Louise Media AS ‘thriller’


10 thoughts on “Louise Media AS ‘thriller’”

  1. I think this is amazing! I love all the different shots at the beginning and the whispery, spooky voice. When the music is added it will definitely add to the overall effect. The only thing i would say is that i’m not too sure what the relationship is between the girl and the guy? I think if you made what the girl says a bit clearer it would be better but basically i love it 🙂 x

  2. The shots outside are really good, the sun rays and lighting work well with the thriller element. I didnt quite understand the story, however sounds and voices sound really good. 🙂 xx

  3. I think the whole story line is really good and all the fade to white transitions show us that something is wrong. Especially the mid shot of her sitting on the sofa with doug then he disappears this is really effective. Also at the beginning with the long shot of her running through the forest has great lighting, and she slowly disappears due to the lighting. All that needs to be done is the sound really as i couldn’t rally understand the sounds. overall really good though. 🙂 x

  4. I love love love the beginning shots of Phoebe crying and the light on her face is amazing! I like the use of white clothing to show her innocence, however i didn’t understand who she was running from? maybe use a few more shots of the girl with dark eyeliner?
    Well done 😀 x

  5. The beginning is really good, when you see the clouds moving across the sky quickly, i also like the close ups of the girls eyes and how when she opens them her pupils get smaller, that shot is really clear and cleverly done. The one problem I see is that the scenes at the end between Phoebe and Doug seem to be between a couple, rather than father and daughter. Possibly changing the storyline a bit, would be easier than re-filming. The sound when the other more creepy girl speaks is unclear and what she is saying can’t really be heard. Apart from that i think all of your shots are really good. 🙂

  6. the beginning is excellent. the establishing shot of the clouds moving across the sky looks so good. love the shots of phoebe’s mouth, the speech looks really creepy and keeps viewer intrigued, however, its slightly out of time with the words.
    all the longshots of phoebe running are good as they inform us of whats happening and where she is going to.
    some of the editing is too slow and would be better if it was a bit faster so more could happen and more tension would be built. when doug disappears from phoebe on the sofa, the editing could speed up to show the dramatic change of his disappearence, but the fade to white is a good effect.
    overall this is really good 🙂 🙂
    jess and lucy xxx

  7. I love the use of lighting at the start, it is really effective, the cuts to the lips are a really good length and don’t break the tension, i don’t really understand who the girl with the eyes sis supposed to be, but i love the shot! I like the white fades, it is more obvious that they are memories. the shot of him disappearing is really good and dramatic! xxx

  8. The opening shots are awesome, great lighting and good angles. The transitions in the dream like sequence are a bit long and when doug dissapears i think that should be really quick. The shot with the dog is a bit obvious, might need to be refilmed 😛 But the varied shots, lighting and effects are good! x

  9. This is really good, the shot of the eye is really cool, and the quick flashes of her memory work well, the first shot of her running could be made shorter and i was a little unclear on the relationship with the guy and the girl

  10. I like the first shot of the clouds flying in the sky (it could show that Doug is in heaven).
    The wispering is really good!!! I got scared when I heard it! not joking!=) I think the shot of phoebe alone on the sofa is really effective and I think I got the story!!! 😉 x

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