Darcey : Darcey’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : TASK

1st Poster Edit


I experimented with colour whilst editing as I wanted the picture to be quite dark. The mans trousers are a lot darker than the original picture. I decided on deep red for the colour of the font because it looks like the colour of blood and represents the girl getting killed at the end of the film. I blurred the background of the picture because it is irrelevant and there isn’t anything specifically related to the content of my film. It also focuses in on the two characters which shows whats important. In my next edit I want to experiment more with darkening the picture but keeping the characters lighter, also I need to cut more of the wall so it is thinner. I also want to experiment with the positioning of the different texts.

2nd Poster Edit.


For my second edit I decided to experiment with the colour. I think this was successful and in my opinion does look better than the previous edit as it makes the title stand out. It also emphasises the blurriness of the background of the picture. I am planning to take extra photographs as I have had a different idea of a picture which I prefer so that is what I am planning on doing for my next edit. However, if i don’t like those pictures I am planning on carrying on with this picture and adding more text. This would be adding the director, producer, what company the film was made by and who they were partnered with. I also think it would be effective to add a slogan to the picture to give a clue to the audience.

To do list:

  • Change the font to something that suits the style of film and poster.
  • add in a credit section.

3rd Poster edit.


For my third edit I acknowledged my audience feedback as they said that the font should be changed, so I chose a different font which in my opinion its better with my genre, however I kept the same colour because it symbolises blood. I have attempted to write the bit at the bottom of film posters which acknowledges the production team, directors and actors but it isn’t very good at the moment as I am only experimenting with fonts and sizing so that is what I will be focusing on for my next edit. Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 10.36.03This comment helped me to improve on my poster as I used the idea of putting spaces between the letters, i also experimented with other fonts and settled on this one because it is bolder and stands out more against the background.

To do list:

  • change the text and the font in the credit section at the bottom of the page.
  • add a release date.

Final Poster edit


12 thoughts on “Darcey : Darcey’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : TASK”

  1. Your second edit changing to black and white gives me the impression of two opposing tensions due to the binary opposites of the shades. It also adds a sense of enigma which would be important for your storyline. I do think the colour works well, symbolically, with the idea of violence and blood, but it does not look very appealing. Maybe another font with other font sizes could be more effective? Also, try typing out your title with spaces between the letters so it looks less compact (‘N O T I F I C A T I O N’ rather than ‘Notification’)
    Otherwise a strong second edit, keep it up 🙂

  2. I definitely prefer the black and white edit although I don’t think the title stands out enough. It needs to be brighter or use a different font/size. Could you perhaps experiment with a red hue for the whole pic or have the knife in red. I really like the picture because for me it expresses division and the love and hate aspect of the film. Great stuff 🌹🔪

  3. I think my preference is the second edit. It adds drama and emphasis on the potential barriers within this relationship. Maybe consider emphasising the ‘blood red’ colour within the title or misty background. Defiantly a gritty postser !! Well done

  4. Overall I really like the finished product! The blurred look makes it mysterious and creates a desire to see more! The photo used is very creative and clearly thought through, it hints at a storyline but doesn’t give too much away which is very clever! The only criticism I would give would be the text, I like the thinking behind the use of the colour red, but I’d look at changing the text and positioning so it becomes easier to read, and therefore stands out and becomes more rememberable.

  5. I really like the black and white edit it gives it more edge and the red writing stands out more. I think it gives the sense of a love/hate story. Maybe change the font of the word notification to make it stand out more? I like it it looks very professional!

  6. Well, Darcey…

    The picture speaks volumes, irrespective of any changes in colour or highlighting of any particular word, or words (in my humble opinion).

    Why is it that so many young and older people don’t see or hear what is being portrayed? Sometimes the image alone is sufficient; as is portrayed in your imagery.

    Admittedly, people see different things in an image. If this image were placed in front of people and they were asked for their thoughts, I wonder how many views would differ to my mine?

  7. Hi Darcey,

    Overall I liked the second edit the best, although they are both very good and you havr clearly put a lot of thought and work into them.

    The black and white with red font and the sinister image conjures a myriad of sinister thoughts and I agree that the blurring of the background brings into focus the main characters, phone and knife all of which are key to your story. I must concur with Michael and Leanne’s previous comments that the font is something which could be changed, either regarding it’s size, spacing or orientation. Take another look at the first and last letters of the title and try to measure them up against each side of the wall to make them even. Given that the brickwork is naturally uneven, perhaps play around with bringing the title up or down, away from any (not so) horizontal cement lines which could create an optical illusion that the title isn’t straight. Finally, have a think about creating an outline / shadow to the font to make it pop in contrast to any darker colours.

    Overall, a superb effort and I really liked your rationale for each edit.

  8. I feel that the second edit has more impact. I would consider a potential change in the colouring of the superscript font to make it stand out against the background. A good piece of work.

  9. Black / white definitely gives the dark undertones but why not use the the natural stonework i.e. Mortar lines coming down to put the words it would give it a stand out to the image portrayed. Well done interesting genre

  10. I think I prefer the second edit. This is due to the use of black and white. It limits distraction away from the colour, and focus’ the viewers attention on the meaning of the poster. To improve it, you should change the title font making it bold. This would make the viewer remember the name of the film, which will influence them to see it.

  11. The b&w image creates the atmosphere and the limited use of colour provides the message focus. Perhaps therefore you might consider adding colour to just the knife and the phone to emphasise and highlight the juxtaposition between good and bad balanced either side of the central text message?

    You’ve chosen a really important, but difficult to rationalise, topic. Well done.

  12. My favourite is the third one!! Although the font is better on the third edit i think it needs to be bigger and alot more bold. Maybe you could blur the background a little more to make the characters be the big focus aswell but apart from that i love it!! It looks so so good, the photo and editing is brill 💋

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