Yr12 : about issuing equipment

This year Roger will aim to be in the Media room each morning* between 8:30am and 8:45am to issue equipment (and receive signed Parental Permission forms where needed). Depending on needs, we will make day-to-day arrangements for equipment returns.    *He will NOT be there on Tuesdays, Week A.

The ‘rules’ for booking equipment:
  • If equipment is staying on site, and in school hours, you don’t need a Parental Permission form, though you MUST ACT RESPONSIBLY; eg. don’t leave equipment unattended ANYWHERE, including the Block
  • If equipment is going off-site, or will be used outside school hours, you need to get a form signed
  • We keep a supply of forms in J9, next to the storyboard sheets
  • By signing, parents/carers accept full financial responsibility for the equipment listed (Camera = £900; Tripod/Mic stand = £50; Mic = £75; Lighting kit = £1000)
  • You must take the form away in advance of the booking and get it properly signed before we release anything
  • You can’t have equipment for more than 24hrs, except over a weekend
  • Strictly FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED – we only have 7 cameras for regular use and there are 17 students!