and how he may be spying on him to find something, as this is shown when the man with the red scarf is in the back of the car.


As this scene continues the two men arrive at a bench by the side of the lake. The man in the red scarf stays standing on the lakeside where he appears as a silhouette. This could be foreshadowing approaching and that it will be in some way harmful to the man could be showing the audience that the man’s death is approaching. This affects the audience as it makes them feel anxious as to how he is going to die and also when. Here the pace of the cuts increases, this creates a climax and a build-up making the audience sense that something significant is about to happen the music also becomes faster and louder.


The colours that the older man is wearing also portray him to be innocent. The off-white colour is plain and unmarked, showing to the audience how the old man may have lived his life. This confuses the audience as to why he is appearing as a target of a group of agents on a mission of some description, as we believe he is innocent and makes the audience feel sympathetic towards him as we feel he is being targeted when all he wants to do is walk his dog. This is shown when he appears angered that the three men are there when he just wants to walk his dog, this again could show his innocence as he did not expect the men to be there so clearly did not want any trouble.


The series of matched cuts of the two men talking increases in pace as the older man becomes even more agitated and increasingly resistant to speak to the man. All though the old man doesn’t really raise his voice, the language he uses and the tone of which he speaks shows his increasing frustration and anger towards the man in the red scarf.  As the old man stands up and says ‘this conversation is over’, the man in the red scarf grabs his arm and asks him not to. Here the hand which is holding onto the old man’s arm is in centre frame. Following on from this, there is a quick motivated cut to a close up shot of the old man’s face which also appears in centre frame. This makes the audience focus on what is happening to the old man as the audience begin to build up the idea that something bad is about to happen to him. It also becomes clear that the man has had enough of talking to the man in the red scarf as he uses explicit language and become infuriated when the man as he attempts to try and blackmail him. In the background, the audience can hear a high pitch metallic noise and a heartbeat. Both of these sounds have connotations with horror films. This makes the film begin to feel eerie as it becomes increasingly unpredictable, the slow average paced heartbeat showing how the old man’s life is about to come to an end. It could also show how the man was not expecting what was to come and did not feel threatened by the men.


As the old man begins to open his car door the metallic noise increases in both pitch and pace, until it reaches a climax when he is injected, the climax here showing the significance of what has happened and how it may be a key moment in the rest of the film. The orchestral music here then begins to play; this signifies the end and links back to the point that the three men in black were dressed like they were attending a funeral the music here also solidifies that point. This makes the audience confused as to why the three men have done this, as the audience is still unaware of why they have done this and what the man has done to provoke them.


The man who injects the old man is also wearing white gloves. This is not only very strange but also ironic, as the other men were wearing black gloves, signifying death and the man who administers the injection is showing signs of cleanliness and peace when he is killing the man. It may also be to form a twist in the story and the man in the white gloves could be in on a plan with the old man whereby he actually escapes or does not die, which is what the audience expect. This also makes the audience feel uncomfortable as white usually has positive connotations, the white gloves being used to kill the man may also make the audience feel insignificant as it shows the men will not stop at anything and their power is great.


Here the audience now sees clearly who is playing the antagonist or protagonist role in this film. The heartbeat which the audience hears is also played in the opening titles of the film. This shows the start and the end of the man’s life. The lighting in this scene also shows this as it is in the morning yet the end of the man’s life is here. The heartbeat could also show the speed and precision of the old man’s death as it was clearly planned thoroughly and was over in a matter of seconds.


After the old man, has been injected the other two men who are dressed in black, they begin to bow their heads and look away from what is going on. This could show both the carelessness towards the law and the man or it may also be showing how they are in fact week are regretful of what they have done. When the protagonist pulls the handbrake of the car up, it shows how the man could be loading a gun which foreshadows events which are to follow in the rest of the film. This shows the audience that there may be more murders to come as it might not be the first time these men have killed someone.  There is then a panning shot from the hedge as the car begins to roll backwards into the lake. This is significant as it is like a POV shot of someone watching from the hedge which the three men do not know is there. This could be an antagonist which we have not yet been introduced too, and is working against the three men. As the music fades when the car begins to submerge into the water there is a puff of air which is released from the windows of the car. This is significant as it shows the last breath of the man before he dies. Finally, the volume of the barking if the dog increases as the car gets closer to the water. This could be showing how the man inside is getting closer to death. It could also be showing the dog trying to warn his master of the danger approaching him, as we hear the dog barking earlier in this scene, which could’ve been an early warning for the old man to get out. It may also have been a warning when the dog was chasing the ball showing the old man that they need to leave, or run away. Furthermore, it appears very strange that the man injects the old man to make him pass out before rolling the car with him in into the river, as murder is commonly associated with hatred and suffering and has been provoked in some way, however by giving the old man drugs so that he passed out causes him not to feel any pain. This could show how then men may in fact not have wanted to kill the old man but did so as he would not work with them or give them information.



































