Darcey : Darcey’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : Research & Planning


Editing instagram print task!

As a group we decided to focus on media as a way to promote Media Arts. One of the main social media accounts that young people use is Instagram, hence why we used the Instagram layout. We are hoping that this will grab peoples attention because its what they’r used to seeing. The picture I put on it tells the people looking at it that Media has a higher rate of graduates employment of 93%, the reason behind the media student and the doctor being on the same level is because they have the same rate of graduates pass, on the lower levels are a builder and a lawyer who surprisingly have a lower rate.

It was important to make the image central to the print in order to gain attention, by choosing to use Instagram it made this a lot easier as Instagram bases solely around images. screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-09-22-44screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-09-34-52


When we went to print the final picture, the finished print came up with faint lines across the picture, the printer also cute off the top and bottom. To stop this from happening, I made the canvas size to exactly A3 and put the picture inside it. I then flooded the canvas background with white, this is shown either side of the picture. It also allowed the top and bottom of the print to be in it, this is one of the main pats of the print as it shows people that this is taken straight from someones phone.


Poster research

IMG_7089IMG_7091FullSizeRender (2)

Poster Ideas/Sketches.

img_5812This first idea was influenced by the poster for the film “The Gift”. However in my poster he is holding flowers rather that a box because in the main character in the film gets given a flower. If I was to use this idea, instead of having the man looking straight up i would have him looking down with a hood over his head.


The poster was influenced by one of the other posters for the film friend request. I really like this idea because on the laptop the girl is on facebook and that is one of the main things the audience see in my film, is the girl on social media.


This is my own idea for a poster. In the end of the film both the main character and the killer are walking along the same wall. In this poster both the characters are on opposite sides of the wall. The killer is facing the wall with the knife he kills her with in his hand, while the girl is on the other side of the wall completely unaware. If I was to use this idea I would have it up close to the characters, showing the difference in emotions.

Burford School Media Arts