Harry’s AS Work : Main Task : Research & Planning

Thriller research

A thriller is a genre of film which has an exciting tense plot typically involving crime.

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What are the key codes and conventions of a thriller? 

props: usually include guns, fast cars and explosives however when it comes to thrillers the props can vary massively because of the variety of settings you could have for example Interstellar which was set in space and fast and furious which is set in the normal modern day.

characters: you have typical characters when it comes to thrillers, the protagonist, the antagonist, the innocent person and someone who’s friends with the protagonist.

settings: the settings of a thriller can vary to loads of places, as I said earlier with Interstellar and fast and furious. However i think most commonly thrillers are found/set in big cities like New York, LA, London and more.    

Narrative: the typical narrative of a thriller is usually a protagonist or group of protagonists saving the world from a group of antagonists, e.g. Spectre, Fast and Furious 7, San Andreas, The Terminator and The Hunger Games. The list goes on however there can be exceptions like Everest when its a small group of people fighting for there own survival.

camera techniques:  Many camera techniques can be used in a full length movie but the more common ones for thrillers can include, high angle/birds eye to show weakness or vulnerability of a character. Another one you see a lot is a close up to help really show the characters emotion e.g. shock or anger. Also a shot which is common could be panning/tracking these are great for chase scenes running or in cars and can be seen a lot in thrillers.

messages: The message of a thriller in my opinion is you don’t know what to expect so why try guess whats going to happen and just enjoy the film. 

10 key thrillers made in the past 5 years include; Bridge of spies, San Andreas, Captain Phillips, Spectre, Mad Max: fury road, Jason Bourne, Interstellar, Robocop, Elysium and Transcendence. These are all key thrillers for many reasons for example some of them are remakes of very popular old thrillers like Robocop and Mad Max. Others are key because they were hyped up for the amount of CGI used like San Andreas and Interstellar.

In my opinion 3 iconic thriller actors are; Jason Statham, who’s been in snatch, Italian Job, The Expendables and Fast and Furious 7. Matt Damon who’s been in The Bourne series, Oceans 11, Elysium and Interstellar. Vin Diesel, who’s been in the fast and furious series, XXX, Riddick and Hitman.

3 iconic directors for thrillers are Christopher Nolan, Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Tarantino. All of these directors have made very successful thrillers, some have done multiple.

I believe thrillers appeal to the audience mainly because there exciting and fun to watch, this is because they keep you so on edge and have scenes with big effects. They also can be very unpredictable which a lot of people find very entertaining because they don’t know what’s going to happen next. Another reason they could appeal to the audience is they have an element of scariness and a lot of people enjoy being scared.

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 4 movie analysis essays

The Russia House analysis

The film was made in 1990 when Russia was deemed much more of a threat than it is today and already has bad views on it because of its nuclear power and military threat, this immediately sets a tone for the movie that it’s to do with war. The opening scene starts with a shot of the clouds with music playing. The music is a classical sounding piece with a violin and a piano which is calming and also sounds romantic which means there could be a romance in the film. It also has credits in the shot with mainly black and a bit of red writing, the red could either represent blood or communism as red is a main colour used as propaganda by communist leaders. The colour black is a very plain orthodox colour which could demonstrate the type of people in Russia who don’t have unique identities because of communism, this is shown later in the movie. Another link to Russia is in the title which appears ‘The Russia House’ the capital ‘R’ is the only red bit and looks like the sickle on the Soviet Union flag, this could mean the movie is pro Russia\communism.  

