Jake’s AS Work : Main Task : TASK

First Edit:


Strengths so far:

  • Everything has gone well and I managed to film most shots i wanted. Putting the hostage scene before the church works well as it makes if difficult to understand whats happening, and have to look for really settle hints to make the link that the antagonist is the man in the church.
  • Make up went really well thanks to using charlotte’s makeup and it was useful that alice could do makeup herself so it was successful. The use of the black eye and blood all over her and the weapons made it look like she had been beaten, exactly how i wanted it to go.
  • Props were very effective and are a key part in the opening. As it looks like they are covered in blood its realistic and doesn’t look fake due to the use of the blood.


  • Camera angles- not a wide range used and need to add close ups and extreme close ups.
  • The age of actors- don’t look very old, but can just about get away with them being early 20’s. I cannot do anything about this but i believe it is alright.
  • Unstable camera shots- some need to be re-done because they are a little shaky.



These are comments from other classmates about what they believe was good about the first edit and what can be improved. This really helps as you get a general idea of how people feel so far and if it is going as well as i think it is so far. From Shay’s comment, i have already decided to do more close ups to add more tension due to shots being quick and of certain objects, e.g. the knife. The same goes for Holly’s comment, but she also commented on stabilisation shots. Many of my shots are a little shaky so i can re-shoot some shots, especially in the church location to improve the quality. I can understand Ollie’s comment as when Ben is picking up all of the tools, there is currently no sound and we haven’t seen Alice (the hostage yet). The shot is also very long, and there needs to be close ups of the tools as well as shots of Alice before hand. Lastly, Joe’s comment is again about close ups, which is one of the first shots i will do again when re filming the last few parts. Sound is currently not added, so the talking in the background will be gone after the second edit is finished. Overall it was nice to have the positive feedback, as well as how to improve it!

To do list:

  • I have not got any extreme close up shots yet. such as the antagonists feet getting out the car and many extreme close ups of the hostage while strapped to the chair. I could do more shots of the face, cuts and weapons to make it a lot better than at the moment.
  • Re shoot a couple shots as the camera was a little unsteady and doesn’t look good enough. This includes a shot of Ben (Antagonist) walking from the house over the road, and the shot of him talking while at his families grave.
  • I need to decide on how i am going to end the opening as it currently just has the antagonist getting out of the car and nothing else. To improve this i will shoot close ups of his hands on the steering wheel and an extreme close up of his feet getting out of the car. This will make it seem like it is a key part of the film rather than him just arriving back to the garage where the hostage is being held.
  • I would like to try and get the natural sound of the church bells ringing to add in while he is visiting the family grave. This is to do with the idea of time and that time has ran out for his family, and time will be running out for the hostage.
  • Have a re shot of when the tape gets ripped off the hostages mouth. This is because it looks like she is smiling before she looks angry again. If i re do this shot then it will look more realistic as usually someone would be in a lot of pain.

Second Edit:

To do list:

  • Change the font and size of the opening titles to suit the thriller theme.
  • Reduce sounds of breathing and screaming as it’s overpowering and too obvious that its going to happen. However i feel the sound of the screen has to be loud to show the pain she is in.
  • There are two shots in the opening off church scene where the shot is jumpy when panning. These need to be re-filmed.
  • Remove the talking in the background when the car pulls into the drive because I am talking when all I want to hear is the car engine.
  • There is a continuity error when alice has blood on her knee for the nail scene but not before. This will be very difficult to fix as i can’t access the garage I filmed in again. However, i could crop out some of the part where we first see alice so then it only shows a mid-shot of her.
  • The walking when Ben gets out the car is slightly too loud, so i can just reduce the sound to make it realistic.
  • The start of the church scene Ben walks out from a house, but then returns to a different place. However, i am going to keep this as it shows that the hostage is being held somewhere else.

Third Edit:



To do list:

  • Shays comment i agree with, as the ending currently is quite confusing, but i feel it works well this was as it keeps people thinking, and theres enough knowledge from the rest of the film that links it in. However, i can try work with the fonts of writing and colours to suit my genre.
  • Again Holly has mentioned about the titles, so I will be looking at this closely and trying what works best. Also, some of the sounds can be overpowering or too quiet so i will improve this.
  • Joe’s comment was very similar to Holly’s. However I understand that the cut with Ben getting out the car doesn’t flow very well. To solve this i will work on cutting scenes better or using transitions to make it seem more realistic meaning it will flow better.
  • Overall, these are areas that i will improve, but only small points. I feel i still need to work on the effects and sounds during some parts such as Ben talking in the graveyard. This will really improve it compared to this edit.

Fourth Edit:


I have improved this since the third edit by doing the following things:

  • Changed the font and colour of the titles at the beginning. The Font now looks like it has been hand written and the colour is all red for the connotations of danger and blood.
  • The opening has been cut down with quicker cuts so it adds speed to the opening as the church is very slow.
  • Additional transitions, when drinking the water and the addition of a ending page with my name and the title of the film.
  • The sound in the church scene has been changed to add more effect and make it more emotional- feel sympathy for Ben.


