Annie’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : TASK

First Edit

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 14.50.29.png

Reflection of 1st Edit:

What went well

  • After spending a while trying to find out how to reduce the opacity so I could get the phone reflection in the eye, I managed to find out how to do it and I am really happy with how it turned out in my first edit.
  • I had the idea of adding in a cracked screen effect on the eye, to symbolise the phone screen breaking, and also the girl’s emotions.

What didn’t go well

  • I spent way too long on the first edit, and made it too complex, so if my audience doesn’t like something that I took a while doing (e.g. the eye reflection), it will mean that time was wasted.

What I need to do for my 2nd edit

  • I need to add the overlay of the broken mirror/glass effect on the font, as the poster at the moment is lacking colour. I didn’t want to do this for my first edit because it would’ve taken me a really long time, and as said above I didn’t want to risk it and then be told by my target audience that it doesn’t fit well with the rest of the poster.
  • Change the dimensions so it looks like a film poster
  • Make more than 1/2 the poster a different colour (the background) so there is room for the font to avoid overlaying the image
  • Replace the font with something less simple
  • Maybe make the font colour red, white or light grey
  • Maybe make the background a mid-grey colour and overlay the fragment pattern

Second Edit


Reflection on 2nd edit:

What went well

For my second edit, I changed the proportions so that had the dimensions of a portrait film poster. I realised that if I had kept in landscape, the poster would have strange proportions and I wouldn’t have been able to include the most effective and engaging parts of the poster. I also managed to change the font typeface and colour so it was less simplistic, and I change their positions so it looked more like a film poster.

What didn’t go well

I kept making mistakes in photoshop, however I was able to resolve the problems.

What I need to do for my 3rd edit

I need to ask my audience if they would like a slogan on the poster, and if so, what the slogan should read. I additionally need to add the credits at the bottom.

Third Edit:

POSTER 3.png

Reflection on 3rd Edit:

What went well:

I feel like my poster is coming along really well. I found a broken glass font which I was more than happy with. I have also moved the words around a bit, so it looks more like a professional film poster. I matched the colours a bit more, so there is more of a theme/brand.

What didn’t go well:

I feel like the blue font blends in with the rest of the poster too much – the audience comments of this edit will determine whether I change the colour of the font or not. Additionally, I cropped my image which means that I can’t move it. I find that the main image needs to be moved up a bit so the title of the film doesn’t look like it’s been crammed in.

What I need to do for my 4th edit:

Add credits, reposition fonts, change the slogan, maybe change the slogan fonts.

Fourth Edit:

POSTER 4.png

Reflection on my 4th edit:

What went well:

I’ve managed to add the credits at the bottom of the poster, to make it look like a professional film poster. I have also changes the font of ‘from the director of Hello’ to a ‘phone font’.

What didn’t go well:

I couldn’t find a way to reposition the main image, so the positioning of the title etc looks a bit odd. I also don’t know if the ‘phone font’ fits well with the rest of the poster.

What I need to do for my 5th edit:

I need to listen to audience comments and find out what I should improve on for my next edit. I don’t think the ‘phone font’ fits well with the rest of the poster, so I may have to change that.

Final Edit

POSTER 6.png

Reflection on final edit:

Overall, I am really happy with my final poster edit. I feel like it’s really eye-catching (pun intended…) and I can picture it being in the window of a cinema. I feel as though it isn’t specific to a small target audience, which is a good thing, as posters need to appeal to quite a broad audience range.

18 thoughts on “Annie’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : TASK”

  1. Love it! A very eye-catching poster! I love the fact that the eye is the only thing in colour, and the mixture of images reflected in the eye are done very well and show the different aspects of the film. The names and title are very well placed, however I do think that from a distance ‘FRAGMENTS’ is a bit difficult to see due to being on a relatively dark background. Nevertheless, it is a great poster and would definitely intrigue me if I saw it on a wall or in a magazine. X

  2. I really like the concept of the phone being visible through the eye. However, I think the aspect ratio should be changed up to be rectangular, this just seems more like an ad instead of a poster. Also, maybe add some vibrance in the eye to make it really pop out so the phone is clearly visible from a distance. One last thing, the title is blending too much with the picture. Maybe add a bar black bar somewhere (propably the bottom) and make the title white so it really pops out. This is really good just make some small adjustments and you’re golden 😀