After the credits the shot dissolves into a tilted long shot going downwards past a very Russian looking church. The music is sad but then starts to climax and more instruments are played, making it sound less sad and more upbeat just as the camera tilts onto the women, this could be foreshadowing more people coming into her life making it happier. The camera stops tilting as we see her centre frame walking towards us showing she’s the centre of attention and she’s the focus, the music then starts to fade and we hear dialogue of another scene where they mention a female name, making us assume that’s the woman’s name. It also confuses us as we don’t know who these people are and if we’re meant to be with them or the women. As we hear the men talking we assume that we are with the men spying on her which immediately sets the theme of a spy movie. This is because the men are questioning each other and aren’t Russian but British and as earlier mentioned Russia and Britain were not at full peace at that time.
It then cuts to a close up of her face showing her in a more detailed way, as this happens the voice says “what is she the usual fat ass frump” but as you see from the close up she is a slim attractive lady. This shows that the men don’t know as much about her as we thought making us observers. It then cuts to an over the shoulder of the women and we hear about an ‘audio fair’ which contradicts the thriller theme as you don’t really associate thrillers with books. Then it cuts to another close up of her face still with the music in the background but just one singular violin showing her loneliness. It then goes to a panning mid-shot however you can’t see the women in the shot, this is unexpected and could cause the audience to panick as we lost her or she is hiding. We then go to a high angle shot of her then cut to a low angle shot of her, this could be showing her power from different people’s perspective however it could also be showing her rise in power.

Enemy of the state

During the opening credits you can hear the sound of a heartbeat and some ambient music (played by a classical string instrument) which is rather intense but also sad and funeral like. The heartbeat is a calm normal paced beat which abruptly ends, this could symbolise a person dying very suddenly. This ends when we see the a long shot of a car parking, at this point nothing is centre frame so our attention is drawn to the thing moving e.g. the car. As this shot happens typing appears on the screen as it does your hear the sound of very electronic computer typing. The font of the typing is blocked letters with Greek like symbols and is white. Like what a fraternity uses, which could show different groups of people (friendship groups) and secrets they keep together. Also different fraternities fighting each other even when they share the same campus showing a war inside a country. What it says is the location of the scene and the time, the time is displayed in military time again setting the theme of war and also showing what type of people we’re going to see. We then see a man get out the car with his dog from a long shot and he’s just off centre frame showing he’s important but not the centre of attention.

It then cuts to a medium close up of one security guard then does a match cut to another medium close up of the other security guard, usually you see the guards together and are friends but the fact they’re away from each other could show they are divided or have different views and opinions. We then see a close up of the man with glasses in the stationary car, he is on the phone and it sounds like he is talking about business which leads us to believe he may be working for someone or he’s there for business purposes. When we see him we don’t see all of him as he is hiding behind the blacked out window, this could represent him hiding in the darkness or him being a hidden character. The old man with the dog is wearing a light coloured jacket but all the others are wearing full black showing they are the antagonists and he’s the protagonist. It then cuts to a reaction shot of the protagonist saying “oh shit” this shows that he recognises the character in the car letting us know that there is an established relationship between them. The dialogue also shows us he’s not happy to see him because he could be a threat. You then see him walk towards the car and as he gets closer to the car he silhouettes which could symbolise the closer he is to the guy in the car the darker and more evil he gets. There’s then a matched cut of them having a conversation, whilst they’re talking you find out that the protagonist doesn’t want to talk to the guy in the car as he’s tried before and it’s his time off showing it is to do with work. You also find out that they work together or in the same business.
He then gets out of the car and we can see that he is also wearing all black like the security guards showing he’s an antagonist. It then cuts to a long shot of them stood in front of a lake, the man in all black says ‘you want some coffee?’ Proving to us he could be a genuine man or he could just be acting that way to get something from him. When the protagonist says ‘no’ we then cut to a closer mid shot of the characters showing we have more interest now there’s a bit of conflict. We then find out they’re politicians, what they are discussing though is explained when it cuts to close up of the protagonist showing that we should pay interest in what he’s saying. When he  says something bad about the telecommunication surveillance (what they’re talking about) it cuts to a close up reaction shot of the antagonist who looks displeased by the insult. Its a matched cut conversation going from one to the other. The protagonist then tries to end the conversation and it cuts to a medium long shot of his dog making think he’s succeeded, however it then cuts to a tacking 2 shot, mid shot of the 2 of them walking. The antagonist is much higher up than the protagonist showing he has more power maybe? It then cuts to close up of the 2 of them walking as the antagonist raises his voice. Then as the protagonist dismisses what he says by going ‘yeah yeah yeah’ it cuts to a long shot and we see the protagonist sit on the bench and the antagonist stand and tower over him, this demonstrates him taking the matter much more seriously. It then cuts to close up of the protagonist when he says ‘cut the crap’ allowing us to see his hatred for the idea of telecommunication surveillance and that he is serious. It then cuts to a close up of the antagonist lowering himself and also sitting on the bench, this could signify the protagonist bringing him down a peg. It then does a matched cut close up of the protagonist. The protagonist then goes to leave but the antagonist grabs his arm which we see in a close up, as this happens the music starts to play a deep threatening sound to show he’s in danger. It then cuts to a reaction shot of a close up of the protagonists face showing he’s worried or shocked by this. Its then a series of close up matched cuts and you hear little chimes as he starts to blackmail him. These could represent the death of someone and be used later in the film. We then see the protagonist walk away and it cuts to mid shot of one of the security guards smiling, then a long shot of the guards following the protagonist. It then cuts to a close up as the music climaxes and we see the protagonist get injected by the security guard which we presume will kill him. It then cuts to mid shot of the main antagonist but you can’t see his face however he does not seem fazed by the death of his friend. It then cuts to another reaction shot of one of the other guards who does seem distressed by what he’s seen and disappointed about it. We then see a series of close ups of his death being faked by putting drugs in the car with the body making him look like he’s overdosed. It then cuts to a long shot of the guards pushing the car in the lake, however in the shot is a hill partly blocking our view hiding us from something which makes us feel like we’re actually in the scene watching them do this, but it also makes us question what we’re missing keeping us interested in the film.

