A2 Evaluation questions

In the evaluation the following questions must be answered:

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

You should go through the final versions of the projects (all 3 of them!) and select nine distinct frames from each which you screengrab and drop into a photoshop. You will be using these to write about how typical or not of trailers/short films/posters etc your particular design is, so choose them carefully.

Once you have the nine frames neatly in Photoshop, screengrab the whole thing and post to your blog, then write an analysis of how you have used such conventions.

The aspects we would like you to consider across your nine frames are:

The title of the film
Costumes and props
Camerawork, framing and editing
Title font and style

Colours and positioning of objects
Story and how the film/trailer/print work sets it up
Genre and how the film/trailer/print work suggests it
How characters are presented
Special effects and use of technology

How they work in terms of narrative, audience, genre, representation and media language theories

Anything else!

Compare your chosen frames with frames from existing texts – Pick key elements from our texts. Take a screengrab of a reasonable sized image from them. Think of other films with some similarity to them (but maybe some differences too!), find an image on the web of that and grab it as well. Drop the two into photoshop, as a split screen. Export this splitscreen image as a jpeg then drop onto your blog and write about the similarities and differences in terms of appearance, costume, framing, genre, audience role etc.

You could also consider doing this as a voicethread – quite good fun!

  1. 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Grab some frames from all 3 tasks and put them on the blog.

Show clearly what the links are between the products in terms of branding, house style, colour schemes, page layouts and modes of address.

Record a podcast:

Consider how the products work in terms of narrative, audience, genre, representation and media language theories

Also consider differences between the tasks and why these were done

Show what you know about shot types, edit terms and techniques.

  1. 3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Produce a ‘director’s commentary’ style voiceover explaining some of the key features of your audience feedback.

You will need to script the voiceover/commentary and edit together some of your draft vs final edit material to show the differences that you have made.

Consider initial audience requirements and go back to your initial research, giving evidence of what your audience/ conventions wanted, what the audience profile was and how you adhered to it all in each product.

Also consider development of comments from audience, quoting from their comments and showing how you have adapted your products as a result.

Finally, consider the final audience feedback (maybe interview some of them?) and consider whether you have accurately met their desires/expectations and what you intended to do with your products.

When you have scripted, record the voiceover using Final Cut on a new audio timeline, then export to quicktime and embed on blog.

You could also use Youtube’s annotation tools here instead, adding notes, speech bubbles and links to your work.

  1. 4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Use a range of screen grabs ( Photoshop) and create annotated images ( Photoshop or Powerpoint. Embed into the blog.

Go through every stage and discuss key technologies, how they were used, key terms that you have learnt, advantages, disadvantages etc.

Consider the measurable impact that each technology had on your products.

Look at software, hardware, equipment, blogs, flickr, powerpoints, pod-casts, Youtube, voicethread etc and consider how it is all used from the beginning right up to writing your evaluations now!

The key thing here is to answer every question in detail but, in doing so, be creative in how you present your work- don’t just write it on the blog (you’ll lose loads of marks) – you can use whatever method you want for each question if it works for you but you must show technology and creativity in your way of presenting.

Remember that you can always practise and write your responses first for me to look at-don’t feel like you are doing it only the once!


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