Cam’s AS Work : Main Task : TASK


Reflection for Edit 1;

In my first edit small parts of the storyline lack context due to some shots coming out a lot worse then I first anticipated, for example at the start of the opening there should be 2 more scenes showing a more in depth hallway scene, and a dream sequence/flash back scene that we filmed, yet the shots did not turn out how I had hoped, this would’ve hopefully gave more information on our character. Furthermore, the bridge in-between the scenes shot in the house and the scenes shot in the fields is too abrupt and gives no context onto when and why he is here. Also, I need to implement more extreme close ups to put the audience in the main characters personal space.

Now watching the scenes put together, I have realised that the attacking scene and beating scenes are also too rushed and forced, and that I should add more scenes to add continuity and also to set the scene better for the audience.

to-do list;

  • New shots needed for the hallway scene, mirror screen and bath scenes.

For my second edit I had to heavily re-edit some shots in order to make the sequence flow better and to create and overall slicker edit, this includes stabilising the opening tap scene, furthermore i have cleaned up some of the editing for the fight sequences. However after a re-watching the sequence I am considering cutting the first fight sequence altogether. However if I choose this, it will be evident in the next edit. There are a few adjustments I need to include in my next edit, the priority for the next edit(s) will be close ups for the fight sequence, allowing the audience to be involved in the characters personal space. including adding sounds to the sequence and titles for the opening,

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 09.05.20.png

From the comments I have received. I have to leave out more panning shots and replace them with more variations of shots. Since publishing my 2nd edit i have re shot some scenes to add a context to my characters. I have re shot the hallway scene, a new fight scene, and a whole new sequence including a flashback scene with more close ups.

I need to;

  • Add music and sounds to my edit now I have new shots
  • Start to consider title positions and fonts to match the themes.
  • Keep editing away at the beating scene to make it better anymore realistic by cutting the scenes to make the ‘punches flow’ and make it seem like the fight is flowing smoothly.
  • A shot outside the car however i do not need the large camera to film this scene.

For the third edit I focused on adding sounds to see how they would play out in the sequence. The use of sounds so far is minimal due to experimenting with different sounds, which Ian also why no music is included for now. The music I have chosen for the 4th edit will hopefully set the tone of the sequence. In this edit i have scrapped several shots to make the story become easier to understand. From the comments I have recieved on the 3rd edit it is apparent that music needs to be added however I already planned to do so. The sounds that I have added are in their basic positions and was done so to see how the implementation of diagetic sounds would influence my sequence, this would explain why some of the sound feels out of place and forced. Another point that has been raised is that the sequence has a lack of context. So my next edit will hopefully solve this, for the 4th edit my priority will be focusing on sound implementation and music used for the sequence.

Comments from third edit.


From these comments from my third edit. So for my forth edit I found and added music to my edit which gave the film a more intense feeling when watching the sequence. I also changed the positions of some of the titles to make them more effective to the audience. Also I added nearly all of the sound needed to the edit tomato the sequence more realistic, including the sounds of the punches and the sounds of the animals used in the open field scenes. Also, I chose the music due to the dramatic sounds and the deep bass sounds, this matched up perfectly to the sequence I already had, e.g. during the reveal of the films title at the end of the sequence. I also added a lot of sound in some areas of the edit, e.g. the sound of the car pulling away and the sounds during his flashback. This 4th edit is the biggest change and more new elements compared to previous edits.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.26.04.png






Here you can see the sounds added as most of nearly all of the sound recorded in the actual clips weren’t used due to their poor quality, so I added a lot of sound from the native sound effects in the software and third party copyright free sound platforms. These would include the sounds of the punching shots, along with the grunting also.

For music i had to find a suspenseful yet smooth sounding music to allow the scenes to flow and to intensify the emotion of our character.



Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 10.07.06.png

This is the source of the music used in my sequence.




Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 09.16.03.png

Here i have had to removed even more shots to allow the audience to understand the story better. From the comments on my forth edit i have reduced some of the sound volume to make it easier for the audience to focus on the sequence instead of being overpowered by the loud sounds.


For my fifth edit, I made subtle changes to the edit to improve the sequence. In this changed the font used in the titles, I changed them from a thin and neat font to a more aggressive and block font to match the theme of my opening sequence. I also removed the POV shot from our attacker, and shortened some of the shots to make them less obvious in the edit, i have also interfered with the sound volume to make the action stand out or tone down the sequence. Furthermore I also changed the way the titles are introduced, for example in the 4th edit they appeared quickly, and for the fifth edit I chose to fade the titles in to slowly introduced our characters.



13 thoughts on “Cam’s AS Work : Main Task : TASK”

  1. Overall very good, there are a lot of panning shots, so try to use even more close-ups and less panning shots.

  2. Good use of close ups and at the beginning, the shots in the mirrors are very effective. You used a lot of panning shots but could use more close ups of the action that is taking place.

  3. Cam, second edit has no new shots from the first edit however it has been edited better to make the fight scene more realistic. Firstly, there’s no sound whatsoever so far, secondly, why do you have the opening where we watch joe in a bath and him in his house, why is it there? is there going to be a narrative to put it into context? the mirror sequence at 0:14 is good but it breaks the 180* rule, both fight scenes desperately needs to be re-shot however, that being said great editing to make the second beatdown slightly more believable, maybe use makeup on joe so there’s blood and its more believable, and great forethought panning to the wall afterwards for the title. overall, needs some reshooting but relatively good camera work keeping almost everything steady and finding good shot angles.

  4. Cam, too many panning shots between 59 secs and 1 min 10 secs, really needs more closeups of the action- allows us to understand the characters more. Love the use of the hand-held camera when Finn is beating Joe up and putting him in the car- gives it an erratic pace! Really like also the POV shot of Joe when he’s tied up at the barn. Lastly, the shot at 28 secs is shaky and needs stabilising. But good second edit!

  5. some really good shots in this Cam just has a few things to work on. For example when joe suddenly ends up in the boot of the car and when Joe gets beat up theres no cuts or bruises on his face.

  6. for your 4th edit there are some really nice shots and good editing but i feel it needs more of a soundscape, for example when Joe screams and Harry’s getting strangled.

  7. 4th Edit is very good, a great improvement on previous edits. A few things i picked up on was that Joe did not have and cuts or bruises, also a few of the sounds when he is being beaten up are a little loud. Overall however it is very good!

  8. Really good, I like the transitions at 00:13 and the water dripping is very good. Huge improvement from your previous edit.

  9. Good subtle use of music which increases in volume as the action intensifies. Love the establishing shots before the barn sequence and the close ups of Joe at the beginning really allow the audience to connect with his character. The POV shots of Joe when he’s being beaten up put the audience in his shoes and make us sympathise with him.

  10. The shot were Joe appears twice is very slick and works well.The POV shots during the fight scene are very effective as it makes you feel more immersed in the scene. The music is now much more effective as well.

  11. i like the new sound effects used, the faster pace and the sound is better timed aswell. The font is better suited now and you have titles and credits all conventionally placed well done.

  12. Some really nice long shots and good tilts. The sound effects you’ve used are really good and fit well, however more were needed for example when joe screams some sort of sound motif is needed also when finn hits him with the wrench more sound was probably needed

  13. Very good, the sounds when Joe is being hit work really well and everything links in together. The part where Joe walks past the toilets and then walks out another door is great editing and really makes you think about whats happening. Overall very solid

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