Jack reacher analysis

The movie starts with a close up shot of a handle with what appears to be a man’s hand on it, this causes questions to arise for the audience as what it’s for or what it does. It also makes the audience wonder who this man is and his role, for example is he an antagonist or a protagonist. The sound which accompanies this is just a single drum beat, this could represent a heartbeat or the loneliness of the man pulling the handle. It then cuts to a high angle tracking shot of a van on the freeway, as this happens the drum beat is joined by what sounds like a whole orchestra showing that the van represents danger and a loud boom. This could be a car bomb which may be what the man with the handle is doing, making a mechanical link. It then cuts to a close up what looks like someone making a bullet for a gun, this again links the mechanical theme showing the mans consistent with what he does. The bullet could also show a military link and that he could be a trained killer. It then cuts back to the van which allows time for us to realise that the man and the van are different people and that one could be are protagonist and ones are antagonist. Or it could leave the audience to believe they’re working together. We then to cut to an panning establishing/extreme long shot of the city, the music climaxes as we see this telling us this is the target or where the action is going to happen. After this we cut back to the van however we lose sight of it and the music picks up again showing the van is the antagonist. It then cuts to a panning long shot of an NFL stadium which could lead us to believe that’s the target, however it cuts to a bird’s eye view of the van turning into a building taking us away from what we thought was the target. We then see the van from a point of view shot from a cctv camera. When the van is seen on cctv the music changes to just a singular instrument demonstrating that the person in the van is less of a threat when under surveillance. It could also show their vulnerability as they are alone and their nervousness when being watched by the camera. After this it cuts to a close up of the handle being again, however this time we zoom out in order to see what the handle is for. This shows that sometimes you need to take a step back in order to see everything clearly which could foreshadow something later in the movie. It then cuts to a tracking shot of the van from behind which creates a sense of us chasing them but always being one step behind. After this it cuts to a low angle shot of the man driving over the parking cones. This shows carelessness of the rules and over ruling society and its principles. After this it cuts to a close up of a coin being put in a parking meter which fully contradicts my last point, we also see there is a 30 minute time limit. Later on in the movie you see the man shoot people so it makes it appear like he is paying for his time to kill people and he only needs very little time to do it. We then cut back to a quick close up of the bullet being made again as the music gets more ominous leading us to believe something is about to happen. It then cuts back to the van person and is a close up of his feet which show us his shoes are rather smart. Then it cuts to a close up of a gun in his hand and we see they are wearing latex gloves which makes him seem quite professional which supports the idea of the smart shoes. The camera then tilts up to a close up of his face. We see that he does not look like a normal terrorist as he’s a white man. However his beard is quite scruffy looking which contradicts the idea of his smart shoes, however this does match the earlier shots with the cones and the parking meter. The wall behind his is also very tatty and old looking. It has holes in which look like bullet holes. This could show his messy background and a past in the military or something to do with guns and fighting. We then see him put sunglasses on which could be him demonstrating that he wants to hide himself or block out others.

