Annie’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : Research & Planning





‘The Ides of March’ides-of-march

‘Precious’Precious Poster Analysis.jpg

‘Big Fish’big-fish

‘A Field In England’a-field-in-england



Above is a screenshot of some surrealism fonts I could use in my ancillary task.


IMAGE/COLOUR IDEASscreen-shot-2017-02-02-at-14-44-22Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 09.46.42.png

POSTER PLAN 1screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-09-11-45

My idea for this poster plan is to have a picture of a phone lying on a table with a text conversation on the phone screen. The words on the poster will be in text bubbles to attract younger and more technology-native audiences to maybe want to see the film. I had the idea of photoshopping a small crack on the phone screen to portray a sense of deterioration and symbolism of how reliant younger generations are on technology. I thought that the title could also be placed in a text message bubble, and in a font of broken glass, maybe like a broken mirror to slightly give the audience a sense of the plot, and also symbolise broken identities and reflections (the girl in the film is unrecognisable to herself now). It may not be clear in the drawing, but I felt that the credits and release date could be shown on the poster as social media notifications/tools, for example, the “Directed by @AnniePartridge” could be photoshopped into a tweet being composed, and the “This Easter” into a Facebook notification. This would therefore slightly give the plot away but not by too much.

POSTER PLAN 2img_0271

For this poster plan, I thought it would be creative to take an extreme close-up photo of an eye and photoshop a reflection of one of the ideas seen on this concept board. I also chose pinks, purples and blues for the potential colours as they are quite surreal and fantasy-like. I also wrote a few slogan ideas, but I may not use them – it depends on the audience responses. I also though it would be a good idea to have a teardrop coming from the eye, maybe like a phone battery draining? I could possibly use the same font idea for the title as the previous poster plan, but maybe in the colour ideas I have put on the concept board.

POSTER PLAN 3img_0274

This poster plan is quite simple, but feedback from my audience may tell me what else I could include in this idea. I thought it would be effective to photoshop a similar image as seen in this picture onto a phone. This slightly gives the story away, and it seems quite creepy and sinister. It symbolises the girl’s phone and how it’s her identity – she is stuck behind a phone screen due to her anxiety and can’t break free. I thought it would also be a good idea to photoshop cracks onto where the fingers press on the screen, maybe suggesting that the character wants to break free but ends up breaking apart completely (symbolised by the phone in the actual film). Additionally, I thought that I could use a font that represented broken glass/shards of glass. The slogan is just a simple idea, but I feel as though it doesn’t really relate to well to the image in this poster, however it may be more effective if I use it in my concept board poster idea.




These comments tell me that my ideas are strong but some are a bit too simplistic. It seems as though they would prefer to have a more detailed poster, such as the concept board idea as seen in the second and third response. The first comment suggests that I should use a pixelated typeface in the poster which I like.

3 thoughts on “Annie’s A2 Work : Ancillary Task 1 : Research & Planning”

  1. I like the personification of the phone in posters 1&3 and how it represents the character’s mental state.

    The simplicity of poster 3 is quite effective as the ‘creepy’ hands are a good focal point and give you a sense of unease. But I don’t think this simplicity would work as well with the other posters as the images aren’t as jarring.

    Maybe a more simplistic font typeface would be effective in a pixelated style.

  2. The first poster plan is particularly effective in that it has the standard layout of a social networking site which is fitting to the theme of your piece. The only criticism I would give it is that it strays a bit from the genre of surrealism. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not, however.

    The concept board is probably my favourite idea, maybe because it has the most description of your intentions. I think the colour scheme, idea of a social media logo reflecting in the eye, and the tear drop, really emphasise your genre, themes and ideologies which you plan on portraying in this film.

    The third poster design is very strong too. The idea of being trapped in social media is very evident in this design, however I feel as if a different font would be better in this instance. I like the thought of slogans with your piece too, as it gives the audience some insight into what to be expecting.

    Hope this helped!

  3. I like all three ideas, they all work really well with the theme of the film. I think the most effective is the second one, as the extreme close up on the eye gives us a sense of no escape and the tear would be very effective as well. I like the idea of adding quite surrealistic colours, to make the genre clear and not mistake it for a horror or a sad film.

    Otherwise, for the first poster I do think that writing in bubles like text messages would be very efficient to attract your targeted audience and I really like the idea of symbolizing how reliant on technology teenagers are!

    You’ve got some really good ideas, I hope my comments helped a bit!

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