  3. Really good concept. I like the detail on the eye and the reflection in it too. Maybe try a font that stands out more than black text. Other than that, a good first edit

  4. I LOVE this poster edit! The fact that the reflection of the phone in the eye is in colour really shows that this is the main importance/priority in her life but the fact the eye seems chattered is great. However I think the font and color of the title should be changed to make it even more effective 🙂

  5. The change from landscape to portrait makes the poster much clearer and cleaner. The contrast in the colour of the font and the image helps the text stand out more and catch the eye.

  6. I think that your poster needs to be formatted a little differently. I recommend putting the title of your film underneath the main image, the credits underneath the title, and have a slogan at the top of the poster – this will help everything come together and look like a professional film poster. Consider changing the font to something more striking also.

  7. I really like the concept of the poster and how the eye and the phone are the main things that you see. I think that it needs to be formatted differently as in my opinion the layout of your original poster was more effective as you see the whole eye and the focus of the girl. Also, I think that the title of the film needs to be in a different colour, maybe a deeper red, and the font of could be changed to something that is a little more eye catching.

  8. Huge improvement on font, much much more effective. I think the eye is also a really good concept. I think the only way it can be improved is to maybe make the image within the eye look a bit more real. Otherwise a very very good poster

  9. The poster is amazing, the blue works so so well with the eye (which in itself is very eye catching and aesthetically pleasing because it like intrigues you to kinda wonder what it’s about it seems very deep and meaning ful) the font is definitely a huge improvement. The only thing I would say is the subtitle in black you kinda see the fragments/cracks in the writing too much and kinda seems repetitive and forced, if possible maybe tone done the level of cracking in that. Otherwise an amazing poster well done!

  10. Good focus on the eye and the phone being the main things that are seen. My focus was drawn immediately to the eyeball and then the phone which is awesome. It grabs your attention and gets you thinking about the plot which is obviously your aim. I tried to imagine the poster as a full size cinema poster in the window and I can definitely see it grabbing peoples attention and drawing them in.
    I’m unsure as to whether I think the blue title colour works well with the various tones of grey and black in the eye or whether a contrasting colour would produce a bit more effect, perhaps a shade of red.
    For me the only negative is the cracked effect in the title. Maybe tone it down slightly or remove it altogether.
    I like the focus on the front of the eye and the fade to blur towards the back.
    Overall a really good poster, well done.

  11. Really good poster, eye catching, good layout and shows the themes well. The only negative for me is the font. I think the title should be a bit smaller so that the focal point is the image and that the colour should be white/pale grey so that it looks more like broken glass. Also the cracked font should perhaps only be used on the main title as it takes away from the overall effect if it’s used on all of the text.

  12. Very good 4th edit, I like the choice of font as well as the addition of billing blocks at the bottom. From the beginning the reflection of the phone in the eye has shown great editing ability and the colour of blue shows you have a clear marketing strategy with the film too.

  13. I love the eye in the poster, but I’m not sure about the colours of the writing. I know that the font you used for ‘from the director of Hello’ is made up with phones and that’s really good with your story, but I don’t think it looks very esthetic unfortunately. Other than that, it’s still an amazing poster.

  14. Really good final poster. I like the consistency of the fonts and the colour scheme. The image shows the themes without giving too much away so it makes you want to watch the film to find out what it is about.

  15. Final poster is great. The colour scheme, font choice, and depth of image are all very strong and show signs of a real film poster. All in all I really like it!

  16. (Final edit)
    It looks so good! Really professional. I love how everything is reflected in her eye. Don’t really have anything else to say about it – love it!

  17. In terms of the image, I love the fact that the eye is the only thing in colour, and the image reflected in the eye are done very well and show the different aspects of the film. In terms of the text, they are very well placed- not covering the important aspects of the picture. The fonts are fab too! The colour of the title links well with the image in the eye. The cracked effect on the title and the names at the top are very effective and link to the eye and the film well. I also like the text used at the bottom- it reminds me of that generally used in film credits, so it works well on the poster! Overall I think its fab, and it would definitely catch my eye and intrigue me to watch it!

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