This is the third edit of my film The Haunting of Adam Johnson


6 thoughts on “”

  1. I really like it! What made it really effective was the shot of when Dave is on the floor, and the sound of the door shutting is really effective to when Dave’s eyes open. The use of the voice overs is a significant effect as it allows the audience to understand what is going on in Adam’s Head.

    The only little problem I found was at the beginning I found it quite long to get into the story. `

    Other wise its really good
    Well done

  2. I really like the voiceover at the end as its quite effective and the image works well on the screen with the voiceover. I also like the fast paced edit shots between Simon and Dave as they portray to the audience what’s going on inside his head and how much they have affected him.
    I also prefer the music in this one to previous ones 🙂

  3. I also agree with Laura about the beginning, as for a while we’re just focusing on Simon, so the story takes sometime to begin.

  4. very intense, and a sense of seriousness in the film. Music is very foreboding which creates tension. The clever use of editing meets the genre of horror which you are trying to meet. For example the mysterious disappearance of one of the characters by the door. Also liked the repeated voices fading out. Found that very freaky.

  5. It runs at a very slow pace but this element makes it more suspenseful.
    I like the voice overs although some are hard to understand, you may want to re-record them and make them clearer as the music is very dominating. This can distract the audience from what is being said.
    However, its a very good effort for a short horror film as horror is a hard genre to pull off without making it look low budget and cheesy.
    You have done well to stop this from happening, you have used the surroundings to the best of your ability which shows. The fact that the location does not change is perfect as it reflects his state of mind and has to be confined from the outside world.

    I liked it, nice one.

  6. Your film effectively displays a creepy haunting in a contemporary setting as opposed to a traditional old one. Your use of ghosts is effective since they are presented as being intimidating, especially through the cutting of the zoom, as well as them facing the character directly. The voice over is good since it provides the twist to the film, however during this too much time is spent on the woman, instead it could be better to put the last shots on when he is speaking, as it will be associated to what he is saying. But overall it is well shot, with some clever ways of revealing the ghosts.

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