Darcey : Darcey’s A2 Work : Main Task : TASK

First Edit & Reflection.

I am pleased with how my first edit turned out, however now looking back on it that I would change. I feel like the audience won’t necessarily understand the main character because there isn’t really any other storyline about herself, it only shows the plot. So I think I need to get more footage of her at home. Also, at the end of the film the footage is very dark, I need to either lighten this or re record it.

Second Edit and Reflection

I re-filmed a scene that is at the start where the girl is in her bedroom because you could see my reflection in a picture. Along with that particular re-film I added some more close ups of the girls face of her talking to her mum. As my original idea was to have the stalker add the girl on multiple social media platforms I kept with it and filmed the girl in her room on a different day of her on her phone with her realising she has been added on Facebook. She then proceeds to tell her friend about what happened on the phone, so here I added some more close ups. I prefer this edit to my first one as I think the extra bit of the story allows he audience to see how attached the girl is to her phone and social media. However, I do think that I still need to record some more footage of the girls life in order to gain more audience attention.

Third Edit and Reflection

My third edit is hasn’t had much changed since the last edit as I am due to be filming soon to get extra footage. However, I have changed the classical music at the end to a more quite and mysterious sound as I think the classical for before didn’t fit properly with the genre of the film.

Fourth Edit


I have added a title sequence to the film in this edit which is showing a damaged computer which relates to the narrative of the film. For my next edit I need to add subtle music and shorten it down as at the moment it is a minute too long.


Final Edit

One thought on “Darcey : Darcey’s A2 Work : Main Task : TASK”

  1. Your second edit has really improved since your first, due to the additional filming.

    To improve even further, a couple of the shots are a bit shaky, for example when the girl exits the blue doors.

    Also, during the credit sequence I could see ‘title’ written quite faintly which will need removing.

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