disturbance. one of the final edits.


3 thoughts on “disturbance. one of the final edits.”

  1. I think that the sound at the beginning is amazing, as it is portrayed as a real trailer. The quick shots flashing back to images is a really effective way to create tension and suspence. My favourite part is the ending as it does portray the murder of a “stereotypical horror”

    Well done

  2. I can imagine this trailer being on the TV.
    Seriously thrilling and makes me want to watch a full production of it.
    I like the very quick editing that creates a huge sense of suspense. Having little dialogue makes you focus on the images laid out which helps you see more of the trailer in depth.

    I really like the cutting between Chloe answering the phone making it seem more panicked for her as she gets no answer.

    Nice one Sam, really professional.

  3. Since the last trailer your pacing has become better at delivering suspense, and you have a good range of sound effects that add to the eeriness of the trailer. Combined with the theme of being home alone, it provides a real sense of danger, especially when you represent it through blood and a strong use of red as a colour, which fits into horror conventions.
    In terms of the music at the end, it could be a bit more precise, but i think there are two bits of music, and the first with the knife could be taken out, as it does not fit to the sudden build up of sound. But the trailer is brilliant, grabs your attention straight away.

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