Work for Tuesday’s lesson

I’m not going to be in your lesson today but you all have a lot of work to do!

Yr 13– you know about the deadline changes- you need to use today’s lesson to continue to work through those ICT ideas and choose the ones you will use. As soon as you’ve decided, just get going with it!

Yr 12 – Firstly, a change of deadlines – final deadline now Thursday 7th April.

You have lots that you need to do to get your work ICT pretty too, now that you have done all you can with your drafting. Click on the link below for some snazzy apps to help you present your work.

Website links for pretty ICT question presentations

You must have a different way of presenting each question- NO POWERPOINT or CHUNKS OF TEXT

If you want some inspiration (or to create  a feeling of panic) look at this, your competition!:

Real students\’ work- beat their prettiness!!!


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