Joe’s AS Work : Main Task : TASK

1st Edit


  • Happy with the shots so far, they are all stable enough and not to shake when they shouldn’t be.
  • The story is told well enough and is easy to follow.

To do list:

  • Film scenes with protagonist:
    • texting the victim
    • walking to the car
    • driving off in the car
    • leaving the car when he gets to the pool
  • Take more close ups of that link to the shots that are already included.
  • Shot of the antagonist arriving at the pool, as if taken from CCTV cameras.
  • Need to shorten the first and second shots (done)
  • Re-shoot the shot of the victim’s hands texting with better framing.
  • Experiment with underwater shots of the victim.
  • Shot of antagonist running towards a car away from the pool (POV?)

Audience Feedbackscreen-shot-2017-01-30-at-09-03-48

2nd Edit


I think that this edit was a major improvement on the 1st edit, I think that the editing is a lot more smooth and most of the shots & cuts work very well together. One or two of the shots has poor framing but that should be solved by cropping and straightening them. Improved number of close ups. I need to change the filter on the two shots were the antagonist is walking into the building as none of the annotations change which doesn’t make sense.

To do list:

  • Need to look at the shot at 0:04 – either shorten, stabilise or reshoot as it is a bit shaky at the beginning.
  • Could shorten the 1st CCTV shot.

3rd Edit

Audience feedbackscreen-shot-2017-02-28-at-15-25-22

To do list:

  • Cut the outside POV shot
  • Cut the till shot
  • Need to make the villain in the fire exit more clear
  • Need to work out something else to add at the end
  • Add the rest of the titles
  • Add in the other sounds needed
  • Need to add more music for a variation

4th Edit


I have cut out some of the shots that I didn’t think were quite necessary and I stabilised the shots that were shaky. I now think that the editing of my opening scene is far more slick and flows a lot better than it did in the previous edits. However, there is still one shot where the framing needs improving so I will either crop or re-film that shot. Some more sound effects need to be added and I that I need to add more music to help create the correct atmosphere.

Final Edit


I think that this was a successful final edit. However there are some things that I cold have done better, I think that some of the transitions between the music/sound effects could have been more smooth but in contrast, most of the transitions between the shots work very well. I also think that the music worked well in places and that I addressed the different sound perspectives of the different characters relatively well. In addition, I think that the shots underwater are very effective.


11 thoughts on “Joe’s AS Work : Main Task : TASK”

  1. Joe your second edit is much better than the first, the intensity is good, the new footage of the boy falling in the pool is a great shot. However, at 0:18 the camera is very shaky, 0:22 the camera is out of focus because of the chang of depth and you’re in auto focus, the extreme close up is very good for establishing suspense. The cross-cutting throughout is very good and the ending is strong but could be better framed and better shot. overall good second edit.

  2. Good improvement from your first edit, However there can be a few adjustments.
    At 14 seconds, the shot stays for slightly too long once the man walks inside and needs to be shortened slightly.
    The shot after this is slightly shaky.
    Some shots are quite unclear but the whole idea of the opening works well.

  3. Joe, love the storyline and a great improvement from your first edit- the underwater shots look really effective. At 19 seconds the shot needs stabalizing and the sound changes between the shots of Lee walking in and when he’s walking through the reception area- is there going to be any music? The dialogue is also very clear! Good second edit!!!

  4. Really well placed shots and all of it is in a good order, i also really liked the underwater shots. some of the camera work is a bit shaky especially in the 2nd security camera shot and the shot of the man walking out the building.

  5. The second CCTV shot is a little shaky (if its supposed to be still). The follow shot of lee gets a bit shaky towards the end of the shot. But really good shots overall especially the water scenes.

  6. The CCTV shot is still a little bit shaky, try using a stabilisation tool to steady it. The music however and the sound affects are really good and give the film a sense or urgency and a thriller feeling.

  7. I really like the close up of Samuels eyes, the music and use of bass affects help create anticipation and add pace to the film. Well done

  8. Great title sequence, your music builds a lot of tension, you create a sense of intrigue from the beginning that draws your audience in and the cliff hanger ending leaves everyone wondering which is great well done.

  9. Soundscape of the evil mysterious guy, really emphasises his threatening persona. The underwater shots are very effective- love them! The change in focus on the initial shot of the phone bleeping, and the text message slowly becoming readable is very creative and intrigues the audience. Good use of font and placing of the opening credits:)

  10. Very good improvement from your first edit to now. I feel as though some of the shots could’ve been quicker, but other than that your idea comes across well

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