New students: posting to the blog

The Burfordmedia blog comprises a main blog page, where posts appear in chronological order (most recent first) and also links to individual student pages. Within each student’s page there are further links to sub-pages which correspond to the different projects we’ve been working on.

To post to the main blog page please do the following:

Go to Burfordmedia blog

Click Metalog in

Type your WordPress username & password

The Dashboard opens

Near the top-left of the screen, and to the right of the small “W”, roll the mouse over the word Burfordmedia, and go to New and then click Post from the pop-out.

When prompted, enter a title for your post and then add your main text or other elements in the main window. Please choose a category from the options on the right of the screen, before clicking Publish.

To make an entry into one of your pages, please do the following:

Go to Burfordmedia blog

Click Meta > log in

Type your WordPress username & password

The Dashboard opens

Near the top of the screen, click where it says Burfordmedia to visit the site.

Click on your username from the LINKS TO STUDENTS’ PAGES, listed on the right. There may be further sub-pages to click through.

When you reach the appropriate page, click on Edit this entry (its in small blue letters) and type your entry directly into the Page, not in the Reply (Comments) section. Please do not change the page title.

Click Update Page