Hannah : Hannah’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : Research & Planning

Marketing campaign posters:

The final poster:


Poster research:

Poster plans:

These are three possible prints for my film. I tried going in three different directions to see which one would have a better effect on the audience. Obviously these are only first drafts so I know there is a lot more work to do. My main decision to make is wether I use a picture of my actor or just objects.



This poster wouldn’t be in black and white, it would have quite vivid colours to fit the magical realism genre. I would maybe extend the wood background to the whole poster and would make the title slightly bigger than the question. This poster would basically revolve around a magical pen writing a story on its own.



For this one I inspired myself from a few pictures that I found:

I would take a picture of Rohan looking down and acting like a puppet/lifeless. The strings would be attached to 2 pencils held my a man’s hand. The whole poster would be quite dark.

This was my first sketch of this poster:            img_0003



On this one the footprints are supposed to be rubbed out, showing that someone or something is altering their life and future. I think it would work better if I did this horizontally rather than vertically.

After reading my audience comments, I decided to choose my second poster  idea. I have research a few more pictures of marionettes to give me a clearer idea of what I should be doing.

Poster preparations photos:

Search for Magical Realism fonts:



2 thoughts on “Hannah : Hannah’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : Research & Planning”

  1. The first plan is really connotative and defines your storyline quite well. The fact you put the slogan at the top and in big lettering is done really well as audiences are immediately drawn to think about the ideologies rather than being forced to, if that makes sense. In other words, it’s effective because it’s not forcing anything in the audience’s face and it makes them WANT to know more about the film. It makes them analyse the entire poster and when they come to read the title they may be keen on seeing it.

    I think your second idea is really strong, and my favourite of the three. The drawing seems quite simplistic which has its pros and cons, but if you were to do it in the right way I think it would really interest the audience.

    Your third idea is quite strong too, however it’s a bit too simplistic for such a complex genre. I really like how the last footprint disappears, but I feel like, on its own, it’s not incredibly effective on the audience, unlike your second idea.

    I hope this helps!

  2. Your first idea is quite powerful in that it portrays an idea of another being controlling the life of someone else. I think the framing is good, however the picture may look better outside of a frame, taking up the whole page. This may have been your intentions and only be this way as it is a plan but still something you may want to keep in mind.

    The second poster plan is my favourite. It shows the most planning out of the three and is the best at portraying your storyline. However, it may be slightly dark and sinister for a magical realism film, so light colours may be important. I prefer your running title of ‘Written Destiny’, but I understand that ‘The Unfortunate Boy’ might apply better to this poster.

    I do like the third edit, and again it links to your idea of altering other’s lives. It is ambiguous but that is good in preventing your audience from knowing your storyline. It may be a little simple for what seems to be quite a complex narrative

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