 Media Project Opening Sequence

  1. The first sequence of the film will consist of two actors playing as police officers, who will be looking for the actor playing as the terrorist. There will be a scene showing the bomb being made on a table with guns on it and explosives. There will then be a cut to the police talking on walkie talkies discussing the location etc. of the terrorist.
  2. Between cuts between the police officers and terrorist, there will be shorts shots showing key locations such as the Shard and public transport such as the shard, hinting at possible locations for the terrorist attack.
  3. Following this there will be a shot of the terrorist packing up the bomb into a backpack, the police will then attempt to raid the scene just moments after the terrorist has fled the building. The location of this shot will be filmed in an abandoned house.
  4. There will then be a chase through brick lane in Camden where there is graffiti and also through the market. Here I will use long shots and possible zoom shots to help the audience focus on the target.
  5. Possible gun battle in a car park outside London for safety reasons. If there is a gun battle the terrorist begins to run into the market in an attempt to lose the police after the polices unsuccessful attempt to kill him. If there is a gun battle, then still goes into market as is suspicious of the police.
  6. The Terrorist then begins to walk into the tube station as the situation intensifies and police officers begin to close in on the terrorist.
  7. The terrorist stands in the crowd of people for a while whilst waiting for the train on the platform.
  8. The terrorist then gets on the train as the undercover police officers come running through, down the escalators and through the gate to enter the platform.
  9. As the train pulls away there is a focus on the terrorist on the train (possibly the bag)
  10. Cuts to the train entering the tunnel
  11. Fast cut to black screen
  12. Screaming from passengers on the train
  13. Loud bass effect as the name of the film is introduced, Spy themed or explosion effect.


Film Concept

  1. The concept of the film as a whole is to show the radicalisation of a Uni student in London to join ISIS, the film will show the planning and build up to the plot on public transport and significant land markings such as Trafalgar square and Big Ben. The Final scene will be the ending of the opening sequence when the terrorist enters the tube station and boards a train. As the train pulls away we see the terrorists face and then a cut to black again with the name of the film.


Target Audience

Due to the violence and dark nature of the film, my film is targeted at the 18 to 22 age bracket. Furthermore, my film is rated a 15 by the BBFC, allowing the majority audience who voted who were between the age of 16-17 to be legally eligible to watch my film. This is also my target audience as typically the younger age brackets and young adults have more of a taste for explosions and adrenaline-fueled films, this meaning I would be silly not to target my film at this age bracket as I would loose a large audience. Furthermore another reason for me choosing this target audience is from my initial questionnaire, where I found a large majority of those who had taken the questionnaire were those between the age bracket above. Mt secondary questionnaire solidified my audience and has enabled be to tailor the film to the specifications and what the audience wanted to be included in the film.


My opening will fit the genre of the film, which is a psychopathic thriller consisting of a young university student who is being radicalized over the internet by the terrorist group ‘ISIS’. The opening scene will end with the student in an over the shoulder shot in his living room showing him watching one of ISIS’s propaganda videos. My film will meet my certification of 15 as it shows criminal acts and crime. The film will be altered in anyway needed after analyzing my results below to make it more appealing and to gather a larger audience who want to view my film. There will be subtle hints such as the graffiti on the walls of London which will hint to the audience of the destruction which may be caused and foreshadowing events to come in the film. Right from the beginning the tone of the police officers will show the audience the fear and like they wanted, as shown in the data below this will help install the fear factor between the audience and the terrorist. Finally mise en scene such as where the film is set and shots of major landmarks and planes will also show the audience that there is to be some sort of attack on a large scale and might involve major parts of the city or places which are highly populated by people. The uncertainty of these events will further install the fear factor and make the film more true to life, which the audience also voted for.


The above picture shows the ages of the people who took the questionnaire. As you can see the majority vote is for between 16 to 17-year-olds. This means that there is a large audience for my film and they are all legally allowed to watch the film as they are over the certification age.



This graph shows how many of those who voted were male a female. In this case, there was slightly more male than female. This means my film will be targeted at both sexes and not just males.



The winning vote for question three from the audience is that they would like to see the film left on a cliffhanger. This is good as it fits into my plan as my film ends also on a cliffhanger, making them want to see my film.



Furthermore, the audience voted to have a psychological twist to the film. This is good as it is already used in my film, again making the audience want to see it more.


