Michael : Michael’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : TASK

First Draft

Before taking my picture, I had decided to experiment with different fonts on a background until I achieved my idea. I decided against the peeling brick wall as it was white and too symbolically happy for my topic. So I attempted the same thing with a gradient which just seemed a bit cheesy. So I went with a black background instead. Using the selection tool, I cut out my models and put them over this background, as well as put in the boy’s inner demon in the background. I made the font colour match the eyes of the demon.

Second Edit

Snow poster 3.png

For my second edit. I decided to go with my new concept which was to split the faces in half. I did this by taking two separate pictures in which the actor looks normal in one but more pale in the other. After taking the two images into photoshop I realised that the differences were not pronounced enough and so I used the burn tool to darken the area around his eye and reduced saturation to make him paler. Furthermore I used the liquify tool to emphasise a difference in his eyebrows, eyes and mouth on both halves, thus making him look like he has two different personalities.



To do list:

  • Trim white off jaw to left.
  • Try another font style
  • Try another font colour
  • Get badge off jumper
  • Make colour difference less obvious
  • Maybe crop closer to face

3rd Edit

Snow poster 3.png

What went well?

  • White on jawline has been removed
  • Badge on jumper has been removed
  • Billing block added to bottom of poster
  • Font style is better
  • Line separating face is less prominent
  • Font colour is better

7 thoughts on “Michael : Michael’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : TASK”

  1. Your 1st edit is really gripping and actually quite scary. I like how you’ve added a mysterious figure in the background, and it seems like there is an emotional connection between the main characters seen on the poster. I like how you filled the font in red to contrast the delicacy of the font itself, it really pulls audiences in.
    To improve, I would suggest maybe making the two main characters further apart in the poster to slightly portray what happens in the short film. I’m not sure if the darkness in the poster reflects the codes and conventions typically seen in social realism films, as it seems more like a horror at first.
    Overall, I think it’s a really strong first edit! I hope this helped!

  2. Your poster has improved a lot since your last edit! I like how you’ve combined two different images of the main character to show the difference, and the photoshop skills are really evident.

    The only thing I would say needs improving is that there is a small bit of white on the left side on the poster, just underneath the jawline, which needs to be filled in with something else.

    Overall, a great 2nd poster edit!

  3. Your poster looks intriguing, the font is good, the concept is great and the idea of his own worst enemy is very poignant. The only thing is the photoshopping/ blending on the half of his face, 5the colour difference becomes more visible the more you look at it so you could either edit it/blend it more or even make the contrast more blunt and make it obvious cut down his face

  4. Your first edit is very strong and is much more intriguing then your original poster. The colour palette works really well, making the more coloured half of the face stand out. I really like how the different sides of the face are different colours as it shows the deterioration of the character even without watching the film.

  5. Your final edit is really strong. It’s really eye-catching and intriguing. The positioning of the words works really well with the image, and the simplicity of the font is basic but it works really well. You can really tell the difference between the two different sides of the character, and it would definitely make me want to see the short film if I had seen this poster for the first time without knowing anything about your short film.

  6. This is a great poster, their is not clash between the two sides of the face as the ‘transition’ between the two has been done really well. I also really like the slight gradient in the bottom right corner!

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