Retrieving items from your blog

If you need to retrieve something, please do the following:

Log-in to the blog with your usual account details

From the Dashboard,  go to the Page or Post which contains the item required;  rollover the item with the mouse, and select Edit.

  • For text items, select the text you want and right-click (Ctrl-click Mac) to copy it, before pasting into a new Word document. You may lose some paragraph formatting in the process.
  • For scanned items (eg. storyboards etc), click once on the item to select it, then right-click (Ctrl-click Mac) and choose Download Linked File… you can then save your image to any suitable spot on your computer.
  • Video? Well that’s on YouTube of course.  So if you don’t have your original footage (gulp!) your only hope is to try and grab it from your YT account. Good luck with that, kiddies!



2 thoughts on “Retrieving items from your blog”

  1. Hi roger, Miss Chatburn allowed me to use the HDD camera and was wondering how to transfer clips to final cut, I’m taking good care of it!

  2. Hi Elliot, Sorry for the delay, I’ve been away for a few days. After you’ve plugged in with the USB cable, just go to File>Log and Transfer… You should see all your clips displayed in a panel, where you can select the ones you want. I think they copy across in approx real-time (as with MiniDV) as Final Cut has to transcode the files to Apple Intermediate Codec before it can edit them. There should be no loss of quality. Hope this helps! Roger

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