Ronin Analysis: opening scene

The first thing you see of Ronin is the starting credits, the first thing you notice is that the writing is white on a black background. This could represent the small bit of good in a dark world. The writing is an Asian font with Asian music playing giving it a very oriental feeling, this makes sense as the writing on the screen is explaining the roles of the ancient samurai warrior who originate from Japan. It explains how samurai turn into Ronin. There is also the sound of a deep humming like from a monk prayer which associates with the oriental feeling. It also represents unity and people working together which could foreshadow what happens in the movie. Then when the music climaxes there’s a big metal clash which could represent the sound of swords, which signify fights, danger and death. This sound occurs when the title ‘Ronin’ comes up on screen showing how the Ronin are the dangerous people. The font of the title ‘Ronin’ is also much uglier and untidy showing that the ronin soldiers take less care in what they do, maybe because lack of motivation which may foreshadow the characters in the movie. This is also shown by the fact the background and the writing change colour. The background turns red which could foreshadow blood and the writing turns black which could show the darkness of the Ronin and how they are mysterious characters with a dark past.
After this it cuts to an establishing/panning shot of a lit up church in Paris which could link to the buddhist humming in the background as they are both religious, this could suggest the characters are religious but have different beliefs. It then cuts to a low angle mid shot looking up at Robert De Niro walking down some steps which could represent loss of power, it’s in what looks to be the rougher back streets of Paris due to the graffiti on the walls. The music turns into a singular violin showing Roberts isolation and loneliness. This means most of our attention is on robert de niro as he is centre frame. This allows us to look at his costume and try to presume what type of character he is. Firstly he is wearing a tie which is very formal and something for work, this makes us assume he’s on a business trip, the fact he’s also wearing a shirt which accompanies this. He is also wearing a long big trench coat which makes him look like he’s hiding something which could signify something about his personality, for example a secret or that he is hiding from something or someone. Another demonstration of him being hidden is his hat which shields off his eyes and shadows them which makes him more mysterious because we know less about him and people fear the unknown. It cuts to an over the shoulder shot of De Niro picking up the pace and letting us see from his perspective, you look down the steps watching a girl which makes us look like a predator/stalker, it then does a motivated cut to the girl so we can see what he’s looking at. When this happens there is a soundbridge between the 2 shots of clashing swords, this could show that there would be a fight between these 2. We see her from a mid shot making us neutral with her, from this shot we see her getting out the car. You can see her speaking to the driver but can’t hear what she’s saying creating a barrier between us and her. Her costume is a black jacket with a beige jumper underneath. This could show her dark exterior but a bright hope on the inside. It then cuts to a close up reaction shot of De Niro off centre frame in the dark, this could show how he isn’t involved in the normal world and hides in the dark as an outsider, this relates to the Ronin being banished to the outside world away from society. It then cuts to the camera tracking the girl from behind walking into a cafe/barwhich goes on with the theme of us stalking her. Then another cut to a close up of De Niro stepping out of the dark when he loses sight of her. After this it cuts to the girl walking through the bar, tracks her until It cuts to close up of the dodgy smoking guy, with the sound of bar background noise making it rather claustrophobic but the smoking guy is not acknowledging it showing he isn’t worried about the other people but only the girl. There’s then a reaction shot of the girl looking at the smoking guy. At this point the swords clash again. This may make us think that the girl knows the smoking man, it could also mean she’s in danger as she is an innocent looking character and there are 2 men watching her. This could make us think the men are working together. Then there is a low angle mid shot of de niro making him look like he has power as he walks down the steps. However after this there is another man introduced with a beanie. It is a mid shot of him making us neutral with him but also making us think he has the same amount of power as the girl. We then track him to the bar where we zoom into an over the shoulder shot as he walks into the bar. A drum beat starts as he walks into the bar which could represent the girls heartbeat getting louder and faster because shes scared. whilst this is happening it’s also a 2 shot of him and the girl having a conversation which shows how he is equal with her, however this is contradicted by the fact you hear the swords clash again meaning he could also be trying to kill her. It then cuts to a medium close up of beanie man showing him on a more personal level, but could also be showing him from the girl’s point of view. It then cuts to smoking guy mid shot, then the girl close up linking the three together with a sequence of individual shots of them. After this it cuts to another low angle shot of de  niro but because he is outside the bar he is not as linked to the others. Then goes to a close up of his, he’s now more in the light so we are seeing more of his character. It then cuts to a point of view shot of him looking through the window at the girl, who is centre frame. This makes her look like a potential victim because she doesn’t know she is being watched. Whilst he is watching her there is an irritating noise of an electric bug killer. It then stops when the camera switches to over his shoulder by the door. Another reason robert de niro is different is because when he is at the door he does not walk through it, we instead track him as he walks around the back. As he does this there is a metal fence between the camera and him showing a physical barrier between us, it also means we are not with him but observing him. We then watch him walk down the steps into a drippy dark alleyway, we then see the alleyway from his point of view as he pans the area. We then hear the sword noise again, meaning this could be a location of a fight/murder. The mood then suddenly changes when he pulls out a gun, the gun is centre frame meaning its where the attention should be based. We then go to the same level as the gun (on the floor) showing that the gun is the source of power and again where we should focus our attention. We then cut back to the bar, mid shot of the girl and beanie guy, however we then zoom on beanie guys face and hear the door open. There is then a reaction shot and the camera looks at the door and we see de niro walk in. we then have a match cut/shot of him and the bar man talking, we then see the girl in a mid shot allowing him to stay. This could show that the girl actually has the power which contradicts what we earlier assumed.

