Darcey : Darcey’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 2 : Research & Planning

Annotated Film Posters


Each of these posters are very similar as they have mainly images dominating the page. Two of them have tag line which are used to entice the audience.

Two of them were very structured and the columns made it look smart and informative. In my opinion I prefer the two that only have one image as it gives a more personal affect for the audience and makes them feel like they are more involved in the film.

Magazine Plans


This poster is very straight forward, showing all the important information. I would have facts inside the review of stats about the film in boxes.

IMG_6245Although this design is quite simple I think it’s more effective as there isn’t as much on it. The picture of the girl will fill the whole of the page and the text will be overlaying on it. I like the idea of having the title of the film at the top in block letters (this will be in the same font as on the film poster).

Burford School Media Arts