Yr 12 work for Wednesday and Friday

To be completed and on the blog by next Tuesday the 20th at 3pm:

Research into:

  1. The history of the thriller genre-key dates, people, changes and texts (at least 10)
  2. Iconic Thriller film Directors- 3 directors, with mini-biography, key films (and why so key), quotes from and about them, key codes and conventions, their influence on the thriller genre (with proof!)
  3. Key Thriller iconography-presented as a collage. At least 10 key icons, with explanation of their effect, links to films where they are used well etc.

Each section of research must be uploaded to the blog, with all sources cited and links embedded. All statements must be proven with images/screengrabs/links. They must be all your own words!!!!

Each section must be presented in a different format eg. a Prezzi, Bubbl etc. Use the different apps available for free on the internet to help you to present your work in as imaginative a way as possible (there’s a blue sheet on the board on J9 to help you if you are stuck for ideas.)

Roger is around on Wednesday P1 & P2, and I am back on Thursday if you need any help…



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