Thriller research

I will make my opening scene fit the genre by setting the tone and of a thriller, i will do this by the music, the scenery and the acting. My opening scene is at a graveyard but it also cuts to man being chased and beat up in the city. It will be rather easy to meet my certificate as it’s a 15 and to make it an 18 you have to go pretty extreme lengths which I will not do but there will be violence and racist language making it justified to be a 15. My scene won’t give to much away about ideologies apart from the fact there is a relationship between the characters in the scene, it also shows you one of the antagonists straight away. The tone will also be set as a graphic serious movie, I will do this by not having typical thriller moments and have it be out of the ordinary.

My title is going to be ‘ISOLATION’ this is because the protagonist is a man all by himself fighting a big force of many people (not physically) and he ends up being isolated. It also matches the fact the racist antagonists are trying to isolate people not of their race.

The opening scene will start by seeing the antagonist visiting his friend’s grave it will then start to cut to the scene where the person whose grave it is, is being chased and beat up making the audience presume he’s dead.

I chose Ben Light and Eddie Gripper to act as some of the main characters because they are both reliable to turn up which is always needed, also they can both act given the right role, which is what I’ve done. Another great positive of them both is they look older and not too young which can make them more intimidating or realistic.


BBFC research

The British Board of Film Classification is an independent, non-governmental body which has classified cinema films since it was set up in 1912 and videos/ DVDs since the Video Recordings Act was passed in 1984.

A 15 rated film has to fit the following descriptions:

The film must not encourage discriminatory language or behaviour, although there may be racist, homophobic or other discriminatory themes and language.