From the feedback i have been given, i am going to make many changes such as the following:

  • The entire 30 second opening will be cut due to the shot framing being white poor and there was a continuity error with the blood on Alice’s knee. Harrys comments were about the opening so this solves these issues.
  • Ollies comment i agreed with, other than the ending. However many people have told me the ending is very confusing but once i explained why they understood it. I am going to keep this in as it makes the audience think of different ideas as to why the ending is like that.
  • The sound of the clock was overpowering, so originally i just reduced the volume. However, i felt that the sort of clock that was ticking wasn’t as effective was another one I have found so that has been added in.
  • In response to adding music at the start there is now a clock ticking noise and heartbeat effect as the first 30 seconds has been removed. This means that it isn’t just quiet at any time allowing the audience to be hooked in.
  • Ollie made a comment on the speeds of cuts which i agree with. I have now made clips quicker and cuts faster to add more suspense. In addition to this, i have now added a flashback moment during the church scene so then it is not just Ben walking the entire time. This also allows the audience to link it back to the opening and so then they do not forget about it.

Final Edit:


From the first edit to now, i feel it has really progressed. There have been many additions to the final edit, including two flashbacks while Ben is in the church. These flashbacks allow the church scene to have more suspense as before it was quite slow and had no fast cuts. I feel by adding these effects from editing it has really improved it since the fourth edit and it was a success. I have also changed the fonts of the titles to suit a thriller genre better. Furthermore, i have added a blood effect background to the ending credits so then it isn’t just a black screen and once again it suits the thriller genre after hearing the gun shot at the end. However there are still a couple parts which still make me undecided whether to change but i decided to keep them. One of these was Ben talking in the church scene. There was background noise while he is talking but i feel i needed to keep it as it was the only dialogue in the church and i felt it was pretty good acting. This was also a part i had to re-film so i did not want to lose it. Another issue was the sign in the churchyard. The sign wasn’t centre frame but this was because the sign itself wasn’t straight but again i decided to keep this as it flows well after the opening scene. Overall i feel happy with how it has progressed and it has worked out as well as i wanted it to. The feedback has been positive and also very helpful to allow me to improve certain areas of my film.




12 thoughts on “Jake’s AS Work : Main Task : TASK”

  1. I think the titles and font used could be better to suit the theme, also i think that the breathing and screaming sounds is too loud and obvious, along with the walking as he gets out the car. I think it could be better if bens character was better framed and not just always in center frame. But i like the use of the black and white along with the music used.

  2. Good, the sound of the footsteps was a little overpowering, try to make it quieter and more subtle. The shot at 1:06 is also unsteady and the tripod jumps, so may need to re-film that shot. However the black and white contrast is good.

  3. The 1st shot with the title in sets the tone for the scene well, however the other credits are in a font that doesn’t suit the context and seem out of place. The music in the church scene is very effective, however when he start talking the music overpowers it a bit too much. Could have a close up of his face when he sits down on the bench. Talking in the background during the shot when the car arrives.

  4. Jake, much better second edit, sound editing still needs a bit of work but I like the clock ticking to build suspense, you need to use noise removal on a lot of the dialogue or there is unnecessary echo and ambient sound. 0:15 and 0:33 continuity error, there was no blood before and at 0:33 there’s suddenly blood before he puts a nail in her knee. the panning is bit jerky throughout but you can edit that to be smoother, the colour palette is good, nice close up for the ending.

  5. Jake, love the use of the blood and tools to show the title, is it supposed to flicker on and off at the beginning? The ticking clock is slightly too loud as I couldn’t heard what Ben was saying very easily. Really effective scream when Ben hits her with a nail:) Love the change of colour into black and white and the change of music to give it a more solemn feel. Ben’s dialogue by the grave needs to be intensified in volume as the music is too loud, really good framing of it though- Ben is nicely in centre frame, however the pan upwards from him stood there is jittery at the start. The footsteps of Ben getting out the car need to be quieter as they sound a bit out of place. Other than that really good storyline and good use of interesting shots- maybe a few more close-ups needed? Well done though!

  6. when alice spits out the water and she laughs it really ruins the tone, also when alice says water you can’t see her face chichis kind of annoying (don’t know why). Also need to add a sound for when he rips the tape off.

  7. The start is very affective, maybe try and speed up some of the cuts, the ending however is very confusing with the gunshot.

  8. Comment on 4th edit:
    The sound of the clock seems to overpower any other sound in the scene.
    Alice laughing when she spits out the water ruins the atmosphere.
    Could add some music at the beginning.

  9. better use of colour boards here and your use of panning shots creates good emphasis and easy editing for cuts and all in all great effects and sound as well. better fonts and the editing in this makes a lot more sense than the last edit.

  10. The music really suits the ambiance of the sequence. The effects you used on the shots of Alice after she is slapped, puts us in her shoes and portrays her disorientated, panicked mind. Better use of font for the title and opening credits- colour red helps to symbolise the danger/ threat.

  11. The opening title is very effective. Good use of sound to create the different atmospheres throughout the scene. Finally very slick editing throughout the scene.

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