Annie’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 2 : Research & Planning

Magazine Spread Analysis:

Magazine 1: MARY BERRY.JPG



From analysing these magazine spreads, I have had a few ideas of what I could include in my own spread. For example, I need big and bold lettering to attract audiences when they’re flicking through a magazine and draw their attention to my film review. I will also need to have an image that takes up about half of the spread.

My Magazine Plans: mag plan 1.JPG

This plan is solely based upon the ‘Sight & Sound’ layout – a well-known film magazine. I would include a written review in columns with several pictures. I would also include a quote from one of the actors and their opinion on the short film. I could also include a quote from a trusted film critic.

mag plan 2.JPG

This spread was influenced by a spread I saw about a James Bond film. I really liked the tagline, and I thought it fit well with my plot, however it has connotations of a marriage which isn’t related to my film. I would have the entire spread as one image and then overlay writing onto it, so there would be no white boxes. I would also include a quote or source for this spread, to draw attention to audiences.

Magazine Review Analysis:

junlge bookcrimson peakmagazine review analysis

In preparation for my magazine spread, I analysed two magazine spreads from the magazine ‘EMPIRE’. I did this to get a better understanding of what conventions I need to follow for this particular house style, as this magazine is the one I will be trying to follow. It gave me a better understanding of what needs to be included in the review, and the language/structure/design features, including the ‘voice features’, e.g. tone, narrative

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