Final Edit – Mirrored Deceit


3 thoughts on “Final Edit – Mirrored Deceit”

  1. The editing in it is smooth and flows well. In the first part there is a good varied use of shots. The lighting on the bridge does change quite a lot which affects the continuity The fade to black when he grabs Danni is affective, it leaves the audience guessing. The storyline is easy to understand. The editing in the last part set a good fast pace and the white transitions where effective and created a sense of confusion. me likey x

  2. This is a really good interpretation of a thriller film. The music builds up tension, the fast paced editing adds suspense and the dark mise-en-scene and lighting makes it mysterious. I particularly like the use of fast editing during the male actor’s flashback scenes of the strangling. The end is also really effective, as the sounds of the ringing phone is eerie and confuses the viewer, making them want to carry on watching. This is brilliant, well done jase!

  3. I am so annoyed I did THE LONGEST comment ever and its disappeared. 😦

    Well done this is relly good and is ‘thrilling’!
    Haha.. I love your use of pace in your editing it really makes the audience feel tense and making them want to continue watching. I disagree with Jonjy about the bit on the bridge it is not that noticeable and things can be darker than they appear and you could relate it to another person watching what is going on. This fits the brief and even though it is over 3 minutes long you do not fail to grab the audience. xxxxxxxx

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