Holly’s AS Work : Preliminary Task

Continuity Task

Storyline- Cup of Tea?

A girl walks up to a door, opens it and then walks across the room and sits down at a table opposite her friend. Her friend takes a sip from her cup of tea and they then exchange a conversation in which she asks her whether she would like a drink too and if she has milk or sugar.


I kept the costume minimalistic and very casual to portray everyday life and made sure it was the same throughout in order for it to be successfully continual.


The only prop I used in my film, was a plain white mug. I had to ensure that after my low angle shot of Martha sitting down opposite Alice at the table, where the mug could be seen, that it was in the same position when I cut to a tracking shot of Alice picking it up and drinking it, in order to help the editing flow and remain continual.


I filmed on the same day, starting at around 4:30, which meant the light from outside didn’t change much after that; again helping to keep it persistent. I used normal white lighting from the lights in the room, which made it more realistic.


I decided to film in a house because it gave it a more authentic feel. It also meant I could alter the lighting if I needed, in order for it to stay continuous throughout.


Overall I feel as though my continuity task turned out a lot better than I expected. I learnt to not get stressed over a smaller project, as I then over think all the details and forget to do things, for example filming every shot three times to ensure I have captured what I had wanted to achieve. I would have liked to try some more angles when filming my shot/reverse shots, such as a point of view shot or even an over the shoulder shot, as I think this would have made the final clip a higher standard and helped to emphasize the smooth, silent transitions between the shots. Additionally, it is more believable to watch and therefore would have made the audience feel more involved in the action. Moreover, I learnt how to successfully film and edit using the 180-degree rule, as I stayed on the left shoulder of my main actress throughout. I included every aspect that I needed to; match on action, shot/reverse shots and the 180-degree rule, and met the deadline for both the film and the theory side. My weakness was making sure the radio had a continual sound, as I filmed some shots a couple of times which meant that now I have put it together, the conversation between Martha and Alice has a different sound from the radio in the background, which means that it’s not totally continual.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 10.28.33.png

This is a screenshot from my final film, in which I added a title to in order for it to flow and for the audience to know the basic storyline before it fully begins.

Below is the final film clip:

Shooting scripts-


The only shot that I changed was the front view close up of Alice drinking tea, as in the end I decided to film it from a side angle, because I believed it flowed more within the editing.



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