Hannah : Hannah’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 2 : TASK

Magazine 1st Edit:


This magazine page is very simplistic and I don’t think it would attract an audience as much as it should. The reflection of the boy in the water might only make sense if the readers have seen the film, so I need to decide whether this magazine page is aimed at people who haven’t seen the film to make them want to watch it, or as a review of the film once people have seen it.

To do list:

-take out “film”

-add ‘Do you really have free will?’ or ‘Is there such a thing as free will?’

-add a ‘did you know’ box and a graph and a ‘sneak peek in the making of it’?

-add boarders

-add one or two screenshots from the film and maybe the making of it?

Magazine 2nd edit:

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.10.19.png


I added some screenshots from the film to attract the audience’s attention, added a ‘did you know’ section and a graph. I also changed some of the fonts to fit with my film and poster better. However, I’m not sure if I like the font for ‘did you know’ and the two other small titles.

To do list:

I need to research and plan the review for my magazine, by looking up existing articles, to seethe codes and conventions of them.

I could add “Best short film 2017 so far” or “One of 2017 must see films” then change the graph slightly and make it show “what the audience preferred about the film”. I need to put the stars higher or delete them, and chose one same font for the sub heading and the titles of each paragraphs. I also don’t think I like the screenshots of my film, and might just add a picture of the poster rather than those pictures, so that the colour scheme stays the same and that it doesn’t distract the attention from the picture.

magazines notes


Magazine 3rd edit:

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 14.23.37



I decided to delete the screenshots of the film, as the colours just clashed with the plain colours of the magazine. I’m very happy with all the conventional titles, page numbers etc that I added and think that it makes my poster much more professional now.

However, i’m not very sure about the pale purple boxes or whether or not I should keep the poster image. I also don’t know if I should leave the magazine this colour.


For this edit, I mainly just showed in to people, so I don’t have any written comments, however, I was told that the pale purple boxes didn’t look good. I was also suggested to make my picture more saturated and to replace my poster image with a screenshot of the film.

To do list:

-write up my magazine article

-change the pale purple boxes and just write in black instead

-desaturate the main picture

-swap the poster image for a screenshot of the film

Magazine final edit:


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 12.46.10


I’ve uploaded my magazine twice, the first one is a screenshot to show what it actually looks like and the second one is in two separate pictures to allow viewers to click on it and be able to read the writing.

I’m much happier with the colour scheme and the fact that I don’t have the pale boxes anymore. I’ve replaced the fill text, by my own article and added a screenshot of my film, which looks much better than the image of the poster. My magazine is still quite mysterious and doesn’t give anything away through the pictures, but that was my aim and this fits with the magical realism genre.



7 thoughts on “Hannah : Hannah’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 2 : TASK”

  1. I like this edit, the fact it’s simplicity is quite effective. However you shouldn’t write “film” at the end of the quote. Also the black subtitle could be
    “How do you know you’re in control?
    Do you really have free will?
    Is there such a thing as free will?” maybe?

  2. I like that the image goes over both halves of the page, it works to good effect. I think the title is good as it keeps the same style as your movie but I think the magazine could do with a little bit more, maybe some additional info to make the magazine less wordy and a bit more fun, like a ‘Did you know?’ box that shows information about the movie that people may not have known. Good first edit though!

  3. You could perhaps write “Best film 2017 so far” somewhere. Then for the graph it could be “what people preferred about the film”. I also think you should change the font of the subtitle and choose one to use for both that line and the lines before the paragraphs. Also the stars look a bit weird. Finally, maybe you could try and make the photos murge in better in the background.

  4. I really like how you’ve used a frame from your film as your spread background, as it immediately draws attention and potential audience members will wonder what it is from the start. I also like how you’ve included statistics and I like your idea to add a ‘sneak peek’ bit or ‘did you know?’ section – I feel like that would be really effective. The only thing I would say could draw even more attention is having large lettering saying something like ‘A MUST-SEE’ or something like that? I feel as though it will catch more eyes and be even more persuasive. I really like it so far!

  5. I think if you’re going to have the layout of the background being this image, then you need to leave the left hand page unaltered, the pictures take away from the image, other than that, a much better edit

  6. The darker image in your final edit works much better than the purple-ish one from before. I also like how you’ve laid out the reflection on one page with the slogan alone on it. Definitely your best edit and you are in a good position for your final edit!

  7. Your final magazine spread is amazing! It looks really professional and would definitely interest me in the film. I like how you have included the same colour scheme you used for your other products, especially the poster – it really brands your products and makes them recognisable. As you have said, your spread is really mysterious and it works really well with your chosen genre – well done!!

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