Yr 12 Question 3 and 4 help

Who would the audience be?- look back over your notes on the audiences that are interested in thrillers-consider your research into films like Tinker Tailor and Tyrannosaur ( one is big budget and Hollywood with a very specific audience, and the other is very different) Which thriller is yours most like ( give evidence) and therefore what is your audience? also consider your questionnaires- who said they watched thrillers and how did you target them? Look at the research you did for Becca on British films this year- what sort of thrillers were there and how is yours similar or different and why? Also consider the BBFC ratings- which did you choose and how does your opening adhere to the conditions of that?

How did you attract your audience/ address them? – look here at the context and ideologies you portrayed and which audiences that suits and how they match with conventional thriller audiences. Also consider how you may have branched out from these and why. Consider actors a bit here but avoid terrible generalisations like ‘ I have young actors so that it appeals to a young audience’!
In the addressing them bit, you need to consider their initial responses to your questionnaires and how you fulfilled them, the comments they made at each edit ( quote them) and how you adhered to them ( or not and why not) and how that changed your opening and overall idea. Then look at what they said at each edit and what did as a result- same as with the first edit really…
Finally, talk about their final comments ( you may want to film them interview style for this) and how successful you were in fulfilling their initial wants- make sure you have a broad range of people.
These questions  are basically long but easy if if you’ve done your research for Becca well and have good thriller research and planning. You also need to have had audience comments and reflections throughout- this is basically writing those up well- you can’t make these up now as they will be evidenced on the blog!
Good luck!

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