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First Edit and Reflection

Upon filming and editing this piece for the first time, I can see various aspects that need to be fixed for my next edit.

Firstly, additional filming needs to be done to explain the transition from Sam’s chest pains to him waking up in a chair.

Secondly. Shots which are already there must be refilled, most notably due to framing errors. On top of this, there are lighting errors which need to be accounted for too.

Also, I will be more careful at acquiring good audio as it goes from loud and clear to quiet and echoey at parts.

On the topic of audio, I will also find some music and sound effects for my next edit to further enhance the mood/atmosphere/ambience of my shots/scenes

Finally, there are a few motivated cuts/shots that need to be filmed in order to fill spaces where there are problems with continuity.

I also think an alternative ending could be more powerful so I will revise my narrative and look for a more powerful ending.

Audience Feedback for my 1st edit


To do list

After reading through the comments and using my creative initiative, I have compiled a list of things to do:

  • Consistent and fitting lighting
  • Focus a bit more on the storyline, a good film need a good narrative
  • Reshoot shaky shots
  • Sound needs to be consistent throughout, not varying volumes.
  • 1st Shot is overexposed + shaky
  • Drug shots are too slow in parts
  • Too many pill packets- Unrealistic
  • Framing- do not cut off heads
  • Too much dialogue
  • No connection to actors yet
  • Poor shot when she leaves
  • Smoking shots badly framed
  • Always behind counter at low angle- Vary camera positioning.
  • POV shot not needed

Overall issues are:

  • Lots of framing issues + shaky shots
  • Too much focus on creativity- Focus more on practical side.
  • Lack of close- ups
  • Make Jack’s role clearer
  • Too much talking- what actually happens in this film?
  • Lighting issues

Second Edit

My second edit. Very minor adjustments made. Going to do a large deal of re-filming for my 3rd Edit.

3rd Edit

My third edit was very different to my first two. I felt as if it needed to focus more on the main character and less so on the girl and the friend. It helped to develop more sympathy for the male character.

I also felt that it was important that the male character undergo some form of consequence for his actions- that being his death. This could help to instil the idea that drugs are bad and will eventually lead to bad consequences.

There is still one scene missing which is why the storyline is hard to follow but this will be rectified in my fourth edit.



  • Trim clip so you can’t hear director saying “Go”
  • Stabilise or reshoot shaky shots.
  • Speed up phone shots

4th Edit

In this edit, I added an important scene which makes the film make more sense in general. I added in a few close ups and experimented with music a bit more.

In addition I trimmed the clips of the phones as my audience requested, added a title with credits, stabilised shaky shots and excluded my shot where I say “Go” out loud.

I will improve this further in my next edit after my audience give me some more feedback


Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 16.33.36Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 16.33.41Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 16.33.45Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 16.33.20

5th Edit

Potentially my last edit, I will wait on audience feedback to let me know how I could improve it further before I decide.

I added music in key bits and improved my opening sequence to make it less dull and more focused on the character rather than the setting.

I also added colourised filters over two shots to really reflect the anger Sam is feeling in some moments.

Furthermore, I cropped shots which were not centre frame and adjusted them until they were.

I also added a flashing sequence at the end which not only reflected a more poignant ending of the true power of drugs, but also incorporated a small form of surrealism as I intended to do from the start.

Finally, I added a montage of flashbacks showing Kayleigh being happy, inevitably adding to the sympathy we feel for Sam.


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 12.32.38Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 12.32.44

To do list

  • Voice at start needs to be slightly louder
  • Pulling on socks needs to be faster
  • More ominous music for flashbacks
  • Centre frame a few more shots
  • Sound motifs
  • Brighten sofa shots
  • Pills need to be collected faster
  • Crop bin shots
  • Cut out some mirror shots
  • Add sound to bench shots
  • Keep red filter on
  • Walking away shots too long

6th Edit

What went well?

  • Voice at start is louder
  • Pulling on socks is faster
  • Ominous music is present for flashbacks
  • Centre framed more shots
  • Sound motifs present
  • Sofa shots brightened
  • Pills need to be collected faster
  • Bin shots cropped
  • Mirror shots cut out
  • Sound added to bench shots
  • Red filter kept on
  • Walking away shots trimmed
  • Final sequence has a high pitched noise to add to suspense and confusion.


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 12.43.17

To do:

  • Make red shots more understandable by making the shots from that perspective red.


Final Edit

My final edit. I have made all the changes from the 6th edit and also made the red sequence more prominent on the girl. I deliberately contrasted it from the views of him as it represents her normal point of view.

Burford School Media Arts