Roger, if Yr 12 are allowed to eat in J9, can I eat in there too? 😉




lots of love Jessica xxx




4 thoughts on “Eating?!?”

  1. Hello Jessica! Yum! Is that main course or dessert? I can see that you take your eating VERY seriously, and your table manners are excellent, so we’ll make an exception for you!! Love, Roger
    ps. may not have been Yr12 … jury still out!

  2. It was yummy carrot and pear Roger. I try and keep my food on my face, hands and arms at the moment, so my table manners are indeed good (although there was a banana in the hair incident that we don’t speak of). I promise not to put food on the keyboards unless I accidentally chew on them by mistake.
    Mummy hopes that the doughnut scandal was not the result of naughty Yr 13s as their training was strict and the computers so precious 😦 She thinks their table manners should be even better than mine. Mummy says your attention to cleaning detail is exemplary though, but not to overpress the cleaning foam trigger in your shock and grief- I have no idea what she means 😉

  3. literally the funniest thing I have ever read! you two should just do a double act – with Jessica of course

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