Watching (Thriller)

Watching (Thriller) Very Rough cut featuring Josh, Jonjo and Miles as directors and danni, simmsy and steve as out actors.


8 thoughts on “Watching (Thriller)”

  1. The fast bits are really good and the story is cool, but it goes on for a bit long and the wind is loud!! but really good 🙂 x

  2. I love the rewind effect right at the start of the film, it really intrigues you and makes you want to watch more! The shots when she is walking then speeds up a bit is very clever. I think, however, the walking and stalking goes on for a bit too long. The ending is amazing…i like the way it is very fast paced then slows down as the gun comes out and then BANG…she is dead! Maybe just to make the ending even more effective cut a little of the end off so they are not standing there looking at her for too long. Overall well done guys 🙂 x

  3. I Like the setting used in the snow, it gives the film a good effect and keeps the continuity going well. The editing when the man following the female lead stands on the stick is good as it becomes very fast, and creates more tension. The only problem i see is that in the beginning when you have fast forwarded her walking i think it goes a bit too fast. Also when she falls down the hill and is sitting at the bottom of the hill i think some of the antagonists coming down the hill needs to be cut as she seems to be sitting there for far too long. overall thought i really like the film and think that it is really good. 😛

  4. We love the reverse effect at the beginning. The fast-forwarding effect is good as the walking would take too long, we still feel the walking goes on for a bit too long still and the wind in the background is distracting and too loud and hurts your ears (especially with headphones in!!)
    When the white masked man is walking at 1.35 it drags on for too long and we lost interest.
    We LOVE when Danni turns around and the other man is stood there. This is clever and made us partially jump.
    As Danni is running away suspense fast music would make this more effective as your whole film is based on this running and walking.
    The long shot of the two cornering Danni doesn’t reflect how she is trapped which is what is actually happening.
    Overall, we do like it and it is different but the audience will lose interest as the pace is too slow and the extract is over 3 minutes.
    Lucy & Jess xx

  5. i really though the beginning sequence after the gunshot was very effective, and set the scene for a very fast paced thriller, however as you carry on the speed up of her walking in some clips looks quite rough and very shaky.
    the men in masks works well for the ‘hidden identity’ effect, although it seems more ‘horror’ like than thriller. i love the effect of the snow, as the lighting works well and it makes the characters stand out more.

  6. I love the setting in the snow and how you’ve edited it so it’s rewinding, i think that you could use some more close-up shot for instance, feet walking. At one particular point the winds disturbing the sound, i reckon it should be taken out. The masks are a bit weird but I love the shot of the second guy coming into frame.
    Try quicken the pace a bit more towards the end when Danni’s running. Overall it’s really good 🙂 x

  7. i like the snow setting, it makes it more creepy and her seem more vulnerable. i think the long shot of her on the floor and them walking either side of her is good, but too long, i think more shots of them watching her would make it make more sense and flow better. xx

  8. I think you got across the stalking idea well with the types of shots you used, the over the shoulder shot you used when behind the stalker is also good as it is quite eerie, the use of hand held camera is also effective as it gives the sense of watching, i think the ending could be sped up more when leading up to the killing

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