The picture above shows that the audience overall is interested in the idea of my storyline where a university student is radicalized by the ISIS terrorist group over the internet. This allows me to keep my basic storyline and not have to make any large changes to it.


Although I am going to try and keep any dialogue in the film to a minimal level. When the actors do have to speak there is likely to be some explicit language. However, the audience voted that they would not be put off by this. Explicit language, when used correctly in my film, will likely help make more of an impact on the audience as well.



The question and the answer above showing how the audience voted for sound to be important are good for my film, as I plan to use more sound that actual speaking to emphasize the film and put the audience on edge.


Above shows that the audience wants the film to be true to life. This fits well with my film as the threat from online radicalization is very real. This may encourage the audience to want to see my film.



Above the audience voted to have a definite ending. However, I do not think I would have a definite ending in my film, as it would show the continuation of radicalization and also the war that is currently occurring the Middle East. This then makes my film more true to life which the audience previously voted for.


Above shows that the audience voted for a female to be the main character. This is unusual for most thrillers, however, it could still work for the genre of my film and also may portray a message that it is not just men who become terrorist bit anyone or any sex.

Secondary Questionnaire


Above you can see how the audience voted for the film to be set around major land marks. However due to legal requirements and my storyline, I will film in London on public transport as this was the next highest vote.


Above you can see the results from the question. The majority vote of the audience was for the film to be set in an airport. However, due to security issues, I will not be able to film here and will instead stick to my original storyline and film on the underground tube.


In the graph shown above you can clearly see that the whole of the audience think that the lead character should be played by a male. Originally I was going to use a male for my main character anyway and the audience agrees so I shall use a male.



The majority vote in this question was for the lead character to be of a Middle Eastern ethnicity. However, i might use a white male which was the second choice to add a twist to the film and break the stereotype of a terrorist.



All though relatively close, the audience voted for the film to be seen in a serious nature and not to use humour to try and lighten the mood or make the film not appear as sinister. This means that I will not use any humor in the dialogue or use any music which will make the film appear as a joke, or not as serious.



In this question, exactly half of the audience each voted for the two different options. Following this, I will film my movie in the daytime as this is when London will be at its busiest making the event appear more real.


Finally, above you can see that the audience voted to have prayer music used in the film. This would enable me to add a twist to the film if I played Christian music for example which would break the terrorist stereotype and make the audience likely more fearful as it is unexpected.



The results from this question show that the audience would mostly like to see a hostage situation. However due to the original storyline and the fact that the audience won’t see the whole of the film that is the option I shall be selecting.



All most the entirety of the audience voted for there to be an unexpected twist in the film. This has already been incorporated into my storyline; this is good as it will help attract an audience.


The audience voted mostly to feel a sense of fear against the lead role played by the terrorist. I will use sound and some dialogue to help show this and make the audience feel fearful towards him in the film.


Location Photos


The picture above shows parts of Camden that I will be going to, to film my production. I have assessed this area of the location and factored in risks such as buses in the road which come near to the pavement, and high numbers of people who will be in the area, meaning it will be essential to avoid running into them or causing annoyance t the public in any way.


Some of the scenes in my film will be located here in Camden station. With the current real life terror alerts, i will have to be cautious of alerting the emergency services and avoid any confusions with the actor and a real terrorist. Furthermore, the actors and I as the camera man will have to be aware of other passengers and also oncoming trains and not getting to close to the platform.


One o my scenes off my film will be shot in the multi-storey car park in Witney. Some of the safety precautions that the actors and I will have to take whilst acting and filming consist of, watching out for moving traffic and people. We will also have to watch out and be cautious of the edge of the multi story and be careful not to fall over it.


This picture of the river Thames and the Shard, will be part of a short snippet of the film for my production n. This will hint and the possible locations for the attack, there will be no acting in this scene, so risks are minimal. For example, watching out for other people and taxis.



Finally, the escalator scene which will show the officers running down them to attempt to catch the terrorist will mean that the actors and I will have to be cautious of other people and also of ourselves as falling down the escalator will cause serious injury. We will prevent these by waiting until the escalator is clear and by not running too fast down the escalator ensuring we will keep our balance and not cause ourselves to slip or fall.

Additional Story Boards











Sound And Music Research

In my film, I will be using various different sounds and music. I will get the tracks from sites such as SoundCloud and Vimeo, which are copyright free and use some sound effects such as the buzzing of a lightbulb for the elevator and the background talking of people. However, I will also be using a microphone as I want to pick up natural sounds. Examples of this are when the actors are running I want to capture all the background noise, to make the situation seem authentic and more true to life, as the sound effects which can be downloaded for these sorts of sounds are not always accurate and sound very artificial. For my thriller music, I will be using a YouTube channel which provides perfect soundtracks and exactly what I am looking for. He also gives permission for anyone to use the soundtracks if it is for school or educational purposes. There are many different tracks on the channel, however, one track would fit particularly well with my film and the loud drums and bass helping to add pace and give the film the thriller feel, especially when the chase is on.

