DROWNING SILENCE- 5th edit- almost finished!!


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  1. I think your short film has progressed really well, the voices that are used are timed really well with the events that occur. The lighting effects you use, especially in the field and the moon, are blurred with bright colours, reflecting the theme of drowning and how it is overwhelming for henry’s character. There are a few shots that could be taken out, for example, the panning before the policeman enters, and after the field, as it drags it out a little. However, some of these are good as it emphasizes how he is alone. Also, there are moments between the puppet and henry when it looks like they are about to laugh, even though his voice is creepy. The best part is the bath scene, when the puppet is reversed, displaying how he wants to drown but it shows how henry does not want to. The credits are effective as well, it reflects on thoughts that have tormented henry (i think). Its coming along really well!!!

  2. I like the voiceovers that have been included like where he opens the curtains and when he is answering the policeman. I’m not to sure about the change from Henry walking up the stairs to the field as it’s not very clear-so maybe you could add a transition here to make it more clear to the audience. I like the shots with Ollie as he looks eerie and this effect works but I’m not to sure about the effect on Ollie when he appears dreamlike.

  3. Your opening appears immediately better, it is more to the point and the contrast to henry in the bath and then waking up grabs my attention to want to watch more. The music at the start fits the genre of your film but Im not sure when it suddenly stops, it seems a little abrupt and then there is the sudden noise of the kettle and silence again.
    Some shots are a little to long, for example, the close up of the cup of tea and Henry closing the curtains but the voice over; emphasizing the voices in his head, is a very clever idea. (I like the scenes of the police officer)
    Im not sure on the panning shots in the Kitchen and the hall way – are they suppose to be hand held, maybe edit them shorter.
    I don’t like the field shots, they are too long and not steady and maybe edit some of the dialogue because it appears as if the actors are smiling.
    I really like the music at the end, it fits into the genre of your film and the creative idea of the use of voices:)

  4. Yeah this is a prety good effort. im not really sure what the panning shots are for half way through the film when the police officer is at the door. i do like the over the shoulder shot when henry is at the door though.
    I think that just before the field shots there should be a shot of Henry going to sleep or something that shows he is going into a dream. Finally I think that some of the shots also need to have the sound removed because you can hear the camera move or a voice quietly in the background.
    Overall though mate its good the things suggested are all very small things to change, pretty impressive mate.

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