3 thoughts on “”

  1. Elliot
    Nice film, got some chills down my spine at the end
    I like the music
    I also like the quick editing and its got a strong sense of a real life documentary.

  2. I really like this I think that the music works really well when it cuts from the handheld to the woman. i think that the audience can really get into the girls character because it is handheld from her point of view. i think the genre of horror is definitely met with this film because the music is eerie and the scream at the end of the film is very piercing and makes the audience jump. I think this is good.

  3. The general idea of the documentary i think is brilliant, creates a feeling of an actual disappearance, and the narrative is something that cold actually happen in real life. The sound effects are effective, especially when the keyboard is pressed, sets the tone, for the disappearance of the girl. A real professional trailer!

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