The Track I Will Use:Epic And Dramatic Trailer Music – Action Aggressive Hybrid Instrumental – Destruction
Download here:



Risk Assesment 

When filming my project, the actors and I whilst in London especially will have to be sure that we are not putting anyone at risk or anyone another member of the public. For example when The scene in the London Underground is being filmed, the actors and also myself will have toabidee by the law and be sensible whilst not crossing the yellow line on the platform, and be putting ourselves at risk of falling in front of the train or getting hit by hit by it. When filming on the streets we will have to be careful that we do not step in front of any moving traffic or into the bus lanes which pass very close to the curb. When shooting shots such as the handheld pursuit, myself and the actors will have to be careful as to where we run and watch out for the public which may have small children and avoid running too close to them, as this could result in someone getting knocked over and badly injured. Finally, when filming in the multistory again myself and the actors will have to be cautious and careful that we do not run near any cars or near any moving traffic. We will avoid this by making sure that the driveways are clear. Lastly, when filming in the abandoned house we will need to be cautious with our footing in case of any loose material and/or sharp objects lying around.


My Actor Choices 

tom .jpg

This is one of the actors who will be playing as one of the undercover Policemen. I chose Tom because of his facial features, which, make him appear to seem older to the audience and allows him to fit the stereotypical role as a policeman



Above is another one of my actors who will be playing as an undercover police officer alongside Tom. Again I also chose  Lewis, as he has a mature manor hleping him to fit the role as the policamen better.


Above is a picture of Jake. Jake will be playing the role of the terrorist, as this does not fit the stereotype of a terrorist, making the audience unsuspicious yet confused when he is portrayed as the terrorist. This adds a different twist to the storyline and keeps the audience guessing as to what will happen next.

Timetable For Travel


The above picture shows the timetable for the Oxford Tube bus which goes to London and back to Oxford where it departs. The actors and I will catch the bus nearest to the time of 12 o clock. We will then get to London at around 13:10. Following on from this we will get the tube from marble arch. We will then take the route o the underground tube train as follows: Tube route: Marble Arch → Bond Street → Oxford Circus → Tottenham Court Road change train Tottenham Court Road → Goodge Street → Warren Street → Euston → Mornington Crescent → Camden Town – See ‘Marble Arch to Camden Town station by train‘ at http://www.londondrum.com/transport/. I will then film in Camden market and camden station. Following on from this we will follow the same route back to marble arch where we will all ctach the bus gain and travle back to the Thornhill bus station.


Tom/Lewis- Shot 2- General chat between the two officers about something such as football scores.

Walky Talky- Shot 7- Message come through on the walkie talkies “Echo Foxtrot, we have a suspected terrorist in your area in the old abandoned house, please attend the scene now”

Tom- Shot 8- “Echo Foxtrot, receiving on our way to the scene now”

Tom- Shot 10-“Police!!!, GET ON THE FLOOR”

Lewis- Shot 11-“Police Get Down”

Tom- Shot 12- “Echo Foxtrot, suspect isn’t here, there are footsteps leading towards central London”

Walky Talky- Shot 13-“We’ve got eyes on him heading into the multi-storey car park”

Lewis-Shot 14-” Receiving, in pursuit of the target”

Lewis- Shot 15-“Echo foxtrot, we’ve got a clear visual on the target”

Tom- Shot 16- “Send backup heading north onto Camden market”

Lewis- Shot 17-“Suspect heading into Camden station, SEND BACKUP NOW”

Tom- Shot 18-“Suspect is carrying a backpack and is boarding the tube heading south to Oxford Circus”

Tom-Shot 19-“Suspect Is on Train, evacuate now, NOW!!!”

The Art Of The Title

Dirty Harry

. When the first title appears saying ‘Clint Eastwood’, it appears in bold yellow writing, showing that the actor is important and may be dangerous as this is what the colour represents.

. It may also be the film company trying to show off the star actor.

.  The titles then get smaller, showing Clint East woods power and authority in the film, however the title introducing the film company appears in the center of the screen. Showing the importance of the company itself.

.  The title of the film ‘Dirty Harry’ then appears on Clint. This implying that he in fact is ‘Dirty Harry’ and the colours may be used to foreshadow what is later to come in the film.

