Blind Insanity (final)


2 thoughts on “Blind Insanity (final)”

  1. I really like your opening guys, i love the music and how it fits well when your male actor is strangling the girl and it builds up to a crescendo. I love the idea of your opening. I like shot of the church where you see the statues and it looks like someone is watching him and it builds up pressure and tension on the audience as well as the character. I like that there is no dialogue as it keeps a key convention of a thriller of tension and suspense. I like the use of light shining on your male actor at the beginning. I also very much like at the beginning dans head is in the dark but the rest of his body is light reflecting maybe he is unstable and the evil is in his head and the light could represent that his actions are not all bad or he doesn’t mean too.

    At the beginning of the opening you can hear you talking/whispering.
    There are some shakey shots. Also I think the lighting of the girl could of been a bit darker as its very bright and hard to see what is going on as the shot is also very quick.

    Overall I really like it… as I did click the like button!!
    Love you and good luck girls 🙂

  2. I really like the use of different colours throughout the film, where the male character is shown in both black and white and in colour. This confuses the viewer and makes him think he is both a protagonist and an antagonist. The fast paced editing used throughout the church graveyard scenes are really effective and build up a lot of tension. I also really like the music as it builds suspense, but it is built up in a subtle way to engage the viewer more. I like the simplicity of the ending, as the flower foreshadows something good happening out of all the bad that has gone on. I would definitely want to watch the rest of this film to find out what happens to the male character. Overall, this is brilliant, well done girls!

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