Extremely Rough Cut Thriller ‘Out of the Darkness’


12 thoughts on “Extremely Rough Cut Thriller ‘Out of the Darkness’”

  1. I love the different shots when the guy is setting up the camera as it builds pace. The dark room shoots are almost too dark so maybe you could make them a bit more clear? I love the way the camera zooms in twice and links the two shoots together, it is very spooky when you see her in the woods! I love the ending of the piece! Well done lovely 🙂 x

  2. The darkness at the beginning is too dark and you have to strain your eyes to attempt to see it, however, this effect is different and really good.
    Chloe, this film is brilliant, so effective and psychological, we really had to think! the contrast between light and dark looks great, however, some shots are too dark and we found it difficult to see what was happening, especially at the beginning and in both dark room scenes.
    the storyline really clever and very realistic. the editing and camera angles are really good. When he walks up the road during the establishing shot, some fast forwarding effects would look really effective.
    When Barney is tearful holding the photo the wind sound is distracting and ruins the emotional effect of the scene. The part where he goes into the dark room and we see Jessi is really effective and the pace of the editing is done really well and fits in with the mystery idea of if she is really there or not and its his mind.
    Love it though 🙂
    Jessi and Lucy xxxxxxxx

  3. I really love the storyline to this and all the shots of the camera however to improve i’d cut a few seconds off the landscape when you zoom in or zoom into something?
    Maybe pick up the pace when he’s walking to the darkroom and when he’s in the forest, maybe you could add in a close-up of the picture because the shot was too quick to recognize anyone in it. I love the ghost shots!
    Well done xx

  4. the lighting is great in this clip and the use of extreme close up shots makes the tension build in the thriller. The zoom in to the forest near the beginning seems s bit strange and last long but then is justified. In the dark room there is little visibility but i think this is a good thing as it shows the mysteriousness of the photograph. So maybe the zoom in of the forest needs to be cut. Also music needs to be added to create tension. But an amazing shot is the mid shot of the room where the girl appears. This editing is great as she appears for only a second making us think she was like a ghost! overall really good. 🙂 x

  5. the shot of the darkroom in the opening is dark, but works well, as the red lighting on half his face is very mysterious and eerie. the shot as he walks into the woods is a nice establishing area, although the zoom in to the trees is quite long. The shutter button and the tripod opening is very fast paced and works really, well, i particularly love the last shutter.
    The processing of the photograph goes on for quite a while, although i like the effect of the photo appearing in from of us 🙂
    The scene where the female appears in the flashes of light in the darkroom is really good, but the males reaction to this is delayed. Well done though!

  6. The editing you have done on the shots where he is opening the tripod and taking pictures is really good as it speeds up nicely and the sound of the pictures being taken fits with the cuts. The bits in the darkroom, although really dark are effective as the important things in the frame (his face, the picture in the developing fluid) appear red and show up with the darkness around it. The zooming into the photo when the audience sees the woman in the photo is really really good and comes across creepy as only when the zoom is finished do you see the girl, which creates an impact. Overall i think it is all really good and the storyline is clear and simple, making sure the audience can follow what is happening. A close up of the photo of Barney and the girl when he is sitting and looking at it might be effective just to clear up who the girl in the picture is. 🙂 well done x

  7. I love this! The editing at the start is really good, especially the scene with the camera and tripod. I think maybe the zoom could be a bit faster, and the scene in the dark room with the tray could be cut a little bit. The scenes in the dark room are a little hard to see, but i think it works as you can only see his face which makes it more creepy. I love how you zoom in on the photo until you can see the girls face is very dramatic, however at first i did concentrate on the red and didn’t see her, otherwise fantastic! xxxx

  8. I loved the shots of jess in the picture it was very spooky, and the cuts when opening the tripod were good, the ending is also really good, i think you could cut down the photo developing shot a little , but overall well done 🙂 xx

  9. The shots of jess are amazing!!! 🙂 especially the one in the dark room when she flashes in and out of the picture! I think that some music should be added when the walking scene comes in. The tripod scene is really good as its fast paced which I think atracts the eye more^^ 🙂 x

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