Memoirs, first cut, Jess and Lucy :)


6 thoughts on “Memoirs, first cut, Jess and Lucy :)”

  1. I like the swing at the beginning but it but the music and the effects make it all seem far too heavenly. Its sounds like a big ballroom dance. I like the contrast between the first part and the car. I like the tracking shots of the girl in the room. They’re effective but i’m not to keen on the music. The transitions are effective though! It’s really good, just a change in music 🙂 x

  2. I think there was a good use of zooms when the girl wakes up and the editing there was well done, i think to improve you could speed up the editing when trying to build tension when we see the stranger, but overall very good 🙂

  3. I like the swing at the start, very creepy, the pause between the mum holding out her arms and the girl running up to her is too long. more cuts and close up rather than just her creeping up on the girl would give more tension. I don’t really understand the car scene, and think it looks like the girl is going to die, not the mum. i like the black and white effect used and the red coat which really stands out. The scream is good but i am confused who the girl in the scarf is. xxx 🙂

  4. I think overall it is good, and after some more editing etc. will turn out really well. The music in the beginning doesn’t fit with the genre and seems too peaceful and cheerful, although i like the effect/lighting used for this scene. I like how the child disappears off the swing for a second, it seems to foreshadow her death. The bit when you have the transition between the reflection and the scene in the car is really good. The cross zoom works really well with the screaming. 🙂

  5. The panning shots at the beginning are very well done as they do not jump at all. This also makes the opening seem very peaceful. Yet i feel that music seems a little cheesy and needs to be less heavenly. All the transitions in the clip are really good, I just think that one is a little strange as it speeds up between the swings and playground. I think this makes the scene change and doesn’t ft very well. But the blur transitions are amazing! The story line was slightly confusing as i didn’t understand what the car shots were about but overall has great potential. 🙂 x

  6. I agree with Josh about the panning shots at the beginning making it peaceful. I think there has to bea change in music because I don’t think it fits that well. The shot with the empty swing is really good, because it somehow foreshadows the death of the girl but also suggests that it wasn’t long ago that she was on it.I think the sound cuts of to abruptly when the car scene comes in. overall I think it’s good I would just shorten the cuts at the beginning. =) X

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