Harry’s AS Work : Preliminary Task

Contiuity task

I had my actors wear onesies to make them seem child like and also add humour. The main idea for the film was to have a twist on a drug deal with children dealing oranges instead. we needed plenty of oranges and we shot the scene at my house which was deal for they actors as they both live near by. I only needed 2 actors for the continuity to go smoothly and make the match cuts easier.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 09.30.24.png


Things I think I did well was keeping the continuity with things like props, costume and what’s in the shot I also think the matched cuts worked well and had a good pace. I also think the filming was efficient and quick and we didn’t take too long on a specific shot so the lighting would stay the same. However I did break the 180 degree rule which I had to fix so if I did it again I would try to be more vidgulent with the shots I took and thought about how it would look in the final piece. Also the first shit is a bit too dark so maybe I would have tried to prepare better and do it earlier in the day so it was lighter.

In the editing process the only thing that annoyed is that I broke the 180 degree so I had to flip one of the scenes, apart from that I was pleased with the editing. The sound I used was as long loyalty free so can’t be copywrited.

Burford School Media Arts