Urgent Information for Year 12

I am dismayed to find that we have arrived at 22nd January and not one of you has signed out any equipment for filming, when you have a deadline of Monday 26th January for first edit uploading. I sincerely doubt that many of you will manage to complete your filming in time. This is a very serious issue. Year 13 take priority over Year 12 when it comes to signing out equipment and deadlines are set up to avoid any overlap of demand for equipment as far as possible. Therefore missing deadlines is an egregious fault (look it up).

Some of you have already been told to rectify errors in your continuity exercise from last term and have not done so. Without making those corrections you will have failed the exercise to a significant degree.

Currently I am being asked to submit any names of students that I feel are seriously in danger of underperforming to the Head of Sixth Form, with a view to referring them to Sixth Form Academic Board. Ensure that your name is not on that list by getting on with what you are supposed to be doing!

I do not wish to mark sub-standard work and so I will allow a week’s extension on your first edit upload. Any work not completed by then will not go on the blog because the student in question will be locked out.

Lastly, it is imperative and a requirement of the subject that you check the blog every day for updates. This is not optional. It should be habitual.


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