Jake’s AS Work : Preliminary Task


Firstly I decided to stick to a simple idea so then I did not complicate filming too much and also so then I could focus on showing different shots clearly. I initially wanted to do a drug deal in the pub I work at but I decided it would be too complicated for this task. This is when I decided to have a simple conversation about whether someone wanted a cup of tea. This allowed me to keep the dialogue simple and focus on the use of shots. I wrote out the shooting scripts, with two characters, one saying five lines and the other four. I decided to do it in my house as I could film whenever I needed to, and it suited what I wanted to film. I then had to draw out my storyboards of each part and added the dialogue where needed.


I kept the dress casual for the two actors as it was just a general conversation between two friends in a house. It also saved having to find costumes and props to use, meaning there was more time focused into filming.


The only prop that was used was my phone. Just as Lana was walking into the dining room, Jess had just put the phone down to stop finishing talking to someone. This was to make it seem as normal as possible as technology is used by everyone in today’s world.


I decided to keep the location in a house. This is simply to make it seem like Lana was visiting Jess’s house as they are best friends and Lana was walking into the dining room to ask Jess if she wanted a tea. This kept it realistic and not over the top for a simple conversation.


Overall, I feel everything went as expected. As it was a basic storyline, I knew I didn’t need extremely good actors and that I had to focus purely on the camera angles used and the editing of the conversation. From this I learnt how to make different shots fit in well together, as well as which shots do not go well together. However, the only downside that I can learn from is that I did not do enough shots of each camera angle, meaning when it came to editing I had a short range of clips to choose from. On the other hand, I am very happy with how I made the conversation flow well and looked like a genuine talk rather than it being jumpy or having many cuts. I used many close ups, a tracking shot, and extreme close up of the door handle and a mid- shot. These camera angles show different ways of filming and I believe I have done it to a reasonably good standard.

Shooting Scripts:

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