Shay and Ollie Sound

To begin with we implemented piano accompanied by a violin as our main soundscape as this is symbolic of the main protagonist’s soundscape of sexuality. Furthermore, we used the diegetic soundtrack of a city scape to add ambient sound as the room is large symbolic of wealth and prosperity, suggesting the area would be busy. As the scene transitions to the key protagonist in her library and as we continue the soundscape, we make abundantly clear it’s her soundscape throughout, suggesting we sympathise with her. We also added the sound effect of breathing to show her lust and suggest her obliviousness to the outside world and her sentimental view points on love. His breathing further suggests to the audience that we are close with the character as only those close to someone breathing are able to hear them, suggesting intimacy.


As we transition to the two main characters in bed we slowed down the soundscape to show the longlines of their love, also adding a heartbeat here to show the main protagonists’ premeditated consequences of her actions. This heartbeat could also suggest to the audience the main protagonist unwavering affection for the other female character and her sexuality.


Following on from this, as we transition to the main protagonist outside, we see the transition (because of the fade effect) as almost and inference of a flashback. Therefore, we cut the diegetic soundscape of the birds and the lake in slightly prior to the transition suggesting to the audience her awakening to reality and crushing of hopes and dreams of finding love as she looks on at the female lying of the boat in lust, knowing that she will never have her and the idea of becoming a social pariah due to her sexuality. To symbolise this, we slightly sped up her soundscape, as she has to come back to the pace of reality.


As we have the shot reverse shot between close ups of the key protagonist and the girl lying on the boat we speed up the soundscape even more to an almost uncontrollable and chaotic speed symbolic of her uncontrollable lust of her sexuality as she looks at the girl. This then triggers the next sound motif of the drums as the fiancé realises her hidden sexuality as the drums represent the brutality and war like mentality of the fiancée interrupting into her life. As she becomes aware that he knows, her soundscape quietens and the diegetic sound becomes more predominant as we wait to see the outcome occur.


When the fiancée reaches for her neck, the key protagonists soundscape reappears as a more orchestral soundscape suggesting of her now more full on chaotic situation and the sudden outing or realisation of her secret. As we progress through the scene her point of realisation is marked by the slow fading out of the music.


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