Harry’s AS Work : Main Task : TASK



I’m very happy with some of the shots but however I still have a lot to do, for example i have to re film the shot by the tomb stone because you can see the tripod in shot. i also need to shorten it down as it is far too long.

Audience feedback for the first edit


To do list

  • Try and establish of the characters better and make it a bit clearer, this could be done by adding date and location subtitles.
  • Need to shorten some clips to make the chase scene run smoother, for example at 2:03 and 2:08.
  • Stabilisation of some shots are definitely needed.


Need to add sounds for the cuts to the statues, otherwise just looks wrong. I also really need to crop some of the shots so they are centre frame and stabilise most of my shots. furthermore music needs changing it doesn’t work, I need to create a better soundscape. A good thing I’ve dome though is I’ve found a good order for everything and have edited well just needs some trimming here and there.

Third edit


In this edit i added the shot of the picture on the phone to help establish the relationship between the 2 characters as thats what the audience wanted, I’ve also started to try and make the film run smoother which i still need to work on.

audience feedback

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 09.15.11.png

4th edit


In this edit i finally changed the music to something that works better for a thriller from a musician called David Fesilyan. I also started cropping all the shots so they are centre frame. I have also been trimming/cutting a lot of shots so the film runs smoother and flows, for example the running up the hill. However I still have things i need to do…

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.09.56

To do list:

add title at the end

put music in better timed positions

make sure all shots are centre frame

Final edit

16 thoughts on “Harry’s AS Work : Main Task : TASK”

  1. The opening has a lot of walking and doesn’t really pull you in to want to keep watching it. If the shots were shorter and there were a few more close ups then this would improve it.
    At 1:04 the shot goes shaky once zooming. This could be removed by cropping the last past out.
    The zoom at 1:42 could zoom in further to get close to the person watchings face.
    Overall theres just a lot of running and no reason why the person is running away or they are chasing Ben.

  2. The zoom shot at the start stops before the end of the shot. The first few shots go on for too long in my opinion. The sound used for the heartbeat is a bit too loud and forced. As a general criticism i think most of the shots are too long in their edits but i really like the chasing and fast paced music along with it.

  3. Really good, I like the over the shoulder shot in the graveyard and the music is ver effective to build up the mystery. However at 3:17 the tripod is in the shot so that scene will need to be re-shot. The heartbeat is also a little too loud so I find it to be less effective that if it were slightly quieter.

  4. The shot in the reflection in the puddle works well. The shots of the characters walking at the beginning last for too long. Could use more close up shots, the shot a 0:46 is slightly jerky when panning. The tripod is in the shot at 3:20.

  5. 0:08 zoom and pan, crop so clock is central, 0:18 walking sequence edit so luke is central, opening minute just crop/trim so everybody is central. 1:03 camera is tilted. 1:13 camera is shaky. honestly harry there are some really great shots here, great use of surroundings and characters to build tension. you need to just focus on firstly making it shorter and maybe explain why luke is in this. other than that its all really good harry well done.

  6. Comment on third edit:
    Quite slow paced, could you make quicker cuts to make it faster and more interesting?
    camera is slightly shaky at shot 58 seconds, try to stabilise it.
    Very short zoom at 1.29
    Good use of music
    When miles is running he’s at the back but when he comes out of the market he’s in the middle?
    Good low angle shots and variety of shots

  7. Comment on 4th edit:
    Good use of the zoom shots.
    The music could be timed better at the beginning of the chase.
    The close up of Luke’s face towards the end is quite shaky.

  8. Very good, really like the affect at the beginning like the flashbacks etc. the heartbeat however when they reach the top of the hill is a little over powering and too loud, maybe just quietened it down a bit.

  9. The running in the market is good, but too much of it can be very hard to follow.
    Great shot at 1.59
    Could improve stability

  10. The new edit is good, add a title at the end of the sequence, add music in better-timed positions, and make sure all shots are centre frame

  11. use of music is effective, the face paced music shows the intensity. Really like the shift in focus in the graveyard. The title reveal is good with the music.

  12. The close ups of Ed and Ben at 3:24 are very affective, the transitions and sound affects at the start of the wind are also very affective

  13. the colour boards and the new colour scapes are great and definitely adds to the tension. I love the use of close ups and extreme close ups to establish tension and i really like the storyline.

  14. Love how the music is quiet to begin with then really intensifies when the running/action begins, makes it a lot more dramatic. The hand-held cameras running through the market make us as an audience feel quite disorientated- which involves us more. Black and white effect to show the past happenings help us understand the storyline:)

  15. Effective use of panning shots in order to set the tone of the scene and location. Good use of music during the chase scene. The use of sound effects is very slick and is incorporated into the scene well.

  16. Good use of different shots. The location chosen was good and the running keeps it high tempo the entire time. Sound effects are very good and editing skills are strong as well

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