. The colour red on the word ‘Dirty’ may be being used again as a sort of warning or to show bloodshed to come in the film.

. The colour yellow again showing the danger of Clint and that he is to be avoided, as he is dangerous or powerful.

.  The co-starring actors then appear on the left of the screen, this possibly showing that there is rivalry between people, which we will find out about, later in the film or there is to sides to what is going on.

.  The writing is also in bold again here. This showing the importance of these actors and their significance to come later in the film.

. Following this when more of the actors are introduced, their names appear on the right hand side of the scree. This again showing some sort of rivalry or opposition against each other.

. Clint also appears between the two sets of introduction titles. This is showing how he may be being hinted or is trapped by the other actors in the film who are introduced alongside him. However because his name was introduced first in bold it gives the audience the idea that he cannot be caught or is more powerful than the others.

. at 2:56 when five more characters are introduced, it shows that these characters are nit as important as they are not introduced in large text individually. It also shows that the film company is not relying on these names to sell the film.


Forrest Gump

. Right from the start the audience notices the main focus to be the white feather. This, could be symbolizing peace and foreshadowing the film.

. We notice the feather stays very much in the center frame throughout the opening title sequence however. This could be showing the importance of all the actors, showing the audience that the company is not using a very famous actor (Tom Hanks), to attract people to watch the film and may in fact be the message that the film puts across that the company is more interested in.

. Tom Hanks is introduced in the opening title sequence just before the name of the film is introduced. This could be telling the audience that Tom Hanks is ‘Forrest Gump’

. Throughout the opening title sequence the font and size of the writing stays the same. This shows that all of the cast in the film are equal and no one is better than one another. This again foreshadowing the possible story line.

. The titles are also in the colour white. This again like the feather signifies peace, the colours and the feather could also be showing death or a war as the colour white is used to show peace and surrender.

.    When producing the titles in my film, I may be able to take some aspects from the opening titles of Forrest Gump. Such as the floating white feather. This shows a sort of innocence and as my film is left on a cliffhanger, gives the audience an idea pf what is to come but they cannot be certain of what happens.

. The music however is less likely to be used by me. This is because the genre of my film is a thriller. Whereas the, music in the opening to Forrest Gump is more of a relaxed and calm nature, whereas I want to make the audience feel a sense of fear. On the other hand, this could be used to add irony to the film and emphasize the cliffhanger as the audience would be left confused.



. The very first title sequence introducing the company fades on and off the screen. This shows that the company is important to the film and that it is wanted to be associated with the film.

.  The main actor of the film ‘Daniel Craig’ is then introduced. This again shows that the film company is trying to show off the star actor to the audience.

. The white colour of the writing is also believed to been ironic and contrasting to the audience as it has connotations with peace, when the background images are off fire portraying a hellish nature.

. The following title tells the audience the role that Daniel is playing in the film. Both his name and the role in which he plays in the film, are located centrally. This showing the importance of the actor and that he may be more powerful than the others in the film.

. The next titles then appear in the screen introducing the name of the film. This implies that Daniel may be the heart of the film and again shows his importance to the film.

. There is then a longer pause before the other titles begin to appear. The title after the name of the film is introduced appears in the top left of the screen. This shows that the actors now being introduced are not as important as Daniel, whether that be the role they play in the film or how well that particular actor is known to the audience.

. The following names then fade on and off the screen a lot faster than any of the other titles so far. This could be foreshadowing an event to come in the film or. The names here also change sides of the screen. This could show conflict or that there is to be some sort of battle in the film.

. After the character playing ‘M’ is introduced, the following names appear in groups of other names and not individually. This again showing how they may not play an important part in the film or that they are less known by the audience.

. It does also seem strange that one of the main roles ‘M’ appears not in the centre frame. This could show a rebelliousness or a betrayal to come in the film.

. Between 2:21 and 3:13, names being introduced individually the re appears. This could be to show again a conflict where by the individual names introduced at the start are again those and the end  and the groups of names between the two are getting in the way stopping the main characters from getting to each other.

. Finally the main director ‘Sam Mendes’ is introduced last. This making the audience remember his name more so than the others. This may be used as a selling point by the company as goes for Daniel and other main actors.

.  Finally out of the three film titles I have analyzed, this sequence is the one in which I would take the most aspects from to implement into my film.

. I would take animations such as the fire and the glass smashing, to show the irreparable nature of what happens in my film and also the fire symolising the explosions and terror of the event.

.  However I will use a more aggressive soundtrack in my titles as this instantly puts the audience on edge. However I would likely use the white writing to confuse the audience and make them unable to figure out what happens in the film unless they watch it.




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