Watching (THE FINAL CUT)


4 thoughts on “Watching (THE FINAL CUT)”

  1. I really like this introduction, however I don’t understand why she’s being chased?
    I really like the reverse effect at the beginning and the white effect.. Well done guys 🙂

  2. i really like your final opening now that its all been edited. the beginning where the whole thing is rewound really quickly is really effective and draws you in to watch it, making you interested from the start. it is also an unexpected beginning so is unique in that aspect. the changes you have made since your first edit show a huge improvement and the opening flows a lot better. the ending seems more realistic since you have re-filmed and the final shot where the name of your film comes up is really good.

  3. i love this! the editing is really good, the music builds tension and the storyline is much clearer than the original drafts. i think the ending is brilliant too as it leaves you wanting to watch more to see what happens. overall very good, well done guys!

  4. I agree with Rosie I think there could be more build up to why she has been chased.
    Your editing is smooth and eerie and fits in with the theme of thriller. Your use of sound is good and builds up tension. I am glad you have taken away the mask idea with your antagonist this is more effective as the audience can connect to them. I like how you have filmed in the spring weather and not the snow. This creates a more grittier effect.
    Well done guys :):):)

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