Michael : Michael’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : Research & Planning


THEY CAN BE ACCESSED AT: https://mikey411.wixsite.com/michaelrandp


Photoshop Marketing Project

The editing process for our marketing campaign. Done entirely on photoshop

Our final poster.


Poster Research

To gain an understanding of standard film posters and different techniques they incorporate, I annotated four posters, three of which were focused on the social realism genre like my short film.



The Ides Of March




This is England


Font Research

In an attempt to find a suitable font for my poster, I researched a collection of social realism film posters and came to the conclusion that the fonts used in these movies tend to be simple and impactful to emphasise the ideology of real-life problems. However, I also noticed that the font also has some kind of aspect that fits it to the theme of the film it is portraying. This helps to give it some sense of individuality. Here are some examples.


I also tested fonts of my own on a word processing application. This gave me an idea of what kind of font I would use for my own piece. I tried plain and simple fonts as well as experimental fonts that could either support or contradict the theme of my movie to make the audience think. These were my ideas. The title ‘Snow’ is to the left, and the font type is to the right.


Poster Plans

I then devised three poster plans, one of which I will use for my actual film poster. The sketches were rough plans so no firm decisions were made based on artistic ability. Audience feedback will be needed to see which is their preferred poster.

Poster Plan 1


Although the drawing is disproportionate in terms of size, this poster is meant to be a silhouette of the main character running towards the girl on the other side, walking away. The gap between them represents the main character’s biggest struggle: drugs. On the other side, the girl represents all that is good in his life, all he wants to have. The run up is meant to show that if he is to keep the good in his life (the girl), then he must make the effort and jump the gap to overcome the negatives in his life.

Poster Plan 2


This poster took inspiration from the ‘Sinister’ movie poster. It is meant to show a face in the muck between them, representing the demon that lives inside the boy, the dark figure telling him to keep doing drugs. The fact they are walking away from each other shows that they are both accepting of the fact that this struggle cannot be overcome. And their hands rubbing it further into the wall shows that they need a joint effort to overcome the struggle. The idea of a demon within the boy also helps to make my hybrid genre of not only social realism, but also some surrealism.

Poster Plan 3


The third design is simple. It blatantly tells the audience what the theme is. I’m not sure I like the font very much, but it does support the idea of real life in its simplicity, which social realism is essentially about. It tells the audience that the main focus of the film is not going to be the characters, but rather the drugs and how they influence the characters.

Poster Plans Feedback


To do list

  • Shoot pictures for the favoured poster (which seems to be poster 2)
  • Upload pictures to blog and to photoshop to be edited
  • Experiment with fonts and superimposed backgrounds to get a powerful look.


I decided to go for a new idea with my poster, splitting the face into two separate beings, showing the two halves to the person inside. The title has been moved to the bottom third to fit the conventions of most film posters which are portrait. The bad half of the face would show many drugged up characteristics such as sunken eyes, a pale face and some dried lips to juxtapose the other side which appears as completely normal.

4 thoughts on “Michael : Michael’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : Research & Planning”

  1. I really like the second plan as it is really effective in the way it slightly suggests a story to potential audiences. It suggests breakdown and deterioration, both in a relationship and life. It’s difficult to see what you’ve drawn in the middle of the poster. The other two ideas have potential but I feel like they either give the story away too much or it is too simplistic. I don’t know how much help this was, but I hope it helped in some way!

  2. I think plan 2 looks and will work the best as I think the other posters just seem to simple and plain for me. Plan 2 is easily more eye catching and definitely has potential to be really good.

  3. I really like the idea for your first poster. You could make all the left side of the poster quite dark and make it gradually lighter in the right to empaphize this difference between the two of them and what he has to go through.

    The third one is also very good, though more simple and explicit. It takes away all importance of characters and focualises on the drugs, which is a bit what happens with drug addicts. It also shows the main theme of the story without giving anything away.
    Hope this helps 🙂

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