Yr 12: instructions for uploading footage to FCPX

Launch Final Cut Pro

Power up the camera (use a mains adapter, NOT a battery)

Switch camera to Playback (switch on top of camera)

Connect the camera to the computer using the USB cable provided:

  • small end goes in the camera (mini-USB socket – hinge-out large viewscreen, socket is under a flap)
  • large end goes into standard USB socket on back of computer

On camera viewscreen, press PC

Import Media window should open (if not, go to File > Import > Media…)

Under CAMERAS, select CAM_MEM – you should now see all your clips listed in the bottom half of the Import window

Select some or all of your clips and click Import Selected… or Import All

In the dialogue box, click Create new event in: and give your new Event a name

In the bottom half of the dialogue box select the following items only:

  • Copy to Library
  • Create optimised media
  • Create proxy media

(leave all the other checkboxes blank)

Click Import

As your clips are imported, each clip will display a tiny white circle; the files are fully imported when each circle is ‘complete’.

Final Cut will then create special ‘Proxy’ files which help with editing; wait until any red ‘Missing Proxy’ frames disappear before you disconnect, switch-off and unplug the camera

In Final Cut, go to File > New > Project… and give your new project a name

Click OK



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