Blind Betrayal


9 thoughts on “Blind Betrayal”

  1. The shots of the church pieces are really good, but i didnt really understand what happened?! oh and the higher contrasted shots are really good and bring mood into the film 🙂 x

  2. The build up to this is great, and i liked the filters you used that showed the change in time or his memory? The fast paced shots o the church and statues are really good. There is just a thew sound issues where someone is laughing and talking in one shot, but this is easily cut out. Overall it looks good so far and just needs some tuning on the sound and shorten up some cuts. 🙂 x

  3. I like most of the shots you have used, as i think the lighting makes them really clear. The shot when you see Dan’s shadow on the wall is really good. The only problem that i can see is that the storyline seems a bit hard to follow, and at some points, unless explained doesn’t really make sense. I like the idea and setting, and the zooming into Dan’s eyes before he remembers what he has seen. 🙂

  4. The lighting effects are superb in this. I love when the male character jumps down and the sun spots on the screen look very effective. the scene where he is following her down the path drags on a little, but when the girl gets strangled she shots of the statues in the graveyard are very symbolic. I thought that some shots just need to be clipped down, but the story line is simple and effective, making the shots easier to focus on.

  5. We like the beginning. good storyline. The lighting of your setting is really effective and contrasts with the action subverting expectations. The fast pace of the editing is really good and builds tension which excites your audience. The ending is good when the camera zooms into Dan’s eyes. the grave yard scene is good and when it cuts to gravestone to girl to gravestone this foreshadows death.
    I think that is slightly too short. as its only 1.50 and the description is 2-3 minutes.
    Well done guys a favourite one!
    Lucy and Jess xxxxxx

  6. I think this is really good, the shots used are really effective. however, it is a bit confusing, shots of all three together will make it make more sense. more shots of him spying will also add tension as well as making it more clear. I like the idea of using the dream effect when she is walking, however i think it is too bright and it might look better without it. xxx

  7. The lighting in this is really good in this, and the filters are good but the filters when she is walking with dan behind her are a bit too bright. The shots of the church statues and things are really effective. Overall, rather lovely 🙂 x

  8. you have got some really good shots in the clip, like the one with the feet walking across the camera and the shadow shot, i also think when the girl is getting killed the fast cuts work well, the storyline is a bit unclear. But overall its very good x

  9. I really like the shots of the different statues you did. Also the reaction shots of the guy behind the tombstone are good. The only thing is that I think that it shouldn’t be as bright when she is being killed and of course the sound has to be edited which you’re probably doing right now 😉 x

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