Cam’s AS Work : Preliminary Task

Continuity task.

For this shoot, I requested my actors to wear black clothes (coats), I told them to this to make them appear more threatening and dangerous. The plot for the short was a changing room drug deal between two people. The shoot took about 45 minutes to shoot due to the re-takes and moving the camera between shots. The only props used beside the coats worn by the actors was the dark blue bag, this would be used as the drug bag in the short. The lighting used was the lights in the changing room, I felt that this light would be good due to the lights being similar to that used in interrogation rooms, showing the one-to-one environment. The location used was the changing rooms in our school, we chose this due to the eeriness of an empty, silent changing room and how this location was subtle and discrete and played on the cliché location for a drug deal. I deliberately put no music to highlight the sounds and to make the scenes more believable

Original storyboard for the edit.

Shooting scripts:












Preliminary communication.


For some shots in the film, I have taken inspiration from films like Ronin and other thrillers. like in shot 5 where the buyer is blocked by the apparatus in the changing room showing the lack of a connection between the audience and him, and the dealer is taking up large majority of the frame, showing his power in the situation. The framing in some shots shows the shift in power like in shot 11, where we see the dealer as smaller and the buyer as more powerful due to their positions in frame which contraries rom shot 5. The two shot of shot 9 was inspired by Se7en, Dir. David Fincher.

Print screen of FCP X timeline. Showing the how sound was added over to make the film seem more authentic. Eg the buzz sound was to emphasise the sound coming from the lights above.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 22.00.01.png

Overall, I think that the continuity film project went well, I think the location and mise-en-scene played a large part in the film. While the amplified sounds and lack of music added to rawness of the film. If I had more time and had to re-do the filming I would give the characters more dialogue and include more sound bridges into the edit, to make the film flow better.

Burford School Media Arts