Hannah : Hannah’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : TASK


1st poster edit:

These are all the different steps I went through in order to create the first edit of my poster.



For this first edit, I’m not quite sure about the font yet, but I’m happy with the picture of the young boy and the hand. The end of the ropes need editing a bit so that they really look attached to the boy and the lightning might need to be altered a bit.

However I don’t like where I put the title as it separates the two words too much, so I need to find a better place. I also need to add my name and perhaps the slogan “What if you had the power to control someone else’s life?”. The colour of the trousers also might need altering to make them white, even though being a different shade than the top adds to this feeling of loneliness and lack of care.

To do list:

-decide whether to change the background or keep plain black on purpose

-change font and the place of words (maybe swap emplacement of title and actor’s names)

-change title and place of it

-add “what if your fate was in someone else’s hand(s)”

Creation 2nd edit:

2nd edit:

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 13.07.34.png


What went well:

-I swapped the title and the actor’s names, which looks better

-I lit the hand up a bit and the shoes and darkened the T-shirt.

-I added a gradient

-I modified the rope so that it would like to the head rather than the back.

What didn’t go well:

-I ran out of time so wasn’t able to finish cutting out the black around the boy

-I still haven’t decided weather to change my title and what fonts are better

-I’m not sure of the effect of the background.

3rd edit:

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.14.09.png

My third edit is very similar to my second, i just finished cutting out the black edges around the young boy. I also added my name in.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.13.54.png

To do list:

I need to change all the fonts, add the credits

4th edit:

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.25.18


What went well:

I’m happy with the added credits and the darker gradient. I also made the picture smaller so that I could add the more writing at the bottom. The added shadows by his feet add the some depth to the postern makes it a little more realistic. I also much prefer this new title.

What didn’t go well:

I’m still unsure about the font I used for “what if your fate was in someone else’s hand” and am hesitating to put a shadow on the title.

Creation of final poster:

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.50.30.png

Final poster edit:

Words Never Hurt


I hesitated between this font and the one that I had used before, so I asked my audience and nearly all of them preferred this one. As well as this, this font links well to my film and the branding. I also changed the position of the credit blocks so that it looked more like a professional poster.

10 thoughts on “Hannah : Hannah’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : TASK”

  1. Fab poster- love it! The hand, ropes and the boy are done very well and are very effective. The black background is very effective too and means that my eyes are drawn straight to the image rather than focusing on any background. To overcome the gap between the title, it might be possible to swap it with the names, so the names are at the top and the title is at the bottom? This may make it read a bit more easily. I like the fonts- I think having a different font for the title is effective, as it shows that is the most important piece of writing. Overall it’s a great poster, and would definitely intrigue me to see the film!x

  2. Your phrase in italics somewhere on the poster should be “what if your gate was in someone else’s hands?”
    You should change the font of the actors’ names and maybe their placement?
    Rest of poster is really well done- very powerful imagery

  3. Your first poster edit is really strong – I really like it. I love how the image really symbolises your storyline. However, I feel as though the colours of the background and the words are a bit simplistic, but I see that you’ve commented on that yourself in your reflection. Also, if you used a different typeface I feel as though that would have a larger effect on the audience.
    Aside from that, I really like your idea and I bet it’ll look amazing when finished!

  4. I think that this is a really strong poster as it gives an insight in to what your film is about, the tag line also really helps with this! One of the only things id say is that the poster itself looks quite flat, there doesn’t seem to be any layers as the background is just a few colours. Also, I think that all the writing should be the same font. Overall, it is a really strong idea and I can’t wait to see the final edit! 🙂

  5. I really like how you’ve used a pencil effect for your font, it fits really well with your genre. It is really evident that your photoshopping skills are really strong and you’ve spent a lot of time on it. The only thing I would say needs improving at this stage is the position of the slogan. I’m not sure if it really fits with the rest of your poster. Maybe put it underneath the title. Overall, I think it’s a really good edit.

  6. I think you should put the title in capital letters and/or make them bold, change the font and I think you should change the title (I think “subjected” would make a powerful and more interesting title for example). But other than that I really like the poster and the imagery.

  7. I feel like you should space out the writing and credits at the bottom instead of squeezing them all in the middle, see what it looks like then. Also I think you should change the title’s font, so that it links back to the general theme of the film seeing as at the moment it feels completly detached from it, although I agree that it still needs to look powerful. Other than that it looks good 👍🏼

  8. Your 4th edit is really interesting and eye-catching. The addition of the credits at the bottom makes it look like a professional film poster that I would see around a cinema and in magazines.

    The only thing I’m not too sure about still is the slogan’s position. Is there a possibility you could move it slightly and see if it fits well anywhere else? If not, don’t worry about it! I’m just being picky and the position doesn’t even bother me that much!

  9. The gradient on your final edit is very good, the even split of colours shows the even split between the two main characters. I also like your choice of font, hanging from the top as the boy is on the poster, The menacing hand at the top really shows the power the man can have over him with the use of just one hand. Overall a very good poster edit.

  10. Great final poster, looks really powerful! Much better with this font and with the credits spaced out a bit.

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