Joe’s AS Work : Preliminary Task


Planning of Continuity Task (actors, props and locations)




  • Two actors needed
  • One to be drug buyer (1st actor)
  • One to be drug dealer (2nd actor)




  • School bags and coats (create a more school like environment)
  • Ring binder to hide the drugs in
  • Laptop to light up the face of the drug dealer
  • Phone for drug buyer to hold
  • Table and chairs




  • School corridor
  • Class room



Student walks in and sits at the table and stares at the Man who is typing.

Drug Dealer looks up from laptop then continues typing.

Student (1st actor): Do you have it?

Drug Dealer (2nd actor): Have what?

Student stares glaringly as if to say “you know what?”

Drug Dealer realising she wants drugs: Where’s the money as he puts the drugs on the table

Student: I can get it to you soon

Drug Dealer: No money, no drugs fed up and puts the drugs back I’ve got my media to go back to


Drug Dealer: I SAID, NO MONEY, NO DRUGS! NOW GET OUT slams computer shut

Student: FINE! leaves

Shooting Scripts


Story Boards


Some Screenshots of the Editing Process 





The Finished Film

Reflection on the Continuity Task

When doing the continuity task I learnt that it is very important to have each shot thoroughly thought out and checked (or walked through) on location before any actors are with you to make sure that any problems that would arise when it comes to the filming would be ironed out meaning that fewer changes would have to be made on set and therefore would not prevent the filming from running as smoothly as possible . However I feel that the whole process went well, I think that the workload was well shared out between me and the other person in my pair meaning that in the end we worked efficiently. However I do feel that we left the actual filming of the task too late making the editing a rush but even still we managed to get everything done on time and to a standard that I am happy with.

Burford School Media Arts