my first really rough edit. although im happy with most of the angles and shots i need to refilm some of it as the quality is bad. also in the last bit when the mian male character is in the bathroom there will be flashes of him killing the main female, molly. so will make more sense as to why hes reacting the way he is.


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  1. The shot of the silhouette on the bridge in soo cool, but its all a bit too long!!. Also the story is good and the shots of the phones are good. 🙂 x

  2. I really like this! The shots when he is stalking her are very good and when the camera zooms into the bottle of pills it really highlights what problem he has; making it clear to the viewer. I think it could be a bit shorter as it kind of drags on a bit but overall very good! I love the storyline 🙂 x

  3. Great story line and use of editing. I think that one of the best transitions you use are your cutaways, although some transitions like the blur from taking the pills is justified, but seems to blur in wrong areas and should blur back on his head. There are also plenty of close ups making it more professional. Also I feel the shot of the mirror is very clever and shows the two sides of the person due to his disability. Overall I feel it is great but is in need of a lot of sound adjustments. 🙂 x

  4. The long shot of the bridge had very good lighting and composition, although i thought that clip could be made shorter as it carries on for quite a while. The use of camera angles was effective in the last scene after he drops the phone, but again i think this carried on for too long, and can b clipped a bit. Well done, I think the whole idea of the film works well for a thriller 🙂

  5. I really like the the close-ups of the phones and the plot is really clear, I really love the bridge shot with the sunset. I also really like the pills close-up.
    To improve i suggest to cut 0.5 of the beginning of the shot at 1:50. Also put the conversation louder if possible. Really really good 🙂 x

  6. – Love the scene on the bridge the sun setting is truly wonderful and the fact we know its going into night time makes us know and expect something bad to happen.
    – Need more close-ups.
    – Editing, need more, like more transitions and effects and better cuts so it flows better.
    – With the phone conversation it would be better if we could hear what is being said as we are very bemused about what is going on. We just see a psycho on the phone and no depth.
    – We like the dropping of the phone, really effected, we understand that something bad has happened.

    Overall very good, need more interesting editing.
    Lucy and Jess xxxxx

  7. I think there could a different opening shot, its good, but it could be more effective. All the close ups on the phone are good but the zoom could be quicker.
    I’m not to keen on the transition between the pills and the bit under the bridge.
    The shots on the bridge are good! I like the lighting in that part. The fade when danni is turned around should be more abrupt so it has more of an impact. the sounds are a bit WILD! the phone call and the cupboard are really loud. And the bits where James has loads of random close ups is a bit confusing! But otherwise, i’m liking it 😀 xx

  8. I like the shot of him taking the drugs, it makes more sense than before, i think showing her going in and out of the tunnel would make it make more sense to show they weren’t shot at different times of day. The shot over the bridge is a bit too long, but i like the idea. I think the transition between the killing and the phone scene is a bit too slow and an anticlimax so you could increase the pace of the fade, to make it shorter. xxx but otherwise it is very very good 🙂

  9. I think the shot on the bridge is cool as the lighting is quite spooky, i think some of your shots could be shortened as some of them go on for quite a while, some good ideas and i think it will turn out well when the ending is finished 🙂 x

  10. Hey!
    The zoom at the beginning is a bit too slow a fast zoom would be more effectiv.
    I quite like the way it cuts from his smile to the drugs. It shows that he is a bit mental? The sound should be balanced better that the sound doesn’t go from nothing to really loud. I like the transition because it shows the effect of the drug.
    Then when danny walks in to the shot the light really shows that she is the good person and he with the darkness behind him is the bad guy. The bluryness is also good because it shows that we don’t really know what’s happening. I think it’s quite funny how he follows her all around as the day progresses!
    Beatiful shot of them walking across the bridge! In the next shot you should cut it at the beginning because you can see danny starting to walk!=)
    I like the shot when he drops his phone it’s effectiv. The rest of the opening is good including the mirror shot it could show that he has two sides.
    the zoom is also really cool as he realisis what he’s done?
    well done 🙂 x

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