Drug taking may be shown but the work as a whole must not promote or encourage drug misuse and must not show the process of making drugs. The misuse of easily accessible and highly dangerous substances is unlikely to be acceptable.

Dangerous behaviour (for example, hanging, suicide and self-harming) should not dwell on detail which could be copied. Whether the depiction of easily accessible weapons is acceptable will depend on factors such as realism, context and setting.

There may be strong language. Very strong language may be permitted, depending on the manner in which it is used, who is using the language, its frequency within the work as a whole and any special contextual justification.

There are no constraints on nudity in a non-sexual or educational context. There may be nudity in a sexual context but usually without strong detail.

Sexual activity may be portrayed, but usually without strong detail. There may be strong verbal references to sexual behaviour, but the strongest references are unlikely to be acceptable unless justified by context. Films whose primary purpose is sexual arousal or stimulation are unlikely to be acceptable.

There may be strong threat and horror. A sustained focus on sadistic or sexual threat is unlikely to be acceptable.

Violence may be strong but should not dwell on the infliction of pain or injury. The strongest gory images are unlikely to be acceptable. Strong sadistic violence is also unlikely to be acceptable.

Target audience

My main target audience will consist of mainly 21-50 year olds. This is because the movie is more of a mature thriller with a psychological element to it meaning its for a more mature audience, also it contains racist themes which aren’t suitable for the younger audience. However the movie should be 15 rated due to the BBFC regulations so as long as they’re over 15 they can watch it.

Story boards

shooting scripts

shooting-script2 shooting-script


For my opening scene I’m filming for multiple days in multiple locations, this made organising my actors difficult as I had to tell them where to be what day. In order to do this I just created a group chat on Facebook messenger. This meant I could tell all my actors when they’re needed and where they’re needed. groupchat















Filming Locations

I will be filming in multiple places, one will be Burford church which is perfect as its walking distance from school and can access it at all times, its also a rather spooky place when the weathers right (not like in the photo).

The other half of the filming will be in Oxford, this is because oxford is the most local city to me and i need part of my thriller to be in the city to get better shots and make it more interesting. It also follows the conventions of a thriller more if done in the city, furthermore theres a large variety of places to film in oxford making my thriller more diverse and less boring.

Train times












As I was also filming in oxford which isn’t exactly close to Burford I decided to go by train and pay for the actors tickets, I did this by booking them in advance. However this also meant I had to find the ideal train time for everyone.

Audience questionnaires 

These are from the second questionnaire 

art of the title sequence

Dirty Harry

Starts with church sounding ringing bells, for either a wedding or funeral? Or just to tell the time which could be significant later on. The opening shot is a memorial thing to the San Francisco police the camera then tilts up on the police badge. It then has an overlay for all the police that have died. It then fades from the badge to a close up of the barrel of a gun and the bell stop, showing how the gun can cause everything to silence if you point it in the right direction. We then see a girl through a sniper’s scope showing the target of the sniper, it then cuts to a shot of the pool she’s in and zooms out tell the sniper is in shot and we see where she is in perspective to the pool. We then see a close up of the trigger and the girl die.


The title sequence starts with the biggest name of the cast Clint Eastwood as he walks out a building, it then starts to fade away as we see him from a low angle close up view, this could be because we figured out who he is and don’t need the name there anymore. The music for him is rather cool but also kind empowering over everything else. As he walks along we then see the name of one of the production companies with what seems like a big beautiful lake or sea in the background, the title is in front of him the whole time as he walks like he’s pushing in that direction. It then fades out as we see the body of the girl who was shot, probably because the director wants you to be paying attention to the body and not the title. The camera then cuts to another low angle shot this time mid shot, and Clint Eastwood crouches so we see all of him in shot. As he does this the name of the movie and main title appears. However the word ‘Harry’ fades in first right on top of Clint, this shows us that he is Harry, the word ‘Dirty’ then appears on the screen above harry showing that it comes first. But the word dirty is different to all the other titles because it appears in red instead of yellow, red usually a signifier of blood, danger or romance. However as it says dirty I’m assuming it means someone is dirty blooded or there is a dirty romance. The next title appears in the next shot of Harry walking through the street on the right side of the screen, the title is on the left and says the co-stars, this could show that they are on the opposite team to Harry. More co-stars appear as he goes around the corner this time on the right side. As we the camera tilts up the skyscraper we see another title this time all around the screen in smaller writing showing that they don’t have as big a role as the others, a few more names appear in the same sort of style and then it fades. Then it says the last name in a bigger font and says as the mayor, this demonstrates that he has a big role. It is also playing on star appeal as John Vernon was a big actor and accompanied Clint Eastwood in a few films. It then shows the titles of the more technical people like the director and art director, it does this as we see Harry from some artsy shots like under the fan. These titles then carry on as we follow harry to the sniper’s location and after, and as we do this we see the golden gate bridge, confirming where we are.


Stranger Things

The music starts off gently and calm, however as the first name appears on the screen it suddenly intensifies and gets more aggressive. Throughout the whole thing you can sense the sci-fi through the music because of some of the sounds which make random outbursts. The music also sounds very electro, and is played on a keyboard which was a very 80’s thing matching the era of the series so a lot of thought put into it. However the music makes you feel rather uncomfortable due to the spookiness and the sudden outbursts of alien like sci-fi sounds. Also the bass is so heavy it makes you think your speakers are broken, which I believe they wanted kind of like how Artuadian plays made the audience uncomfortable.


The first title you see is white on a black screen saying it’s an ‘original Netflix series’ it then fades into red and fades out the screen, this appears first as it isn’t exactly relevant to the actual series but is very important for Netflix to promote. The first name that appears is very star appeal as it is Winona Ryder who is a very big actor and plays a very important role in the series. Her title also starts fading in red then fades to white as it fully appears and then fades out red again, this carries on through the rest of the titles. An irregular thing about these titles is how quickly they fade in and out, it could represent how easy things or people go missing linking to the series. The title screen itself is black with lines of glowing neon red, setting a very dark scary feeling. The red lines we see are the letters of the title and we see quite a few of them before we get to the final title. We then start to see the letters forming together like a puzzle to finally form the title ‘Stranger Things’. When the title is on the screen you hear two distinctive keys and as the keys play the lines come out of the title. It then ends on ‘created by the Duffer brothers’ in the same style that the Netflix title came on in the beginning.



The music throughout the title sequence is heavy rock metal/party music, this could show how the movie is a lot of partying and/or rebelling which is associated to people who enjoy rock music.


The first thing you see is the title of the film ‘entourage’ in a bold connected font in the colour gold. The ‘o’ in the title has a star shape in it showing that this with the gold is going to be a movie about some pretty rich people. The first name to appear is ‘Kevin Connolly’ who is a rather large star but not someone who you would class as star appeal. However, one thing cool and different about the title is it looks like a sign on the side of the building and is 3D. The title sequence then cuts to other buildings or famous LA landmarks and put the actor’s names as signs on them. Each title has its own font to suit the building showing how each character is unique and has their own life. Even the technical workers like editors and costume design are on the building signs showing they are just as important as the actors.

Risk Assessment

Oxford-Whilst in oxford we had to be very careful with the equipment as there are many hazards and people so couldn’t just leave it lying around. This is why i invited my friend Charlotte who helped me carry and watch the equipment. Also Oxford is a large place so we had to make sure we all had each others numbers for a means of contact. Another danger was the traffic on the roads as i couldn’t exactly close the roads, so to try and avoid danger we avoided the roads as much as possible. However when filming on/near the roads we made sure there were no cars or buses.

Burford church-There weren’t many dangers in burford, the main problem was the rain as i could break the equipment so i brought an umbrella and made sure everything was covered at all times.

location shots during filming

Top shot is in Oxford, bottom shot is in Burford church.

Revised storyboards


Burford School Media Arts